Celtic Sea Salt

(Magnesium Rich / 73+ Minerals) Real Salt (Sourced from France)
250-500g (8.81-17.63 oz.)

Celtic Sea Salt is "Naturally air and Sun-dried" and collected by hand with wooden tools to preserve its "living enzymes". It is a "Superfood" abundant in essential Minerals, including the master mineral Magnesium. Nearly all Sea Salt has had their Magnesium removed in the drying process. Celtic Sea Salt selected by Ancient Purity is Raw Untouched, Moist, Magnesium Rich, Living Salt, sourced from France.

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Ancient Purity presents one of our earliest products, and still one of the best. Celtic Sea Salt is the life-giving, flavour enhancing, magnesium-rich, condiment... Unlike table salt which in processing is stripped of minerals and trace elements except for sodium and chloride. Ancient Purity’s Celtic Sea Salt contains between 80 - 90 live elements found in seawater and no chemicals or preservatives were added. Among the minerals and trace elements in Celtic Sea Salt are calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and iodine. The trace and ultra-trace elements are found in the earth's crust and it is these that give Celtic Sea Salt its vital greyish colour, the slight moisture reflects the ability of the crystals to retain the salts and minerals in a form that the body can assimilate. This stuff is the ultimate multi-mineral, put on your food, cook with it, put some in a glass of pure water to drink or add it to a bath.

Sourced from the northwest coast of France, where it is harvested after seawater evaporates from clay ponds built near the shoreline. Live minerals and trace elements provide natural grey Celtic Sea Salt with its less salty flavour and health benefits, such as enhanced digestion, resistance to infections and bad bacteria and increased alkaline levels. At Ancient Purity we consider Celtic Sea Salt one of the Health Essentials, simply replace your table (standard salt) or typical Magnesium void sea salt and feel the difference, with this Multi-Mineral, Salt.

Celtic Sea Salt - Information & Points to Research

  • Provides potent minerals directly to cells.
  • Rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and iodine.
  • Contains minerals that guard against muscle cramps.
  • Delicious on food or to cook with.
  • A major component of your blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, extracellular fluid, and even amniotic fluid.
  • Carrying nutrients into and out of your cells.
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Celtic Sea Salt supplies vital trace minerals

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Real Salt (No Magnesium Removed)

The salt normally used in most homes and restaurants (refined table salt) is very different from unrefined Sea Salt. Table salts are mined from the earth with bulldozers and heavy machinery, and then iodised, bleached, and diluted with anti-caking agents. Chemicals are added to refined salt in the processing and all the beneficial minerals and trace elements that are found in natural Celtic Sea Salt are removed. So you lose out both ways! Natural salts that come from pristine clean salt farms very definitely make food tastier and these salts make food more digestible, and may often, even measurably, help improve health. 

Natural Celtic Sea Salts are a “moist” unrefined sea salt usually found on the coastal areas of France. Its light grey, almost light purple colour comes from the clay found in the salt flats. The salt is collected by hand using traditional Celtic methods. Light Grey Celtic Salt has gained great fame in the culinary world and is considered by many to be the tastiest, best quality salt available. Properly stored, sea salts keep virtually indefinitely. A reserve stock of natural Celtic Sea Salts is good to keep on hand. This natural product is obtained from traditional organic salt farmers, under the highest quality controls. The method used for gathering them follows a time-honoured 2,000-year-old Celtic culture and tradition, supported and authenticated by modern Quality and Purity control establishments.

Grey, Organic, French Celtic Sea Salt

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Minerals working synergistically

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Trace elements are found in minute quantities in seawater and in natural unrefined sea salt but are often absent in food and dietary supplements. Trace elements are needed to assure and maintain proper function of the body's systems. If anyone of them is left out -or even just diminished - a link will be missing, and the whole organism will suffer.

That is, if any of our internal oceans are short changed of trace nutrients, the body will lack the triggering bio-electrical impulses and mineral building blocks necessary to operate at full efficiency or to renew its cells properly. Celtic Sea Salt is the natural Mutli-Mineral with the additional Trace Elements, it is quite simply a Superfood.

Perhaps this gift from the sea partly explains why as we soak in the oceans we begin to feel restored, rejuvenated and healthy.

