Boron Complex

1.5mg Boric acid / 1.5mg Sodium Borate with Vitamin B2 - Bone Mass / Density
3mg x 90 Capsules (Vegan)

Boron is a trace mineral that can be found in certain foods as well as in the environment. Boron is present both in the diet and within the human body in trace amounts, it affects calcium, magnesium and phosphorus metabolism. Boron is especially important for those on a vegan diet. According to research, people need a minimum of 1 mg of boron daily for optimal health. Many people still do not get the required amount on a regular basis. You can take 1 capsule daily for 3 months, break and repeat if desired or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Comes in a Miron Dark Violet Glass Jar.

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Ancient Purity present a Boron Multi, this blend was designed to give full spectrum Boron benefits. This supplement contains both Boric Acid and Sodium Borate, this derives 3mg of the elemental mineral. The addition 10mg of Vitamin B2 is to compensate for any B2 that can be lost when taking Boron. So you are covered and can get the very best from this essential Mineral. Boron has both anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant-like capabilities. It assists the body in handling other minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Phosphorus by producing necessary digestive Enzymes. One of the most researched Boron uses is its ability to increase/balance Oestrogen levels in both healthy women and men, which is one reason it’s linked to healthy bones and fewer signs of age-related diseases like cognitive decline and joint, bone issues. Similarly, it’s used by many athletes and bodybuilders because it’s believed to increase the body’s ability to produce and use Testosterone, so it’s beneficial for recovering from exercise, relieving aches and discomfort, building muscle mass, and keeping bones strong. Research has linked Boron to combat several health conditions, including; swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints, fragile and weak bones, brain fog, symptoms women can experience in the weeks before their period and fungal infections that cause irritation, discharge and intense itchiness of the vagina and the vulva.

Researching Boron could show you its ability to balance hormones, reduce allergies, rid the body of parasites, and fight fungal infection caused by yeast. Boron could be a game changer for you. Boron is often used by people looking for a natural solution to joint and bone issues, weak muscles as well as inflammation in these areas. It could combat low concentration or “brain fog” and poor memory. Internally stomach and digestive parasites as well as candida infection and yeast infections. Boron is also a choice for healthy ageing of the skin, allergies, eye infections and menopausal and premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Boron can even help animals suffering from aches. Horses, sheep and other domesticated animals that develop signs of joint issues are sometimes given a Boron supplement to ease discomfort and inflammation. Because levels of Boron in foods are highly dependent on how healthy the soil is where the crops are grown, animals that graze on depleted soils low in minerals usually have less muscle and more bone and joint ache as they age than animals raised on boron-rich soils. This full cover Boron supplement might be exactly what you need.

Boron - Benefits & Points to Research

  • Clean, Bio-Available Vegan Supplement.
  • Provides Boric Acid & Sodium Borate.
  • Full Spectrum Boron Benefit with Vitamin B2.
  • Joint & Bone Support.
  • Cognitive Health Support.
  • Hormone Balance.
  • Removing Waste and Unwanted Guests from the Body.
  • Supports Skin Health & combats Infections.
  • Promotes Healthy Muscle Mass.
  • Might Improve Muscle Coordination.
  • Aids in the Metabolism of Carbohydrates.
  • Insulin Production.
  • Aid Increasing Testosterone Levels.
  • Can Reduce High Cholesterol Levels.
  • Helps to Get Rid of Vaginal Yeast Infections.
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Boron for Joints, Bone & Muscle

Boron plays an important role in the integration of calcium into the joints’ cartilage, which helps combatting joint deterioration and discomfort. Research shows people with lower boron concentrations in their bones and synovial fluid experience higher rates of joint-related issues than those with higher levels. Other study observations show evidence that bones of patients using Boron supplements are much harder to cut than those of patients not using supplements. According to some epidemiologic studies, in areas of the world where intake of this mineral is lower (around one milligram or less/day) the incidence of tenderness and swelling of joint(s) is significantly higher than in areas where intake is higher (around three to 10 milligrams/day on average). Boron uses include the ability to improve bone density and prevent bone loss and bone conditions by facilitating Calcium, the main mineral involved in bone mineralisation, directly into the bones, where it helps prevent porous and weak bones from developing. It can also help protect bones because of its role in regulating Oestrogen function.

