Colloidal Silver Spray

High Stability 10PPM - Absorbable Effective (With Sprayer and Dropper)
100ml (3.38 fl oz)
Colloidal Silver Drops and Spray, supplied in a 100ml Miron (Dark Violet) Glass bottle to protect from the light. This bottle comes with the dropper which can be swapped with the Sprayer (also included). Therefor it can be used for the eyes and ears (Dropper) and the skin or in mouth (Sprayer).
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This Colloidal Silver under EU laws is not legal for sale for health use, therefore these instructions are for use on your pets or spraying as a surface spray or sprayed into the air. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in your house, Silver is often called "natures antibiotic". Safe to keep your house clean naturally and your pet healthy. Please, research uses for Silver, Ancient Purity's make high stability 10-20PPM (parts per million) silver.

The strength always varies from batch to batch, anyone claiming a mass-produced Silver solution to always be a fixed PPM is perhaps not telling the exact truth. If you do make your own ever you can measure and you will notice it always varies. Ours is made from and produces in PPM 99.9% pure Silver. Comes with Poppet for Drops and Pump Spray with Cap for Spray.

Colloidal Silver Spray/Drops

  • High stability 10-20 PPM (Parts Per Million) Colloidal Silver created from 99.9% Pure Silver.
  • Naturally clean kitchen & household use.
  • Historically used for multiple benefits.
  • Miron (Dark Violet) Glass Bottle.
  • Absorbable, Clean, Effective.
  • Part of the Beck Protocol.
  • Safe Oral & Topical use.
  • For your pet's health.
  • Easy to travel with.
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Naturally Protective

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Particles and PPM

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Since first reading the Bob Beck protocol in 2003 we've been fascinated by Silver, however, there are now many companies selling Silver all with views on particle size, nanosilver, storage, uses, etc.

We have found since we started using it that this method has produced results for us and any animals its been used on.

We invite you to do your research and draw your own conclusions on Silver.

Why buy when you can make your own?

Yes you can make your own and through Bob Becks research there is plenty of details on how to make a CS Generator, you will need a Water Distiller too and some measuring equipment, TDS metre etc.

You will also find that getting good Silver is difficult, but if you can make it, it's a cheap option for long term use.

We keep a reasonable priced based on using a large commercial generator, production time, costs and monitoring of quality.

Colloidal Silver Protects

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Common myths on Colloidal Silver

There are quite a few misconceptions on Colloidal Silver, looking it up within the first page the same old stories are there. Because of these exaggerated stories and myths many people decide not to try Colloidal Silver and ended up missing out on this unqie element. So lets explore some of those common stories.

  • Consuming Colloidal Silver could turn you blue, thats all we ever hear, stories in the mainstream media always start with "Crazy supplement will turn you blue" It is true that  poor quality (often homemade when someone hasn't followed the correct protocol) Silver may contain certain compounds (proteins/salts) seeming to be Colloidal Silver could cause the consumer argyria (a benign but often permanent cosmetic skin discoloration). True high-quality Colloidal Silver which is free from  salts and proteins helps you avoid discoloration effects. Argyria is typically found in people using high concentration products as well.
  • Colloidal Silver should be Silver in appearance, Silver colloids should be clear to a pale hue. Darker Colloidal Silver is evidence of larger particle size or contaminates meaning a lower bioactivity or effectiveness. True colloidal silver is clear.
  • Elemental particles of Silver (Ag) are more active than positively charged Silver particles (Ag+) some claim elemental (neutral) silver particles (Ag) are responsible for Colloidal Silver’s effects. But researchers have found that Colloidal Silver’s potency is related to its level of positive silver ion (Ag+) concentration.
  • Higher parts per million (PPM) means a more effective Silver product – What makes a high-quality silver formula is not its PPM, but rather its particle charge and purity.
  • Silver harms gut flora (beneficial bacteria) – Taking a high-quality, bio-active form of true colloidal silver that gets efficiently absorbed should leave little to no leftover silver to interact with beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract.

Experience High Stability Colloidal Silver Spray/Drops - Order Today

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  • 99.9% Pure Silver.
  • Distilled Water.
  • For use on pets - Use dropper for eyes and ears, sprayer in mouth or body topically.
  • Household use - Spray into air or use as a surface cleaner.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 100ml.


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