Essential for Good Health

The scientific analysis demonstrates that Celtic Sea Salt contains at least 75 minerals and trace elements such as Sodium, Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chloride, Silicon and more. Real salt is perhaps the most important thing that literally everybody needs. It is an exceptional product as it is naturally extracted by the use of sunshine. Its properties re-create the amazing powers of the ocean and it bears an astonishing likeness to human blood and body fluids. During World War II, navy doctors would use sea salt water for blood transfusions when blood supplies ran out and many lives were saved. Notably, the environment of an unborn baby is water and salt.

Humans need the whole, clean salt from rich ocean brine with all its trace minerals. Genuinely healthful Sea Salt is composed of minerals from the ocean waters which have been transformed by microorganisms, algae and plants into organic nutrients; these, in turn, are bioavailable to animals of the sea and land. The ocean contains the precious minerals our body requires for optimum function. The salt refiners, however, keep these facts hidden from the public because they profit from selling the additional minerals they extract from the rich Sea Salt using chemical processes. The same vital minerals, when left in the natural salt makes unrefined Celtic Sea Salt a vital necessity.

Let the Sea Elements Restore your Natural Health

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Salt & Natural Health

Public health policy should be guided only by proven facts. Current scientific research reveals that there are actually very few salt-related health problems. Sodium, in the form of sodium chloride, plays an important part in the primary processes of digestion and absorption. Salt activates the first enzyme in the mouth, salivary amylase. At this stage, sodium exposes food to the taste buds -a reason why food has always been salted "to taste"- it also helps start digestion by breaking down food. In the parietal cells of the stomach wall, sodium chloride generates hydrochloric acid, one of the most important of all digestive secretions.

If potassium is in excess in relation to sodium, the body's enzyme pathway loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid. Thus most diets, but especially vegetarian and grain diets, require slightly more salt in order to prevent an excess of potassium over sodium. With salt present, the acidity of the partially digested food is able to trigger off some needed natural sodium bicarbonate, derived from the supply of sodium chloride, as well as enzymatic and bile secretions from the gallbladder and pancreatic ducts. Without salt no digestion is possible.

Real Salt... Living Enzymes - Ancient Purity

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Celtic Sea Salt Gives

  • Stimulates salivation, helps to balance and replenishes all of the body's electrolytes.
  • Provides renewed energy.
  • Promotes resistance to infections and bacterial issues.
  • Supplies vital trace minerals to promote optimum biological function and cellular maintenance.
  • Can balance alkaline/acid levels.
  • May restore good digestion.
  • Can aid in relieving allergies and skin problems.
  • Overall greatly reduces toxins and to help combat poor-health.
  • Properly stored, salt keeps virtually indefinitely.
  • Maintain and regulate blood pressure.
  • Glial cells in your brain, which are responsible for creative thinking and long-term planning.
  • Helps your brain communicate with your muscles so that you can move on demand via sodium-potassium ion exchange.

Sea Minerals - Created by Nature

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Celtic Sea Salt... Closing Thoughts

Learn the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt and why you should add it to your diet every day! Most likely you’ve probably heard of the common health warning, “Consume a low-sodium diet for better heart health.” OK, there is some truth to salt causing high blood pressure but this only applies to white refined table salt that you will often see at eateries in salt shakers. That is because these table salts have been stripped of their health-improving minerals and solely contain chloride and sodium, which might lead to imbalances and health issues in the body. Real Ancient Celtic Sea Salt has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors and always has been a valuable commodity to season foods and boost human health. I am talking here about unrefined, health-promoting salt like Ancient Purity’s Celtic Sea Salt that has a light grey colour. 

This amazing salt is actually very helpful in balancing the body and providing the body the nutrients it is lacking from our modern diet. And Hellooo!! It definitely enhances the flavour of our favourite dishes! Contrary to popular belief, Celtic Sea Salt is extremely beneficial in keeping our bodies hydrated. The amount of nutrients in Celtic Sea Salt also satisfies our thirst for a longer period of time and keeps us holding on to the fluids for longer. Table salt, on the other hand, dehydrates us and actually leeches essential minerals from our body! It also makes us crave for more (I used to be a salt junkie!) due to our bodies being in need of nutrients that it wants in natural Celtic Sea Salt that cannot be satisfied by processed table salt. Get rid of your refined table salt! Replace it with Celtic Sea Salt. It won’t take long for you to find out it was one of the best decisions you ever made! 

Experience the Natural Multi-Mineral... Celtic Sea Salt - Order Today

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  • Celtic Sea Salt (100% Natural Raw). 33% Sodium, 50.9% Chloride, 1.8% Minerals, Trace Elements and 14.3% moisture.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals. Non-irradiated and GMO-free.
  • Celtic Sea Salt can be put on food, used to cook with or added to drinking water.
  • Can be put in a Cadus for a healthy Salt Brine.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: France.
  • Size: 250/500g.
  • Container: Kraft brown paper pouch (Can be put into a jar).
  • Storage: Keep in sealed. Store in a cool dry place, out of sunlight.

