Zeolite Powder

(< 25 Microns) Detox / Skin / Clarity Volcanic Mineral "SuperClay"
350g (12.34 oz) Powder
Zeolite (< 25 Microns) is a form of unique, volcanic mineral compounds with crystalline structures that form a kind of honeycomb/cage. It' has powerful, healthy detoxifying effects. Zeolite is a class of “SuperClay” produced when lava flow meets sea water and cools quickly. Zeolite has a natural affinity for toxic heavy metals such as uranium, cadmium, lead, mercury and aluminium.
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Zeolite the Volcanic Health "SuperClay" that can purify water, enriches the soil, and remove nuclear waste. But perhaps this natural wonder powder can also detox your body, clear your skin naturally, balance gut health, prevent free-radical damage, fight infections and clear thoughts with its whole mind and body detox. Zeolite binds to and expells a large range of toxins from our body, drinking water, and waste materials. Its honeycomb like cages and surface charge trap toxic heavy metals, microbes, chemical poisons, metabolic products, radioactive elements and more.

In simple terms of its function Zeolite trades its natural healthful, negatively charged minerals for any positively charged contaminants in or on (yes its a topical product too) in the human body. Zeolite in essence, removes the unwnted stuff and replaces it with good stuff. Not very scientific right, but as always do your reasearch, Ancient Purity is just giving you a nudge and providing the cleanest, most effective stuff available at the present moment. Yes although these Zeolites are estimated to be over 300 million years old, we could still be around if and when they discover something even better.

Zeolite Powder (Clinoptilolite) < 25 Microns

  • Volcanic King of Heavy Metal... Detox
  • Clean, Safe, Effective, Functional... 25 Micron.
  • Clarity, Awakening.
  • Digestive Balance.
  • Wound Solution.
  • Rich Natural Silica.
  • Mineral Skin Food... Beauty A-lister.
  • Toothpaste oral sensation.
what are the benefits of zeolite

Zeolite Gives

Zeolite is a highly effective natural supplement to bolster your health. Along with its ability to remove toxins from the body, it can alkalise, improve mood, strengthen the immune system, and even protect against harmful microbes. This SuperNatural ingredient can be a  part of your natural beauty routine as it's a great pore purifier. Zeolite applied topically anywhere on the body (Not eyes) helps to draw out impurities in your skin.

Zeolites antioxidant power could provide liver protection. In rats Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) provided antioxidant support by boosting glutathione and protective enzymes. As a result, blood markers of oxidative damage dropped.

One study of Zeolite supplementation found that just 12 weeks of use can significantly increase the integrity of the intestinal wall. An issue like a leaky gut occurs when the lining of your intestinal wall has an increased permeability, if that happens it allows unwanted toxins and microbes to literally leak from the intestines into the bloodstream. This could cause a weakened immune system, fatigue, autoimmune issues, skin rashes, low mood / lack of clarity also a possibility of intense cravings for sugar or refined carbohydrates.

Zeolite... A Natural Wonder

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Ultra Fine 25 Micron Particle Size / Highest Purity

Ancient Purity Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) is 100% Free-From... added chemicals, emulsifiers or bulking agents. It is micronised Zeolite with less than 25 Micron particle size... so what that means is Ancient Purity's <25 Micron ultra-fine powder is micronised to a finer scale than regular powder.

As a result of this the nanoparticle-free ultra-fine powder has a greater inner surface area, thus enabling the Zeolite to absorb a larger amount of harmful substances. 

So our ultra-fine < 25 micron powder is easily able to dissolve in pur, clean water so not only suitable for internal as well as external use but possibly essential. Also this is more cost effective as you need less Zeolite.

Detox Your World

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zeolite benefits

Zeolite Keeps Giving

  • Zeolite for Mood Balance

can be lifted and clarity enhanced when the body experiences a reduced build-up and clearance of heavy metals, Zeolite can support positive mood once we restore balance. In lots of cases, low mood and lack of happiness are dismissed as a result of “a stressful life” or more often a chemical imbalance instead of heavy metals. That’s because many signs of heavy metal accumulation are not apparent and can be mistaken for something else. Zeolite could be a simple answer.

