Oregano Essential Oil

Pure Greek Wild Organic Oregano Softgels or Essential Oil (Zane Hellas)
Weight30ml (1.05 fl. oz.) / 60 Softgels

Ancient Purity Presents Oregano Essential Oil. The most Potent, Clean and Incredibly Effective Oregano Essential Oil there is made by our good friends at Zane Hellas in Greece. Oregano Oil is one of the most powerful essential oils and has been used for centuries in traditional practices. The primary chemical components of Oregano is Carvacrol, a phenol that possesses antioxidant properties when ingested. It has antifungal properties, making it effective against fungal infections. It can be used topically for conditions like athlete's foot or fungal skin infections. Oregano also has strong antiviral properties and can stimulate the immune system, helping defend against pathogens. Perhaps Oregano Oil's strongest feature is powerful antibacterial effects. Oregano can out perform many antibiotics and unlike antibiotics that can disrupt the balance of gut microbiota, it is believed to target harmful bacteria without harming beneficial flora. It is in Ancient Purity's Essential List, the guys at Zane Hellas are our friends we have all met and we run the Zane Hellas UK site. This Oregano is serious stuff, it must be in every household, it can stand alone in a medicine cabinet it's that powerful. This Essential Oil has a fresh, sharp and warm aroma that will leave your mind sharp, concentrated and clearer. Minimum 86% CARVACROL. Less than 2% Thymol. 100% Steam Distilled. No chemicals. Alcohol free. 100% Pharmaceutical & Therapeutic Grade. This ancient perennial plant has been used for more than 2,500 years! There are numerous published scientific reports on the health benefits and effectiveness of Oregano Essential Oil. Mix with our Organic Olive Oil for internal use or take the Softgels.

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  • Oregano Essential Oil (Super 100) - 100% Essential Oil of Oregano.

Oregano Softgels

  • 375 mg. Extra Virgin OIive Oil (Olea europaea fruit oil).
  • 125 mg. Essential Oil of Oregano.
  • (Origanum Vulgare Heracleoticum. 86% Min Carvacrol – 108 mg Carvacrol per serving.)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (from bovine), Glycerol, Water. Free from alcohol, sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish and preservatives.

  • You should always dissolve this essential Oil of Oregano before use, it in a Carrier Oil such as Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. A good ratio is 1:10 (10%) to 2:10 (20%) (10% is one drop of oregano oil, and the remaining 90% is 9 drops of Carrier Oil)
  • You can use it internally or externally. Internally dilute the oregano oil in carrier oil, 4 drops, twice daily. If you use externally should not be forwarded to the open wounds. Always consult your health care practitioner before use. Do not exceed daily recommended intake.
  • Open and handle carefully (on a flat surface or saucer maybe), as the undiluted/neat oil may burn or give a burning sensation if it comes into contact with skin. If you will be storing a bottle for some time, it's advisable to refrigerate as the oil can otherwise become a little more potent over time (increase of carvacrol) and therefore particularly require careful handling. In the event of experiencing any sort of burn, a customer has indicated to us they found Shea Butter to be the best option to soothe this.
  • Breaks in use: Broadly speaking, with both the oil and softgels, we'd suggest at least a 7 day break after 20 days of use.
  • For internal use: A good ratio is 10% to 20%. The best way is to dissolve it is in olive oil. It is very simple, just take a full tea spoon of olive oil and add 4 drops of Oregano Oil to it. Now you drink it. Make sure you drink a glass of water after. You can do this twice daily. Heat sensation is normal. If the mixture is too strong for you, start with 2 drops Oregano Oil and gradually step up to 4 drops. If you do not have olive oil then put 4 drops Oregano Oil in half a glass of water, milk, or juice and drink it. Then drink clean water. Also don’t worry as the heat sensation is normal. In a nutshell, Oregano oil is a powerful substance, so we advise to begin with the tiniest possible dose to see how your body reacts. You can slowly increase the amount you take, once you see how your body responds.
  • For external use: A good ratio is 20% -30% (depends on the use and treatment). Put 10-15 drops Oregano Oil in a full table spoon of olive oil or another carrier oil (jojoba oil etc) or cream, lotion or body milk and use. Do not apply it on open wounds. Heat sensation is normal. If the mixture is too strong for you then reduce ratio. If the mixture is too weak for you increase the ratio.

NOTE: Essential oils of Oregano are widely recognised for their antimicrobial activity, as well as their antiviral and antifungal properties. Nevertheless, recent investigations have demonstrated that these compounds are also potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and cancer suppressor agents.

  • Brand: Zane Hellas.
  • Size: 30ml (1.05 fl. oz.) / softgels.
  • Origin: Greece.
  • Container: Glass Bottle / Plastic Tub.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep it in a closed cabinet, dry, room temperature. Close the cap, keep out of reach of children.

Q: What happens if I take Oregano Oil daily?
A: When used as directed, Essential Oregano Oil should be safe. In too-high doses, it may have detrimental effects. This may be due in part to thymol, one of the phenols it contains. In high doses, thymol is a mild irritant which might affect the skin or internal organs. 

Q: Where the highest quality of Oregano comes from?
A: Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare heracleoticum) is considered to be the best around the world due to its very high carvacrol content which is the main active ingredient.

Q: Can Oregano Oil heal the gut?
A: Oregano Essential Oil may benefit gut health by killing gut parasites and protecting against leaky gut syndrome.

Q: Have there been studies on Oregano Oil as an alternative to antibiotics?
A: Yes...

  1. University of Arizona Study (2001):

    • A groundbreaking study at the University of Arizona found that Oregano Essential Oil exhibited potent antimicrobial activity against various bacterial strains, including those resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics.
  2. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (2012):

    • Research published in this esteemed journal highlighted Oregano Essential Oil's effectiveness against drug-resistant bacterial strains, indicating its potential as a natural antibiotic alternative.
  3. Journal of Medical Microbiology (2007):

    • This study demonstrated the remarkable ability of Oregano Essential Oil to inhibit the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus, showcasing its promising role in combating bacterial infections.


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