Ethylenediaminetetraacetic / Chelation (Heavy Metals / Calcium Deposits)
Weight60 X 500mg (Capsules)

Ancient Purity Presents EDTAPro™ Ethylenediaminetetraacetic. EDTAPro™ is an effective chelating agent that aids in the elimination of heavy metals and harmful mineral deposits from the body's tissues and organs. I personally used it for Calcium deposits I believe from too much spring water, please research how powerful this is before jumping in. EDTAPro™ contains malic acid, found in fruits, which is crucial for energy production through the metabolic cycle, and garlic, a natural antioxidant and immune system enhancer. Chelation therapy was developed to extract toxic heavy metal compounds from the body and safely remove them through the kidneys. While initially intended for heavy metal poisoning, chelation is now seen as a general anti-ageing method. Chelators can reduce even small but dangerous levels of heavy metals inhaled or ingested through food and may improve heart health by unblocking calcified plaque buildups in arteries. Chelation is also being explored as a potential treatment for lupus and arthritis. EDTAPro™ is a powerful supplement that can reduce the harmful impact of heavy metal toxicity, preventing long-term organ and tissue damage. By enhancing arterial health, chelation could be an essential part of an anti-ageing protocol, with positive impacts for overall health span. For Full-Spectrum, Safe, Effective Chelation and to cover the gaps, take this with Magnesium and our Premium Multi One tablet a day. You can also use this at the same time as Zeolite and Folate for fast, powerful results. Research and Revere EDTA and Chelation.

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  • Calcium Disodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate.
  • Ascorbyl palmitate.
  • Capsule - Cellulose.
  • Cellulose Powder.
  • Take 1 capsule - One to Two times daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the daily recommended intake.

NOTE: We highly recommend that you use this product with a Magnesium (Spray or Lipsomal) and a Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex. Our Premium is incredible but the more economical Multi will also support an EDTA protocol.

  • Brand: Profound Health.
  • Size: 60 capsules.
  • Container: Plastic tub..
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

Q: What is Malic Acid?
A: Malic Acid is a naturally occurring organic acid found in various fruits, such as apples, cherries, berries, and citrus fruits. It is a dicarboxylic acid with the chemical formula C4H6O5. Malic Acid is known for its sour or tart taste and is commonly used as a food additive to enhance flavours in various products, including beverages, candies, and baked goods. It is also used as a pH regulator, preservative, and as a component in some cosmetic and skincare products. Additionally, Malic Acid is commonly used in the production of certain types of wines to provide a tart or crisp taste.

Q: What is Ethylenediaminetetraacetic?
A: Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a chemical compound that is commonly used as a chelating agent in various industries. It is a synthetic compound with the formula C10H16N2O8. EDTA forms stable complexes with metal ions by binding to them through its multiple amine and carboxylate groups. EDTA is widely used in analytical chemistry and biochemistry to remove metal ions, especially divalent cations like calcium and magnesium, which can interfere with certain reactions or analysis methods. It is also used as a stabiliser and preservative in various consumer products, such as soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics. In medicine, EDTA can be used as a chelation therapy to treat heavy metal poisoning, such as lead or mercury poisoning. It works by binding to the toxic metal ions and facilitating their excretion from the body. Overall, EDTA is a versatile compound that finds applications in various scientific, industrial, and medical fields due to its ability to form stable complexes with metal ions.


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