  • Zeolite Alkaline Kidney Support

Zeolite helps balance pH by providing alkalising minerals whilst supporting kidney function. Zeolite's function in alkalising the body relates to how it helps the kidneys... Your kidneys maintain your internal pH. Yet many heavy metals impair kidney function Since Zeolite can help your body get rid of heavy metals, it supports optimal kidney health, so your kidneys can efficiently balance your body’s pH.

  • Reducing VOCs And Odours

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are an indoor and ambient air pollution causes and boiling water can expose suspended particles to become vapor, which can be harmful indoors. Zeolite (as an air purifier or boiling) can improve polluted air by reducing VOCs such as BTX (Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes). Zeolite films can also be used to reduce odours. So for example, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are generated from smoking foods and Zeolite filters may help reduce PAHs from the food while retaining the flavours. So Ancient Purity may be providing Powder and not some kind of filter with Zeolite but it gives you an idea of its power.

Zeolite a Natural Wonder

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Zeolite... Multiple Effects

  • Attention

The "theory" of lead-induced Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be able to be counteracted by Zeolite. As an example, Zeolite nanoparticles can also deliver DOPA (precursor to Dopamine) into the central nervous system.

  • Blood Sugar Health

Zeolite can help absorb glucose and may be beneficial for hyperglycemia. So we can imagine Zeolite supplementation could help with lipid levels and body weight in those with Type 1, as always more research is needed in this area.  When combined with Ancient Purity's Black Seed Oil, Zeolite may have beneficial effects on weight gain and antioxidant levels in those with Type 2.

  • Detox from Alcohol

As for balanced alcohol drinkers, a study of 12 healthy drinkers, Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) at a 5g dose reduced blood levels of alcohol by up to 43%. It blocked alcohol absorption when combined with a drink. In another clinical trial, 25 volunteers took zeolite (2- 4.5g) the morning after drinking. It was too late for alcohol detox, but hangover symptoms improved by 40-50%.

Zeolite has a clean, subtle taste and is easy to drink

zeolite healing detox safe

Zeolite stands apart from many detox supplements and powders in that has almost no taste. It mixes easily in water and is a smooth detox drink. At Ancient Purity we suggest drinking Zeolite away from food, probably around 45 mins, before or after food.

If you are commiting to quite an intense detox program you could take Bentonite Clay as well, simply having the Clay in the morning, with that using Fulvic Acid Minerals during the day. Easy, Safe, Effective.

The notion that a detox is a difficult or painful experience is not true, sure there can be some quite commited ones and it does depend on what eaxtly you want to acheive, but using Zeolite as a detox product is remarkably easy. We would suggest always having a bag in the house.

So why not take Zeolite daily for a while and see what it can do for you. Many companies will boast Liquid Zeolite is the answer, in our opinion both work and the Powder has been used for longer, having more results published.

Natural, Powerful, Effective

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Zeolite for Facial Rejuvenation

  • Face Mask: In its fine < 25 Micron Powder form, Zeolite allows you to create an effective cleansing mask. Mix 1 tablespoon of Ancient Purity's Zeolite with 2 tablespoons of pure, clean water to form a paste. Spread over face and leave on for around an hour. Zeolite will perform a deep cleanse on the pores and help balance out blemishes.
  • Natural Cleanser: Use the same mix as mentioned above but this time wash off after around a minute, this will not dry out your skin with daily use. To get a more moisturising, you could swap the water with a natural oil such as Ancient Purity's Black Seed Oil. Follow this with your a natural toner and moisturiser.
  • Natural Exfoliator: Zeolites fine, almsot sand-like texture makes it an effective gentle exfoliator. This time place 1 tablespoon onto your hand or in a small bowl (Like the Sacred Geometry Cotula) then using a soft brush, gently apply the powder into the skin, do this in little, circular motions. Avoid the eyes and it's best to not inhale the powder, simply as it's an irritant. After this, wash your face gently with warm water personally I think it's always could to finish with a nice bit of cold water this reduces inflammation and freshens you up.

Experience the Volcanic Detox of Zeolite - Order Today

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  • Pure Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) < 25 Microns.
  • Mix 3-6g (heaped teaspoon) in pure clean water 45 minutes away from food up to twice daily.
  • Topically: Can be combined with Coconut Oil for use as face mask and on your body as a skin food.

Warning: Consult with your healthcare professional if you are taking any medication before use.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size:
  • Container: Kraft Paper Pouch.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: Zeolite will not expire, we do label it however as a 2-year expiry.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.
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