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Prostate / DHT / Mens Hair Synergistic Ingredient Combination
30 Licap Capsules (Deep Extract Tech)

For men, there's a likelihood you'll need additional prostate support sooner or later during your life. Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, when combined with a healthy lifestyle can help give your prostate and overall health a boost. Saw Palmetto with Lycopene uses a unique delivery system to ensure that you’ll get the most out of both components of the supplement. There’s actually a capsule with lycopene in it inside of the Saw Palmetto capsule.

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Ancient Purity presents Dr Mercola's Saw Palmeto. Prostate health has been widely recognised to be important for men 50 and over. But in recent years, the importance of prostate health to men in their 30s and 40s has become more widely known.

Some influencing factors known to affect prostate health include diet, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. By age 60, as many as 90% of American men may have less-than-optimal health in this area. Does this seem like something you should ignore or simply put on the ‘back burner’? Obviously not... and chances are fairly high that as a man, you'll need extra support in this area of your body during your lifetime. You may be totally aware of some, or all of this. But it’s important to get fully informed as soon as possible and take appropriate action to support your prostate health.

Saw Palmetto with Lycopene

  • Supports your Prostate health.
  • Fights Hair-loss for men.
  • Helps support urinary tract function.
  • Promotes a healthy libido.
  • Helps retain Testosterone.
  • Supports the Urological System.
  • Can be an effective home remedy for UTI's.
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Saw Palmetto in Health

This Native American Plant Yields Potential Health-Promoting Nutrients... The use of saw palmetto and its unique berries have been around for some time. It was an important food source for early settlers in Florida… early settlers that included Florida's native population of Miccosukee and Seminole Indian tribes. 

There's evidence that subsequent settlers, including the Spanish during the 16th century, used saw palmetto as a food source as well. In fact Saw palmetto and its unique berries were an important food source for Florida's native Indian tribes. In 1879, Dr. J.B. Read of Savannah, Georgia, published one of the first papers (in a peer-reviewed journal) on saw palmetto's potential health-promoting uses based on his clinical experience.*

Derived from the berries of the Serenoa repens palm, saw palmetto is a plant native to the southeast region of the United States... primarily Florida. It's found naturally in only a few other places around the world. And today, saw palmetto shows promise in how it potentially supports prostate health. Helps support urinary tract function and actually raises a healthy libido.

The type of scientific evidence from clinical trials and reviews that supports this kind of information really commands my attention... and should yours as well.
It’s encouraging to know that with the right high-quality saw palmetto formula, potential prostate and urinary tract benefits can be promising possibilities.

Naturally Created, Scientifically Effective

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Support the health of your prostate

  • Optimise your Vitamin D levels - Ideally through safe sun exposure or supplement in winter months.
  • Eat healthy wholesome foods - Eat a healthy diet full of unprocessed and preferably organic foods to optimise your health, being careful to limit sugars. Foods that are rich in carotenoids and lycopene that can help support your prostate.
  • Reduce your stress - Most people know stress can have a negative effect on your health. Scientists have shown links between stress and less-than-optimal prostate health.
  • Exercise and relax your muscles - Muscle tension can impact your prostate health. A regular exercise program can do wonders to help you reduce muscle tension and trigger a more positive attitude and mood.
  • Support your lymphatic system - Your lymphatic system is responsible for clearing your body of waste and plays an essential role in your prostate vitality. Regular exercise and drinking adequate amounts of pure, fresh water can help flush waste and toxins out of your body.
  • Revitalise love and sexual activity - It's no accident how celibate men may need additional support for the prostate. A healthy sex life is good for your prostate. Also, nurturing your personal relationships and love can help reduce stress as well.
  • Schedule a prostate evaluation - A prostate assessment is a crucial first step in knowing where you stand.

Saw Palmetto, Safe, Natural, Effective

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Saw Palmetto and Hair-loss

Saw Palmetto has been used to combat hair-loss becuase of it ability to keep testosterone levels balanced. As men age, the testosterone hormone is diminished and the hormone called 5α-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) increases.

Hair-loss is due to the hair follicles’ sensitivity to DHT, which is a male androgen hormone that causes follicles to shrink, resulting in a shorter life span and decrease of hair production.

Typically after a hair falls, another hair starts to grow from this same follicle — but if DHT is high, hair growth decreases. Saw palmetto benefits have the power to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT, making it beneficial for hair growth.

Combat Hair-loss Naturally

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A Superior Saw Palmetto Supplement

While saw palmetto shows great promise for enhancing prostate vitality,* there appears to be significant inconsistencies with the formulas available. In fact, one study conducted a few years ago that compared different brands of Saw Palmetto extract found that...

The potency of the extracts (Serenoa repens) appears to be very different, as well as the potencies of 2 different batches of the same extract. This is probably due to qualitative and quantitative differences in active ingredients.