Q - How much Celtic Sea Salt do I need?
A -
There is not a set amount of Celtic Sea Salt recommended daily. It's down to your preference, needs, and health issues.

Q - I'm not sure how much to take?
A - You should replace your current sea salt of table salt with Celtic Sea Salt for putting on food and cooking with, there is no recommended daily dosage.

Q - Is there another way to get the benefits from Celtic Sea Salt?
A - Yes, you can add Celtic Sea Salt to clean drinking water and drink it. You can also retain it in your mouth for a short period before swallowing.

Q - Does Celtic Sea Salt expire?
A - Celtic Sea Salt will last for an indefinite amount of time without going bad or expiring. Salt is traditionally a natural preservative! Because salt is a mineral, not an organic substance, it does not spoil.

Q - How do I store it?
A - In a cool dry place.

Q - What can I use to store it in?
A – Just leave it in the original package or pour into a jar.

Q - Why is the Celtic Sea Salt wet?
A - The moisture in Celtic Sea Salt is not water, but rather mineral-rich brine. This brine is lower in sodium chloride and higher in beneficial minerals and elements. There are brine inclusions within the natural Celtic Sea Salt whole crystal. Celtic Sea Salt is alkaline when dissolved in water. Many health practitioners recommend Celtic Sea Salt, over other salts, because of the increased bio-availability of the minerals contained in the brine!

Q - Do I need to dry it out?
A – No

Q - Can I dry it out?
A - Yes. One method would be by oven backing, as follows...

(1) Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 Celcius, Gas Mark 1/2). (2) Cover a large baking sheet with parchment paper and spread a thin layer of Celtic Sea Salt on it. (3) Bake for 10-15mins, stirring to break up any clumps, until salt has dried to your liking (humid climates may take longer). (4) Turn over off and leave salt in oven to cool. (5) Store in an airtight glass container.

Q - How is it different from the fine ground Salt?
A - Our coarse, moist salt gets its light grey hue from the mineral rich, pure clay lining of the salt beds it is harvested from. This is the way that the salt crystals naturally develop and how they look when they are first harvested. We allow our Celtic Sea Salt to remain in its brine rich state, hence the moistness. Our Celtic Sea Salt is 100% pure and natural. That means no bleaching, no chemicals and no anti-caking agents. We would never adulterate the natural balance our salts derive from the ocean! Salt is not naturally free flowing and dry - that is a manufactured outcome.

Q - Does Celtic Sea Salt contain Iodine?
A - Celtic Sea Salt has a naturally occurring, trace amount of iodine at around 0.68 parts per million. Even though it is an important mineral component, Celtic Sea Salt is not considered a significant source of daily iodine. However it is an all-natural and pure source of iodine that your body absorbs and stores quickly. Many Doctors who recommend non-iodised salt for their patients refer them to Celtic Sea Salt.

You may want to research the process of how other salts are iodized. A salt labelled as “Iodised” typically means that is was chemically added to the salt, possibly using an additive to bind the iodine to that salt. Thus, it is a misnomer that salt alone is a high source of iodine.

Q - How can use Celtic Sea Salt in a grinder or shaker?
A - A mortar and pestle is the best tool for the job. Depending on the climate where you live, you may find that your Celtic Sea Salt can retain some moisture. The salt is so raw and natural that it

takes in moisture but also needs to be able to release it. Be sure to store your salt in a jar, preferably a glass one. The simplest method for drying out your salt is spreading it out on a dish and placing it by a sunny window. You may also store your Celtic Sea Salt in its original bag, loosely sealed. Try placing your bagged salt in the freezer for 12 hours to freeze-dry the outer edges of the crystals. You can even put your grinder in the freezer, with the salt inside it, but please remember to remove the grinder top from the glass bottom before doing so. Also try spreading the salt out on a ceramic dish and set it in a warm oven, that is turned off, and let the dish sit there until you are satisfied with the dryness. A low temperature under 250° F will not alter the mineral balance in the salt.

Q - Do I need to refrigerate the Celtic Sea Salt?
A -
No, it can be stored in a cool dry place.

Health Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

Organic Facts Let’s Get Healthy Together - Top 5 Health Benefits Of Celtic Sea Salt


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