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Magnetic Pulser (Beck Protocol) PEMF Therapy Device (Lymph) German Made
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The Beck Parapulser® (10Hz) is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) device and operates at an adjustable frequency from 1Hz to 10Hz. It is incredibly time-saving as it can deliver 600 pulses in 1 minute (at 10Hz) and 3000 pulses in 5 minutes! The Parapulser® is the most advanced, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built! Balance your body and boost your wellbeing with the help of this advanced health device! one of the powerful parts of the "Beck Protocol".The Parapulser® is a PEMF - Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Device. Pulsed magnetic fields help to balance the body’s energy and life-force for general wellbeing. The Parapulser® is a powerful and compact Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser that has been researched and developed by the inventor, Alexander Mikas. It is built in Germany with German engineering ensuring high reliability and quality. The Parapulser® has an adjustable frequency from 1 to 10Hz, at 10Hz it delivers 600 pulses in 1 minute, making this one of the most powerful pulsers on the market. Customers outside the UK - Please contact us. It will not be possible to complete check out with this product in your basket.

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Ancient Purity presents one of the powerful parts of the "Beck Protocol".The Parapulser® is a PEMF - Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Device. Pulsed magnetic fields help to balance the body’s energy and life-force for general wellbeing. The Parapulser® is a powerful and compact Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser that has been researched and developed by the inventor, Alexander Mikas. It is built in Germany with German engineering ensuring high reliability and quality. The Parapulser® has an adjustable frequency from 1 to 10Hz, at 10Hz it delivers 600 pulses in 1 minute, making this one of the most powerful pulsers on the market.

Pulsating low frequency magnetic fields (PEMF) penetrate the whole body. It might neutralise parasites, viruses, and pathogens in tissues and not circulating in the blood. It's designed for targeting lymph nodes, organs, & poor health sites. For optimal benefits use in conjunction with the MiniZAP blood purifier. The Parapulser offers both superior price and performance ratio. Comparable performance can reach into high-end devices ($10.000 and up).

Parapulser® Magnetic Pulser – Information & Points to Research

  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Device.
  • Part of the "Beck Protocol".
  • Made in Germany.
  • Improve cell metabolism & Ion Transportation for Better Cell Nutrition (and excretion).
  • Oxygen Assimilation.
  • Lymphatic activity.
  • Blood Flow. 
  • Alkalinity in Extra-Cellular Fluids.
  • Melatonin Production (Which has anti-stress and anti-ageing effects).
  • Effective to Use on Area of the Body.
  • Safe to Use on Animals/Pets.
beck parapulser magnetic pulser

Health Technology

Comparing the Parapulser® base unit with the strongest pulser so far, the SOTA Instruments magnetic pulser SOTA MP5, reveals the following differences: Pulse frequency: 2.00 Hz / 0.2315 Hz = PP is 8.64 times faster Mag flux density: 0.664 T / 0.632 T = PP is 1.05 times stronger pulse raise: 469 ms / 953 ms = PP is 2.03 x faster Pulse fall: 512 ms / 4532 ms = PP is 8.85 times faster Pulse steepness overall difference: 2.03 + 8.85 = PP is 10.88 x steeper. The Parapulser ® base unit contains, in its 2 Hz basic license a 5-10fold induction performance, compared to the SOTA Instruments Magnetic Pulser MP5. Precise measurements (at different distances from the coil) are to be published shortly (summer 2012). Download the detailed magnetic pulser comparison report (PDF). Magnetic induction is the generation of an electric current in a conductive medium, resulting from the fact that a changing magnetic field moves electrically charged particles (electrons/ions) (= law of induction). A current generated in this way is called, therefore "induced current". With the help of induction currents, certain effects can be exerted on the tissue and the body cells. The induction capacity i.e., the amount of energy that can be generated per time unit is directly dependent on the pulse frequency (in Hz), the rate of change of magnetic flux density (dT / dt), and the duration of the magnetic field change (in milliseconds).The measured values on the oscilloscope differ from the induction effective rise and fall times, which are measured from 0 to max. In metrology, these times are only measured in the window of 10 - 90% of the amplitude, in order to compare them meaningfully.