Well, this is a bit disturbing and points to the fact that consistency of saw palmetto extract, even within the same brand, is a major concern.
You can rest assured Ancient Purity won't recommend any Saw Palmetto formula that is not high-quality and a consistent formula... However, this was easier said than done. 

Ancient Purity Bringing you the Best in Saw Palmetto

dr mercola saw palmetto
dr mercolas saw palmetto

Poor Harvesting... Is your Saw Palmetto supplement High Quality?

Here are some of the issues that can lead to possible supplement inconsistencies… 

  • Saw Palmetto berries harvested out-of-season – Many mass-producers use ‘green' berries picked before maturity which can lead to inconsistent and low-potency powder-based formulas.
  • Inadequate control of berry sourcing – If you don't know where the berries come from and when they were harvested, it's almost impossible to ensure potency and high-quality consistency.
  • Less than optimal extraction methodologies – Low-pressure extraction used by some saw palmetto producers does not typically yield as rich an extract as high-pressure extraction. And while some chemical solvent extraction methodologies may provide high-levels of extraction, there are potential trade-offs with possible chemical residues left behind.
  • Poor product stability – This can result in a formula with unpredictable shelf-life. Without utilising some form of a very high-quality natural preservation system for the Saw Palmetto extract, the longevity of the final formula could be compromised.
  • Poor quality control and standard practices – There simply is no substitute for high-quality controls when formulating any supplement. What my team discovered is that not all saw palmetto producers show evidence of independent testing or high levels of industry-recognised certification.

With all these issues in mind, it was quite a challenge to find a Saw Palmetto supplement that could overcome all these obstacles and to help you better understand the process Mercola went through to create a top-notch Saw Palmetto supplement.

Correctly Harvested... High Quality Saw Palmetto

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Extraordinary Ingredient Combination

A great place to start is to take a closer look at the ingredients that make up this extraordinary saw palmetto formula. Saw Palmetto with Lycopene formula is really quite simple… yet, it does have a couple of very unique beneficial twists to it. These are the types of details many less-than-optimal formulas may be totally missing the boat on. In Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, there are two main active ingredients: Saw Palmetto and Lycopene. But, what is Lycopene and why is it such an important ingredient?

Lycopene: Super Carotenoid Antioxidant More Powerful Than Most
Lycopene is a naturally-occurring nutrient that gives many fruits and vegetables their red color. Lycopene is one of a number of nutrients called carotenoids. And lycopene is considered a potent antioxidant whose activity has been suggested to be more powerful than that of other carotenoids… such as beta-carotene.*

Here are a few examples of natural foods (primarily fruits) rich in lycopene...
Pink grapefruit, Apricots, Pink guavas and papaya, Tomatoes, Watermelon (but only in moderate quantities as excessive amounts of fruits can actually be counterproductive).

And speaking of tomatoes, they’re one of the richest sources of lycopene. In North America, it’s estimated that 85% of dietary lycopene comes from tomato based foods. But unlike most other raw foods, there’s a very intriguing thing about tomatoes… when cooked, the bioavailability of lycopene actually increases rather than decreases.
So, what does this all have to do with the Saw Palmetto with Lycopene? Well Lycopene included in the supplement primarily because it…

  • Is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant.
  • Shows promise in how it potentially works with saw palmetto in supporting prostate health.
dr mercola saw palmetto

Working with Nature

One very important thing you should understand when it comes to any supplement, and Saw Palmetto with Lycopene is certainly without exception is, if you don't practice a healthy lifestyle, you simply won't optimize your prostate and your overall health.

We talked earlier on about how to support prostate health naturally, we now want to add that a healthy sex life can be beneficial for your prostate. Please avoid cutting corners on these guidelines and don’t simply rely on supplements alone... you won't be able to fully optimise your health.

Take action using the natural guidelines and complement them with Saw Palmetto with Lycopene for optimal prostate health.

So men, if you’ve been purposely avoiding taking any action to better support your prostate health, isn’t it time you took your thinking off the ‘back burner’?* And women, share this helpful information with the men you love and care without delay…

  • By age 60, 90% of American men may need extra support for prostate health…
  • As a man, there's a high likelihood you'll need additional prostate support sooner or later during your life…

Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, combined with the healthy lifestyle guidelines outlined above, will help give your prostate and overall health a boost. Plus, the saw palmetto berry ingredients used in this formula are “Grown in the USA.”

Saw Palmetto, Natural & Powerful

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Technology that Delivers

It is as important as the ingredients are in Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, produced with a delivery system second-to-none. At the heart of Saw Palmetto with Lycopene is the DeepExtract proprietary technology... an ultra high-pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction process that yields a high concentration of micronutrients from Saw Palmetto botanicals.

