Californian Poppy

Calming / Euphoria / Vitamins C, A & E Sedative - Herbal Tea (USA Origin)
Weight130g (4.58 oz.) Dried Flower

Ancient Purity Presents Californian Poppy. The Tea of California (Eschscholzia Californica) is a Herb with Big Chill properties. Not surprisingly, the Native American population was the first to explore and take advantage of this plant’s existence. As a member of the Papaver somniferum species, this complex plant is considered a sub-opiate because it produces a milder affect than its cousin the red poppy which is the source of opium. This Poppy is Native to Mexico and the Western United States. The herb is usually mixed into botanical health formulations, macerated as a tincture, or simply drunk as Californian Poppy Tea, presented here. So, sit back and take a Big Easy breath and sip on one of California's best teas. In Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Michael Moore says “it’s a surprisingly effective herb for use with anxiety” and “when used as a sedative, it promotes relaxation and genial lethargy.” He reports that in higher doses it gives mild analgesic effects. The California Poppy has cognitive-enhancing properties that have proven useful in treating behavioural disorders in children and young adults alike. In addition, it has been known to improve memory, intellectual capacity, and concentration among the elderly. According to Rudolf Weiss, the positive impact of California Poppy is geared towards attaining equilibrium and is devoid of narcotic properties. Its benefits extend to withdrawals from addiction to drugs, alcohol, orthodox drugs, or tobacco. It also prevents enzymatic degradation, including dopamine beta-hydroxylase and monoamine oxidase (MAO-B), and the synthesis of adrenaline. Add a little Honey or get creative and add some of our delicious Kakadu Plum Syrup and you'll have the best hot drink around. Enjoy this relaxing tea in the evening for optimal results, before your peaceful restful, sleep.

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  • California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica) Dried Herb - 100% Natural.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free. 
  • Put 1 to 2 teaspoons in a cup and pour boiling water into the cup.
  • Let it steep and cool down for about 10 minutes before drinking.
  • There is no need to strain but you can after 10 minutes.

WARNING: Not enough is known about the use of California poppy during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use. California Poppy can slow down the central nervous system, causing sleepiness and other effects. There is some concern that California Poppy might slow down the central nervous system too much when combined with anaesthetics and other medications used during and after surgery. Stop using California poppy at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

NOTE: The California Indians have used the golden poppy for medicinal and psychoactive purposes since prehistoric times. All parts of the plant (leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, and roots) have been used for their sedative and mild psychoactive effects. For a more enjoyable drinking experience, use our Bombilla Hot Drink Straw !

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: USA.
  • Size: 130g (4.58 oz.).
  • Container: Kraft Paper Pouch.
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.

Californian Poppy Lowdown

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), the state flower of California, is a beautiful wildflower that has been an ally to western-dwelling Indigenous peoples for long before there was a United States, let alone a United States Pharmacopeia. California Poppy is a non-addictive and safe flower that is perfect making a relaxing tea with a mild, unwinding effect.

The Native Americans used and still use California Poppy for colic, trouble sleeping and sharp stomach aches. It is used often to reduce nervousness and excitability in kids, and may help hyperactive children as well. When consumed as a tea before bedtime, California Poppy Tea supports long, quality sleep and many times used as a treatment for sleeplessness.

The Big Californian Chill (Californian Poppy)

  • Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of Ancient Purity Californian Poppy in a cup.
  • Pour filtered boiling water into the cup.
  • Let it steep and cool down for about 10 minutes before drinking.
  • There is no need to strain but you can after 10 minutes. Use the cool porcelain mug with the Flower of Life to enhance your Big Californian Chill.
  • In addition, you can drink the tea traditionally like the Argentinian Gauchos by using a Bombilla (Hot Drinking Straw.)

    TIP: Add a teaspoon of Longan Fruit Honey (available @Ancient Purity) for a sweeter taste.