For the application to the body, the following factors are crucial: a) A rapid change of the magnetic field, i.e., possibly rapid build-up and destruction of the magnetic field because the greater is the induced current in the body and thus its effectiveness. b) A high maximum flux density, because this is decisive for the depth of the magnetic pulse. The magnetic field decreases with the cube of the distance! Time comparison Treatment with a commercially available magnetic pulser was characterised by extremely long waiting times (= capacitor-charging time of 2-5 seconds between pulses). The Parapulser heralds a new age: The induction, which the SOTA MPG5 delivers in 20 minutes (1200 seconds) with 350 pulses, is reached by the Parapulser® at its maximum level in just 15 seconds. Another way, the comparison is even more drastic: For the induction, which the Parapulser® builds up in just 5 minutes within the body, the MPG5 would need a treatment period of 350 minutes or 5.8 hours. If you add a cooling-down period of 5 minutes per 20 minutes pulse operation that would add another 1.5 hours to the overall continuous use of the MPG5.

Magnetic Pulsing

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High Standard Engineering

  • The Parapulser® is Much Faster than Other Available Brands, Despite Maximum Pulse Strength & Low Cost. 
  • Full Body Session can be Done in just 10 Minutes, which saves hours of time just waiting, which is purely lost due to out-dated technology (e.g. SOTA device). 
  • Parapulser® offers Synergistic Benefits of Frequency Therapy, as it reaches 10Hz. 
  • Delivers 600 Pulses in 1 minute (at 10Hz) and 3000 Pulses in 5 minutes. 
  • Parapulser® the most Advanced, Magnetic Pulser Available.

Ancient Purity is proud to supply the Parapulser®, an advanced, powerful and compact Magnetic Pulser that is the product of years of research and development. It is manufactured entirely in Germany which ensures high reliability and an excellent build quality. Aches and pains are indications that something is not right in the body. PEMF devices (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) can be beneficial with pain, and help to reduce swelling and increase lymph flow. If our cells become sick, our body becomes sick. Poor circulation contributes to poor health, improved circulation helps the body to get oxygen and nutrients, also expelling waste matter from our system. Good circulation helps the body to regenerate, this is where PEMF devices are useful.

Advanced Engineering

The Parapulser® is the most advanced, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built. Thanks to its vast frequency spectrum, for the first time, a frequency-modulated induction treatment became possible (eg, solar plexus with Schumann frequency of 7.84 Hz). But most importantly, the extremely high induction per time achieves an activation level and renders results, where otherwise pulsing didn’t have any effect. This is the world's smallest and most powerful magnetic pulser. As compact and simple as the Parapulser® is in its handling, as versatile and powerful it is.

The Parapulser® has a very advanced charging technology, where the cooperation between hard and software is perfectly tuned. Self-speaking, the power supply is also much stronger. In the past 5 years, much has been done regarding the availability of heavy duty electronic parts. Magnetic pulsers have ever since lived a lonely life in the “scene”, which is overlooked by bigger investors and developers, although the feedbacks are quite often nothing short from phenomenal.

Healing is Voltage

Parapulser®… Closing Thoughts

In order to have a healthy, well-oiled machine of a body, you need to have healthy cells. And that's not a passive thing. Regular tune-ups for body cells can slow ageing, and reduce risks of cell dysfunction or illness. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF therapy) is one treatment method that fine-tunes cells in the body, correcting any imbalances in dysfunctional cells. The ability to re-calibrate failing cells has advanced implications in medicine, namely in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.

PEMFs have been used effectively for decades, repairing many conditions across numerous medical disciplines. PEMF therapy can be used to help with health issues including: fuse broken bones, expedite wound healing, and reducing pain and tissue swelling, it promotes circulation, blood & tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, balance the immune system; stimulates ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), accelerate bone and soft tissue repair, as well as relax the muscles. Parapulsers are the fastest and most powerful Beck Magnetic Pulsers in the UK!

