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You can visit us Tuesday to Friday 11am - 5pm at Ancient Purity in rural Essex, ENGLAND. Our building is 15th century and the only of its kind left in the UK made from the same timber as Cressing Temple, granted to the Knights Templar in 1136, the ancient historical site is just 10 minutes away. We have a few large lakes on the grounds and some incredible wildlife. Nearby there is a lovely rustic barn cafe and another little restaurant on the lake. Little Braxted itself was previously awarded village of the year so there are some beautiful walks around, it is also home to the medieval St Nicholas church which is in the Doomsday Book. Also the Church was used by the one of the Founding Fathers and 1st President of the USA George Washington's Great Grandfather Rev. Lawrence Washington. You can quite easily spend a day here, there are plenty of places to walk around and even on the grounds of Ancient Purity.

We have a large range of products, a selection of rare health books, we all work from here, nothing is outsourced, so feel free to come down and meet us, have a chat and look around the area. If you want to speak to Tom and chat about collaborating or need to ask about Ancient Purity or our products please contact us first to arrange a time, but for a browse or chat you're welcome to visit Tuesday to Wednesday 11am to 5pm. We always love to meet our friends from online in person, we have ample parking available out front and a few herbal teas available inside. If you would like to talk to Tom, you need to make an appointment as he is in and out of the building. If you want to become a wholesaler, please first contact us by phone or email. We look forward to seeing you.

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