Affiliate Benefits

  • Earn from 5-25% commission.
  • Continuous Commissions For Life.
  • Gift your Customers a 10% Discount Code.
  • Premium Affiliate Upgrade for High Performers.
  • Track sales, view your real-time Statistics & Reports.
  • Marketing material and tools to help you promote.
  • Enjoy a Rewarding side job or make it a Big Adventure.

Our program is free to join (Upon Approval) easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge!

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Affiliate with Us

Ancient Purity's Affiliate Program is an incredible opportunity for you to align with us and share a journey together. It will be fulfilling and rewarding. Our rates are very good, and some affiliates enjoy this as a full-time job and have had great enjoyment and success working with us. So you could join us too. Not only will you be supporting a company committed to Healing, Freedom, Real Sustainability, and Wellness, but you will also have the opportunity to make a good income. The program offers competitive commission rates and a Premium Affiliate Upgrade for high performers. Whether you're a website, blogger, influencer, or just passionate about natural health, there is a place for you in our Affiliate Program.

Ancient Purity is dedicated to providing high-quality, natural health products that are eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Our products are made from the purest ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and additives. By joining our Affiliate Program, you can promote these products and earn commission on every sale you make. We also give Continuous Commission - This means if you bring a new customer to Ancient Purity, they're your customer for life, and you get commission on all their purchases, even if their second order is 10 years later. You will also be given a unique Discount Code for 10%, which comes off our profit, not yours. This will encourage the people you find to come to us and make sure it's you who is rewarded. Please take time to look around our site, check out our social media pages, and learn what has made us unique since our inception in 2011.

To join and start sharing the benefits of our natural health products with your audience, you'll need to fill out the Affiliate Application form below. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world and improve the health and well-being of others. This isn't just a typical speech about making the world a better place. Ancient Purity is a company dedicated to helping grow consciousness, securing and promoting freedom, and expanding awareness. We do this because we love it, and if you love anything about what I've said here, you're welcome to apply. We must say here... please don't apply if you don't intend to really go for it or want to get a couple of discounts for friends. As nice as that is, it's not what this program is about. It's for people who want to do this as part of their passion, so have a think about if this is right for you and apply.

I'd also like to genuinely say thank you for coming to Ancient Purity, for taking an interest in what we do. We are not your average Natural Health company, and I'm sure that by being here, you're not the average person either. Thanks for finding us. If we are destined to work together, great. We hope to meet you and wish you great success.

Be Well
Tom & Everyone at Ancient Purity