Healing Tibetan Incense

Relaxation / Well-being (Hand made) (Traditional Tibetan Medication)
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Ancient Purity Presents Healing Tibetan Incense. This healing incense formula is a traditional Tibetan medication used to combat stress and tension. In Tibet, for many centuries, incense has been a part of their daily lives. Widely used for relaxation, meditation and the cleansing of the home environment, it has an aroma that often helps to calm and soothe restless minds. This blend as well has been used for centuries, and is made up of over 30 natural ingredients. (Himalayan Herbs) Some of the main extremely aromatic ingredients found in this handmade incense are: Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Clove, Pine, Myrrh, Amber, Hibiscus, Frankincense, Snow Lotus Herb, Saffron, Red Orpin, and Borneol. Tibetan incense is typically rolled into sticks or blended into powder. Unlike Indian incense the incense is not rolled onto central bamboo splints. Tibetan incense is purely made from (Himalayan) herbs, plant resins, spices and minerals and some very special types can contain over 100 ingredients! Using incense is also a significant aspect of Tibetan medicine and often it is burnt to alleviate low mood, restlessness, and stress. Due to the tranquilising effect it has on the mind it is also broadly used as a helping tool to relaxation and meditation. Tibetan incense has long been praised as a ritual and health support in Tibet and across the Himalayan region. Today the incense continues to be handmade in Tibet and also in India and Nepal. This Incense creates a big healing chill at Ancient Purity, even pulling out one of the sticks starts the feeling. It's perfect on a busy Monday, soothing us into a higher place. Try some and experience it, lay down turn it all off and feel.

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These days meditation has become more main-stream and more and more people are finally starting to feel not solely the psychological benefits of this ancient method, but enhancements with regards to their physical health as well. With numerous different meditation techniques geared toward specific aims and results, it is pretty difficult to pinpoint where to begin. Helping you select a meditation which is correct for your unique mind and body, I’ve shared this easy practice below:

A Simple & Quick Buddhist Tibetan Meditation

For a taste of Tibetan Buddhist practice, this easy to perform Tibetan Buddhist meditation focuses on the wise and loving presence of the Lord Buddha himself. It is adapted from a meditation presented in the book: The Path to Awakening by the late Tibetan meditation master Shamar Rinpoche. It’s helpful to use the figure of the Buddha—an image or a statue—to support your meditation. Don't forget to light Healing Tibetan Incense!

  • First, sit in a comfortable and proper meditation posture, either on a cushion or a chair.
  • Spend a few minutes settling and tuning in to what it feels like to be present in your body and your space.
  • As clearly as possible, imagine that the Buddha is sitting in front of and above you on a precious golden throne or seat. Behind him is a Tree of Awakening: a bodhi tree.
  • Imagine that his body is golden and radiant. He gazes upon you with boundless love and compassion.
  • Try to visualise the Buddha in detail: the throne, seated posture, robes, hands, torso, head and so on.
  • Imagine his kindly smile, his beautiful eyes and loving gaze. It’s as if his love were substantial, as if it poured out of him in the form of a golden light that touches you and all beings with kindness and grace.
  • If you can sustain the visualisation, you might include as many living beings as you can imagine in your practice. But if that’s too difficult, you can also simply focus on receiving the golden light yourself.
  • As the light fills your body and heart, you experience a sense of perfect plenitude and well-being. This gives you confidence in the Buddha’s qualities and goodness.
  • Towards the end of your meditation, the Buddha dissolves into light and this light dissolves into you.
  • Instructions are also included in the box.
    This Healing Tibetan Incest is handmade by Tibetan refugees living in Nepal.
  • Origin: Hand-rolled in Nepal following the Tibetan texts.


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