Experience the Magnetic Power of the Parapulser® - Order Today

Follow instructions in manual provided upon purchase.
Upon arrival of your Pulser we recommend watching this video in conjunction with the manual to speed up the learning process. (See video)

Warning: Do not use in the following situations as safety has not been explored: -

  • In the case of pregnancy, nursing or trying to get pregnant. 
  • With a pacemaker or other active implanted device. 
  • With metal implants. 

These units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety and effectiveness of them have not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.

Technical Data:
  • - Adjustable pulse frequency: 1 to 10Hz.
  • - Flux density: 6600 Gauss.
  • - Pulse raise time: 0.82 ms.
  • - Pulse fall time: 0.72 ms.
  • - Dimensions: L: 214 mm, W: 62 mm, height coil head: 65.7 mm.
  • - Total weight: 875g.
  • - Coil weight: 575g.
  • - Power consumption: 2-45 W (stand by: 0.5 W).
  • - Input voltage: 10.8 - 16 V DC.
  • - Power adapter: 110 - 220 V AC.
  • - Warranty: 2 years.

Q - For which audience is the Parapulser® intended?
A - Until now, there were mainly the Dr. Beck and “Zapper” conaisseurs, who were concerned with electrical currents and induction. Regular users of older magnetic pulser will hardly bypass the Paraulser®, because time is our most precious good, and the Paraulser® gives it back with every single pulse. Take back your power and - take back your time! Due to its superior performance and frequency function, the Parapulser® has so versatile applications that it appeals to a much larger audience: from elite athletes to wellness centers, consciousness researchers. The innovative cost model adapts to individual performance needs. Nobody has to buy a pig in a poke.

Q - When should one consider an upgrade?
A - Whoever is content with the eightfold performance over the previous magnetic pulser market leader for a slightly higher price, may come along for some time with the 2 Hz basic free version. Owners of a Parapulser® can try the advantages of a maximum pulse rate risk-free, because every new device comes with a free quota of 200,000 pulses (about 33 power applications of ea. 6000 pulses @ 20 Hz) and can buy more powerpulses at low costs, if needed. However, the Parapulser® with its massive power is a true time saver, that’s why with regular use an upgrade to the Semipro or PRO version is a good investment.

Q - Is there a limit on the pulse rate, above which it could be potentially harmful?
A - A negative effect is very unlikely in this dimensions. When the short term application has overwhealming benefits, a long term use should not yield anything negative. Counter-question: is a ride on a magnetic levitation train more harmful than on a little train? The pulser’s induced currents are anyway very weak, compared with direct blood electrification (micro amperage). Also, the beneficial effect of biological frequencies (Schumann 7.84 and Hood 10 Hz) should be considered.

Q - Why does one need magnetic treatment, apart from blood electrification?
A - Due to the new possibility of inductive frequency treatment, this question became unnecessary in principle. The original advantage of pulsing lays in the local, concentrated effect of depth at which you can capture any part of the body immediately. Especially for (fur-covered) animals, blood electrification (with the miniZAP®) is often not an option.

Q - Is an 80fold pulse frequency increase a leap into a qualitatively new dimension?
A - That’s what we believe! When the results with previous sub-Hertz pulsers partly failed to show up, then maybe, because their induction power is simply too low. A pulse every 4 seconds (0.2 Hz) may just be too slow to provoke an adequate cell response, let alone to perform a full body treatment in a reasonable way. An aircraft must also give full throttle to take off. Once it has risen, it can reduce the thrust. The situation is similar with induction treatment. Moreover, for the first time, certain harmonic-strengthening frequencies (such as the Schumann frequency of 7.84 Hz or the 10 Hz frequency) can be used to deeply penetrate the whole body and its energy centers. This opens a completely new research field.


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