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Royal Jelly Powder… A complex mixture of Flower Nectar, Sugars, Fats and Proteins, it supplies all B Vitamins, Vitamins A, C, D, E and K, Multi-Minerals, 18 Amino Acids, and other vital constituents, including Pantothenic and Nucleic Acids. Bruce Lee would add Royal Jelly to his tea with Honey & Ginseng. It is the sole food that a beehive’s Queen Bee lives on and she lives about 40 times longer than her worker bees. Most of Royal Bee Jelly's health benefits are backed by science!

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Ancient Purity present this Superfood Extract, a true wonder of nature, created naturally and processed harmoniously for a pure natural product with some incredible benefits. Royal Jelly is a Bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of larvae, as well as adult queens. It is secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of nurse bees, and fed to all larvae in the colony, regardless of sex or caste. When a Bee hive is making new queens, the workers construct special queen cells, and the larvae in these cells are fed with copious amounts of Royal Jelly. This type of feeding triggers the development of queen morphology, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs. Queen Bees who are fed Royal Jelly when growing up live up to 7 years. The worker Bees that only obtain a small amount of Royal Jelly live for just weeks. This information began the interest in Royal Jelly as a Longevity food. It is a powerful natural substance that has to be experienced and felt.

It possesses various biological attributes beneficial for human health, such as antioxidant activities, antibacterial effects, and enhanced immune activity. Royal Jelly has a long history in human medicine because of its health-protecting properties. To develop a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of lipids it contains, overall, the lipids are composed of mostly (aliphatic) fatty acids, almost all of which are present as free fatty acids. Lipids are a class of organic compounds that are fatty acids and insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents. They include many natural oils, waxes and steroids. Most fatty acids in royal jelly are medium-chain fatty acids. The lipids are useful as preventive and supportive medicines with multiple functionalities. So learn more and see what makes Royal Jelly one of nature’s wonders.

Royal Jelly Powder – Information & Points of Research

  • Nutrient-Dense Meta Food.
  • Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Effects.
  • Ultimate Hair Health Supplement.
  • Skin Health Powerhouse (High Collagen Content).
  • Regulates Blood Sugar Balance by Reducing Oxidative Stress & Inflammation.
  • Specific Proteins.
  • Blood Pressure Balance.
  • Might Support Wound Healing & Skin Repair.
  • Might Relief Menopause Symptoms.
  • May be Beneficial for People with Premenstrual Syndrome.
  • Supportive to Bee Populations and Re-Production.
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Magic in Action - Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly Powder… is a highly advanced, protein-based superfood widely-recognised for its naturally occurring amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It aids promote antioxidant activity, collagen synthesis, as well as providing energy and supporting your immune system function. It is the sole food that a beehive’s queen bee lives on and it hugely contributes to her amazing longevity, as the queen can live about 40 times longer than her worker bees. By now you’ll probably get the picture. Longevity now!

Royal Jelly is a Superfood

We at Ancient Purity have sampled a number of Royal Jelly sources and are most happy with the consistency of the source now provided. Royal Jelly's composition varies depending on geography and climate, but consistently we have single source origin Royal Jelly Powder we also consistently get great feedback on it. It is a rich, luscious addition to a Super Smoothie, with some honey and Bee Pollen but it can be used in desserts, baked goods and any healthy dish. 

“There is one masterpiece, the hexagonal cell that touches perfection. No living creature, not even man, has achieved, in the centre of his sphere, what the bee has achieved in her own: and were someone from another world to descend and ask of the earth the most perfect creation of the logic of life, we should needs have to offer the humble comb of honey." - Maurice Maeterlinck,The Life Of The Bee, 1924

Royal Jelly Powder unbelievably has 3 times higher potency than fresh Royal Jelly. Although we are still going to say that fresh live Royal Jelly is better, as it's about energy and life-force in food. Nevertheless, nutritionally there isn’t that much difference and Royal Jelly Powder is an incredible addition to a smoothie or food but more than that it has the powerful benefits of the live natural Queen Bee’s longevity food, without all the work of bee keeping and collection. Fresh Live Royal Jelly needs to be consumed and refrigerated very quickly as it can spoil quickly and lose its nutrients. Ancient Purity's source of Royal Jelly is freeze-dried and then converted into powder. Read below on this page about how correct collection and process can support the Bees. It has been used for improving hair health and growth. This is due to the high Biotin content, a vitamin that promotes the production of Keratin. There are numerous hair products on the market that incorporate Royal Jelly for this specific reason.