Studies show it can help the body produce and use Vitamin D better, which is a crucial nutrient for healthy bone formation, in addition to many other things like Immune Function and Cognitive Processes. In one study, it was found that Boron supplements can increase bone formation and inhibit bone resorption, producing therapeutic protection against fragile bones in animal studies. When rats were fed a boron-deprived diet, they experienced spongy bones, bone loss in the femurs and lumbar vertebrae, and increased bone-weakening conditions. On the other hand, rats given high-Boron supplements showed improvements in bone mass, bone thickness, bone volume and higher levels of Estradiol (a hormone tied to bone health but it is also the major female sex hormone.) Certain Vitamins and Minerals are better absorbed and utilised by the body when Boron levels are higher, which is important for building muscle, burning fat and relieving bodily discomfort by recovering muscle-tissue tears following exercise. Because Boron seems to help promote healthy Testosterone production, according to certain studies (but not all that have been conducted), it might lead to higher energy levels and quicker strength gains, while potentially lowering the risk for age-related muscle loss. Other research also shows that it may boost athletic performance because it helps the brain think quickly, react better to stimulus and demonstrate hand-eye coordination, in addition to keeping bones and joints stronger and free from discomfort. This is one reason why it’s included in some protein powders and athletic supplements, although more research is still needed to confirm whether or not it can definitely impact body composition and physical abilities without being combined with other factors.

Naturally Effective & Absorbable - Boron Complex

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Boron Gives

Boron is an active ingredient in tablets used to treat yeast infections in women. In the form of boric acid, it’s used as a natural alternative to messy over-the-counter yeast infection medicines or creams. Boric acid is considered safe and effective when inserted into the vagina to speed up healing of aching infections. According to results from a double-blind comparison study looking at the effects of Boron compared to another type of commercial yeast infection cream, Boron was better able to combat yeast infections. 92% of women had relief after seven to 10 days of treatment compared to 64% using the standard commercial cream. Boron produced no unwanted side effects and was also self-made and much less expensive than the commercial cream, leading researchers to conclude that boric acid is a natural fungistatic and for most women might be a better, cost-effective option than “messy” vaginal creams.

Boron might help getting rid of skin infections, its uses include acting as an astringent to help prevent or treat infections on the skin, so it’s useful for lowering redness, inflammation, discomfort and other signs of irritation. For the same reason, some people also use it as a natural eye wash to help kill bacteria that can lead to a small, irritating lump on or inside the eyelid or around the eye and other infections. With using Boron against high blood sugar, so far we can look at animal studies these showed that low levels of Boron can increase physiological effects tied to blood glucose issues, including changes in blood glucose (sugar) levels and triglyceride concentrations. It appears that it can help with the metabolism of carbohydrates and the production of insulin from the pancreas that better controls stable blood sugar levels, so in the future we might see it being used as one treatment for certain types of insulin resistance.

Support Health Naturally with Boron

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Boron Keeps Giving

As a mineral, Boron can help balance levels of sex hormones in both women and men, including Estrogen and Testosterone, Boron may aid in relieving menopause symptoms as well as PMS. It may help support fertility as well. In animal studies, Boron depletion is linked with fertility problems and birth defects. This suggests that boron can play a role in healthy reproduction and foetus development. In 2 small studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, when menopausal women were first fed a diet that provided low levels of Boron and then were fed a diet richer in Boron, they experienced lower levels of Calcium and Magnesium loss through urine and elevated (but still considered healthy) levels of Oestrogen and Testosterone.

Ancient Purity would say Boron is brain food because it can help with task performance, better motor control, attention and even short-term memory. On the flip side, research shows low levels can contribute to a sluggish brain, poor cognitive development, and trouble learning or retaining information. When researchers compared the effects of low Boron intake in healthy adults with higher intake, there was a significant increase in the proportion of low-frequency brain activity and a decrease in the proportion of higher-frequency activity in the group consuming more. Results showed improvements in task performance on various cognitive and psychomotor tests in the group receiving more, including better response times, motor skills and manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, attention, perception, and both short- and long-term memory.