Herbal Tranquillity (Californian Poppy)


  • 1 part dried valerian root.
  • 1 part Ancient Purity Californian Poppy.
  • 1 part dried chamomile.
  • 1/2 part dried blue vervain.
  • 1/2 part dried wild lettuce.
  • Few tablespoons of Longan Fruit Honey (for taste.)
  • Ancient Purity Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Glass canning jar with airtight lid.


  • Add about 28 grams of dried herb 1 litre of Ancien Purity Apple Cider Vinegar (make sure to warm the vinegar first).
  • The liquid should rise about 2 or 3 inches above herbs almost to the rim of the jar.
  • Stir the mixture together and subdue the herbs. Make sure the lid if firming set when finished. Label the jar with the ingredients and start date.
  • Place in a dark, warm location like a cupboard for 4 to 6 weeks (the longer the better).Try your best to the shake bottle daily during this maceration period.
  • Shaking the bottle brings old magic into your medicine making!
  • When ready, strain the herbs with stainless steel strainer lined with cheesecloth and reserve the liquid into small tincture bottles.
  • Use between 1-3 droppers full of this tincture, as needed, about an hour before bed.
  • Sweet Dreams!

Millions of people all over the world have trouble sleeping. This all-natural recipe can make you sleep the natural way!

California Potent Poppy Potion


  • 1 part fresh chamomile.
  • 1 part fresh lavender.
  • 1 part Ancient Purity California Poppy.
  • 120 proof grain alcohol.
  • 1 glass mason jar (whatever size you want).


  • Start by chopping up your herbs. Cutting them up makes more surface area, thus allowing more of the plant to permeate into the alcohol. You can use the stems and leaves of all three of these plants. You can leave the chamomile whole since they are pretty small anyway.
  • Once you have your herbs prepared, just pop them in the jar and top with alcohol. Make sure you fill the alcohol so it covers all the herbs. They tend to float to the top in the first few days, but they will sink with time so don’t worry so much that they will rot. As long as they remain covered, you will be fine.
  • Leave this for 6-8 weeks before you strain. Once it's ready, strain out the herbs and return to jar. You can keep this as the mother jar, and pour off what you need into a small dropper bottle.

Tinctures are a fantastic introduction to beginner herbalists. You only need 2 ingredients the herbs and the grain alcohol. It is very difficult to mess it up. This tincture I have aptly named Potent Poppy Potion. But it also includes chamomile and lavender buds. I opted to use fresh as I like the energy that comes from fresh material. If you have dried herbs, you can of course use those if you like. But if you have the opportunity to use fresh material, I would give it a try!

Take 20-40 drops before bedtime for insomnia, and for anxiety you can take smaller doses of approximately 8-10 drops throughout the day. Always start off small and you can increase dosage when you feel comfortable.

NOTE: In combination with the mild nervines, chamomile and lavender, this makes for a very gentle but powerful calming tincture. It works well for both the physical manifestations and more mental tension and stress. It is one of the best herbs you can use for the nervous system that is this mild in nature.

Q: Can I still work after having used California Poppy?
A: Absolutely! This is not the opium poppy most people think of. 

Q: Is it addictive?
A: No, California Poppy is not addictive. It is not an illegal drug. Just use it as you can read in our ‘Suggested Use’ section.

Q: Is it illegal to step on California Poppies?
A: It is illegal to pick the flowers and it is illegal to remove or damage plants from properties that a person doesn’t own. Without written permission from the landowner, such actions may constitute trespassing and/or petty theft.

Q: What are better fresh or dried parts of the plant?
A: Most experienced users we know don’t notice different effects.

Q: Can I grow them myself?
A: California Poppies like rich, fast-draining soil, ample water and plenty of sunshine! You can grow them if you can you provide all this.

Q: Does it help with mood disorders?
A: The tea of Californian Poppy has a calming, tranquillising and relaxing effect on most people that have used it. Being tranquil and calm usually leads to better mental health.

Q: Yes it really helps me but didn’t know the taste could be that bitter. Should I add sugar to the tea?
A: Glad to hear it works for you! If you want to go all-natural, add one teaspoon of honey to your cup of tea. This will take the bitterness away.


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