Clean, Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly Gives

Immunity & Anti-Histamine... A 2001 study published in the journal International Immunopharmacology, showed Royal Jelly can help boost our immune system. During the study, histamine response to allergens was immediately suppressed, showing that it may help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. As always more research is still needed to completely validate its allergen-suppressing abilities.

Skin Health... Taking Royal Jelly may help boost collagen production, which is essential for promoting healthier and younger skin. It can help boost wound healing as well if applied topically. Royal Jelly also increases skin moisture, which may benefit patients with dry and damaged skin. Royal Jelly is believed to have anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and wound healing properties because of its high collagen content, which is essential for skin renewal. You can either take it orally or apply it topically to receive its benefits. It can also be used as an acne treatment or sunscreen. So you could mix a little of this powder in clean water and apply a paste, why not mix in with some other incredible ingredients for enhanced skin health like Bentonite Clay and Pearl Powder, both available here at Ancient Purity. A study conducted by the Department of East-West Medical Science at Kyung Hee University in Korea reported Royal Jelly regulates skin photo-ageing following exposure to ultraviolet-B radiation. The anti-ageing effects on the skin were assessed by determining the collagen content and epidermal thickness of skin tissue. The level of procollagen type I protein was increased in the subjects that were fed with a dietary supplement containing just 1% Royal Jelly extract. This could indicate that Royal Jelly could protect against skin ageing by enhancing collagen production.

Probiotics... The probiotics of Royal Jelly remain potent... this is important as Royal Jelly appears to have a valuable effect as a source of bifidobacteria, which is the beneficial bacteria that supports the health of the gastrointestinal tract, making it a useful probiotic. Clinical studies have associated other beneficial effects, such as immune enhancement and anti-carcinogenicity, with the presence of bifidobacteria in the GI tract. The unique composition of honey suggests that it could enhance the growth, activity and viability of bifidobacteria in fermented dairy products.

Blood Pressure Health... In a 2004 study it was found that Royal Jelly contains certain peptides that have antihypertensive properties. Patients who suffer from hypertension may benefit from Royal Jelly supplementation, as it helps normalise high blood pressure.

Make Health Elixirs, Nutritional Teas or Super Smoothies

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Royal Jelly Keeps Giving

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms... Royal Jelly has the ability to mimic human oestrogen, which is important for an improved menstrual cycle. In a 2014 study, 11 females were given Royal Jelly to deter the effects of premenstrual syndrome. The results of the study show that Royal Jelly can help minimise the symptoms of PMS. 

Diabetic Issues... Diabetics are at high risk of suffering from ulcers in various parts of their body. This is usually characterised by slow healing and an increased risk for infection. Studies suggest that the application of Royal Jelly on diabetic ulcers can help with faster complete skin restoration.

Male & Female Fertility... Taking Royal Jelly regularly may help regulate hormone levels in the body, with people suffering from hormone imbalance benefitting more from this. Royal Jelly may help improve the quality of women's egg cells, which then increases their chances of getting pregnant. Royal Jelly may benefit men as well, by promoting testosterone level increases.

Brain Food... Recent research indicates Royal Jelly may improve short-term memory because it’s demonstrated to have a beneficial role on neural functions. A study published in Advanced Biomedical Research was designed to examine the effect of Royal Jelly on spatial learning and memory. Because the brain tissue contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that are especially vulnerable for free radical attacks, the antioxidant substances found in Royal Jelly can play an important role in prevention and cure of neurodegenerative diseases.

Get Beautiful Hair by Nourishing it with Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly Hair & Skin Health Benefits

royal jelly for hair loss
  • May Encourage Hair Growth
  • Provides Hair with Hydration. 
  • High Concentration of Biotin.
  • Opens Hair Follicles to Allow for Absorption of its Many Nutrients.
  • Rejuvenates the Scalp.
  • Helps to Repair Damaged Hair.
  • Fights Skin Conditions like Eczema, Candida & Acne.
  • Eliminates Bacteria & Improves the Appearance of your Skin.
  • It Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties that Reduce Inflammation.
  • Boosts Collagen Production in the Skin.

Add Royal Jelly Powder as the Secret Ingredient to a Delicious Dessert

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Ethically Sourced Royal Jelly, Supportive to Bee Populations

The true dangers to Bees and all insects is corporation-made pollution (It's not done by individuals but it's the huge international companies which are responsible) true we can do our bit and there’s more on that below too. The stuff that’s being sprayed, the EMF's going out there, all we can say is look for yourself, rather than getting into a debate about it. Supporting Bee Product production helps populations, breeding more Bees and encouraging more local Bee keepers to start up.