The Deep Extract technology provides a number of exceptional advantages in the production of saw palmetto…

  • Offers extremely high extraction efficiencies – Delivers more of the beneficial higher molecular weight compounds that more closely track the natural saw palmetto source.
  • Provides gentle treatment of high-value raw materials – This reduces the degradation of essential compounds, undesired chemical changes, and oxidation potential.
  • Delivers a formula untouched by chemical solvents – This saw palmetto formula is devoid of impurities and residues from chemical solvents which can raise potential safety concerns.

All in all, the Deep Extract technology delivers a formula that is more of what nature intended and offers. 
And just so you’ll get an even better feel as to why the Deep Extract technology is so important, here’s a comparison of the three different ways saw palmetto oil can be produced...

Saw Palmetto with Licaps Capsule Technology

Deep Extraction

Ethanol/alcohol extraction -- Darker oil that still contains some of the micronutrients (such as chlorophyll), but not as many as #3 below. Hexane extraction -- Yellow oil resembling corn oil that does not contain any micronutrients. May contain residue of hexane, which can be toxic. Supercritical CO2 extraction -- This is the extraordinary extraction method used by DeepExtract that yields a rich oil, dark green in color.

The bottom line… high-quality oil comes from the third extraction method and it is one of the cleanest extraction methods known today. And with the super high-pressure used, more micronutrients potentially remain in the oil… including lycopene.

This is just another reason why Dr Mercola recommends Saw Palmetto with Lycopene as the only source of Saw Palmetto to help support your prostate health.* Many producers of Saw Palmetto extract formulas settle for a gelcap-type delivery system… or even a standard run-of-the-mill capsule. With the unique capsule-in-capsule Licaps® delivery and packaging system utilised in the production of Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, there are what I believe to be, distinct advantages…

  • Prevents saw palmetto oil and lycopene nutrients from ‘mixing’ inside the capsule. Without this capsule-in-capsule separation, the pH levels of Saw Palmetto could potentially degrade the lycopene prior to you ever taking it.
  • Utilises a series of cutting-edge technology advancements (Fusion Technology) in capsule filling, sealing, and final product inspection to deliver unsurpassed high protection and fast release.
  • Delivers a leak-proof and airtight capsule utilizing the extraordinary capsule-in-capsule technology.
  • Provides high protection of moisture or oxygen-sensitive active ingredients.
  • Optimises capsule disintegration by way of the Licaps thin shell making it ideal for nutrients requiring fast release.

With all these extraordinary delivery system advantages, there should be little question why to chose to have Saw Palmetto with Lycopene delivered and packaged in Licaps capsules.

Experience the Health Support of Saw Palmetto - Order Today

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  • Saw Palmetto Extract (Fruit) 
  • Lycopene 
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract 
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides 
  • Purified Water 
  • Silica 
  • Gelatin - Capsule
  • Take one capsule daily with food, ideally the first meal of your day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Brand: Mercola
  • Form: Capsules.
  • Quantity: 30
  • Dosage: 1 daily.
  • Container:  BPA-FREE Plastic tub 
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.

Q: Why are there two capsules – one inside the other? 
A: We utilise a unique capsule-in-capsule delivery system that incorporates a leak-proof high protection capsule. This system also prevents the saw palmetto and lycopene from interacting inside the capsule. Without this capsule-in-capsule separation, the pH levels of saw palmetto could degrade the lycopene.

Q: What makes Saw Palmetto with Lycopene different from other saw palmetto products on the market?
A: Many mass producers of saw palmetto pick their berries before they reach maturity, which can lead to inconsistent and low-potency formulas. And if producers don’t use the preferred high-pressure extraction methods, the extract may be less potent. Finally, some companies use chemical extraction that can leave possible chemical residues behind. Saw Palmetto with Lycopene uses only US-grown “wildcrafted” berries that are picked only when they reach their full maturity. The formula is produced using a high-pressure DeepExtract™ technology with a proprietary CO2 process to ensure a high potency product.

Q: Why does the product contain lycopene?
A:The subject of recent research, lycopene is a potent antioxidant – a super carotenoid – whose activity has been suggested to be more powerful than that of other carotenoids, such as beta-carotenoid. It shows promise in supporting prostate health.*

Q: Can women benefit from taking Saw Palmetto with Lycopene?
A: A wide variety of potential benefits have been identified for women. Saw palmetto may be useful for supporting clear looking skin, hair growth, a healthy normal menstrual cycle and hormone levels.* Lycopene can support breast health in women.* This potent antioxidant can accumulate in breast tissue and may help protect against oxidative stress and estrogenic activity.*

Q: Is there a “best” time to take Saw Palmetto with Lycopene? Is it better to take it with or without food?
Always take it with food and ideally the first meal of the day.


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