We should not be scared for the Bees they are powerful, intelligent creatures. We must simply work with them, creating an environment that supports them, encouraging their populations and working ethically with them. So working ethically means, we are indeed collecting Royal Jelly which is the Queen Bee's food, but we are encouraging and supporting more production of it. Read below about how you really can make a difference yourself to Bee populations.

Royal Jelly Sustainably Collected

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How we can all Support & Help the Bee Population

You will have heard about the dangers we face with the decline of the Bee population, but you may not know how vitally important this is. We all must live our lives in a way that supports, encourages and perpetuates nature and wild life. We can take on huge companies who are harming wild life and nature but right now each of us can make a change that will support the Bees. Here’s a simple shortlist.

  • Plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden and yard.
  • Weeds can be a good thing for Bee's so let them come, a lot you can also eat.
  • Don't use chemicals and pesticides to treat your lawn or garden.
  • Buy local, raw honey (No longer supporting mass production).
  • Sponsor a Hive and also consider buying a Flow hive (Simple & easy to use).
  • Please think of your garden as a feeding station and safe haven for bees, birds and other wildlife, with flowers, berries, seed heads etc. 

Living, Supportive, Superfood - Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly Powder… Closing Thoughts

You can strengthen your natural body’s defences with our 100 % Pure Royal Jelly Powder. Royal Bee Jelly is a highly-nutritious, milky substance created by nurse bees to feed their queen bee. For centuries Royal Jelly has been used as a natural medicine to support better overall health. Our Royal Jelly supplement comes in a potent freeze-dried powdered form. Due to the freeze-drying process, its nutritional value is similar to that of fresh Bee Jelly. Easy to use, Ancient Purity’s carefully selected and well-tested Royal Jelly Powder might enhance immune function and aid to manage digestive and nutritional health. Royal Jelly might be effective in improving sexual health as well. In addition, taking Royal Jelly Powder daily might enhance the appearance of skin against pigmentation, ageing and dryness. 

Our Royal Jelly Freeze-Dried Powder is 100% pure, all natural, premium quality giving it the highest potency possible. No additives, preservatives, flavours and artificial colours were added. It is naturally cholesterol-free, fat-free, gluten-free and sodium-free. The nutritional content of Royal Bee Jelly is a potential health benefit in itself as this empowering substance provides a wide range of essential nutrients which are needed for good health. Some of the main health-benefitting ingredients include: proteins (18%), mineral salts (1.5%), carbohydrates (15%), and lipids (3 to 6%). Other ingredients feature amino acids, peptides, vitamins and (healthy) salts. As we explained earlier on this page, the Queen Bee lives about 40 times longer than the working bee. This is due to the fact that the Queen Bee’s only food is Royal Jelly. Who knows? Perhaps you might live 40 times longer as well by consuming our Royal Jelly Powder daily!

“Royal jelly is the substance that worker bees produce and feed to the queen bee. Because the queen bee is the only bee that is fertile within the colony, laying around 2000 eggs per day, this substance is considered to help promote fertility in humans as well.” - Sally Moran, Getting Pregnant Faster: The Best Fertility Herbs & Superfoods For Faster Conception 

Experience the Fountain of Youth and Beauty Food - Order Today

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  • Royal Jelly Powder - 100% Natural. (Freeze-dried in its purest form giving you the potency of fresh Royal Jelly).
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free. 
  • Internal use: Begin with a very small dose to avoid allergic reactions. Once confident you can take 1/4 to 5g per day. Consider spreading the amount of intake over the morning and bedtime. Add to smoothies, honey, yogurts, cereals, or mix it with a healthy low-sugar Jam. For best results, please consult your health care practitioner. Individual needs may vary.
  • Topical use: Mix the powder with a little water, oil or your natural skin products and apply.
  • Hair: Mix it into your natural chemical free conditioner and apply as you normally would.

WARNING: Bee products may cause allergic reactions in some people. You must check you are not seriously allergic before consuming. Bee products should not be fed to infants younger than one year of age. If any symptoms appear, consult a physician. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 125 / 400g (4.40 - 14.10 oz.).
  • Container: Miron Glass Jar / Kraft Paper Pouch.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

Q - Can I take Royal Jelly during pregnancy?
A -  There are not many studies on the effect of Royal Jelly on pregnancy available. We suggest you consider stopping Royal Jelly when you find out that you're pregnant so as to prevent possible pregnancy complications.

Scientific Articles

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Research Gate - Biological Activities of Royal Jelly -Review

The National Center for Biotechnology Information - Topical royal jelly alleviates symptoms of pruritus in a murine model of allergic contact dermatitis

Supporting Scientific Research

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