Boron is found in Healthy Soils

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Boron & Radiation

Some organic dairies in Hawaii are now adding this mineral to cow and goat feed and water, as well as applying it directly to pastures and neighbouring pastures, because it acts as a non-toxic radiation absorber. According to the farmers Boron is the only mineral capable of accepting ionising radiation that never changes the innards or the nucleus of the cell. In simple terms, Boron can take radiation and release it without upsetting its own very delicate balance.

Boron is used extensively in the nuclear industry. Sodium borate is regularly used for standby liquid control systems, in case of emergencies. It was used in Chernobyl in 1986 mixed with sand to prevent further radiation leakage. It was also used in 1999 in Tokaimura, Japan, to absorb the massive amounts of radiation after an accident at a plant. Currently it is being dumped on fuel rods and in surrounding waters of the Fukushima plant. Boron is widely recognised as extremely safe and can be used to capture radioactivity on our soils, gardens, orchards, etc. It also can be safely ingested by humans and animals. Boron will accept radiation and ionise it within our bodies, after which our bodies will safely excrement the Boron and radioactivity.

Boron... Support your Health and Live Free

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Boron Deficiency

At Ancient Purity we always stress how much the soils of the world are depleting, so deficiencies of everything are becoming more common. We can be eating a healthy whole food diet and still have gaps in our nutrition, your geographical location will also play a part. Because there is no official recommended intake of Boron, it is difficult to identify or assign symptoms to Boron deficiency. According to some researchers, Boron deficiency may cause problems with bone development, growth, and healing. When people don’t have enough Boron, their bone cells can’t lay down new bone tissue properly, which may lead to bone issues like fragile bones and softening and weakening of bones in children.

Actually most of the Boron deficiency symptoms you will see line up with those of Vitamin D deficiency. This overlap suggests that Boron may interact with the skeletal system through Vitamin D metabolism. Symptoms of Boron deficiency could be the reason someone is suffering with one or more of the following... Swelling / Weak or Broken bones / Low concentration or “brain fog” Poor memory / Signs of ageing on the skin / Worsened menopausal and PMS symptoms / Allergies / Weak Muscles / Stomach and Digestive parasites / Candida infection and Yeast infections /Eye infections. It is important to make sure you get enough Boron, through healthy diet or supplementation.

Boron Heals... Naturally

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Ionic Boron Supplement… Closing Thoughts

Increasing evidence from various experimental methods shows that Boron is a bioactive and beneficial (maybe essential) element for people. Reported beneficial actions of Boron include joint issues alleviation or risk reduction, bone growth and maintenance, central nervous system function, hormone facilitation, and immune response, inflammation, and oxidative stress modulation. The diverse effects of Boron indicate that it influences the formation and/or activity of an entity that is involved in many biochemical processes. Both human and animal data suggest that Boron intakes should be 1.0 mg/daily. Many humans consume less than this amount. Thus, a low Boron intake should be considered a health concern, which can be prevented by diets rich in nuts, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, and pulses. Boron is widely distributed in nature and always found bound to oxygen. The ancient Egyptians have been credited with using Boron compounds for mummification and in medicinal applications. However, the first conclusive evidence for the use of borax for medicinal purposes dates back to the 8th century in Medina and Mecca. The presence of Boron in plants has been known since 1857. In the 1920s, Boron was found to be an essential nutrient for plants. Over the next two decades, several unsuccessful attempts at showing Boron essentiality in higher animals were made. This resulted in generations of students in nutrition being taught that Boron was a unique element because it was essential for plants but not for higher animals and humans. 

In 1981, two reports appeared that revealed that Boron could have nutritional benefits. Newnham suggested that Boron could decrease joint ache symptoms, and Hunt and Nielsen found that Boron deprivation exacerbated gross bone abnormalities in chickens fed marginal amounts of vitamin D. Since then, an increasing number of reports have indicated that Boron is a beneficial and essential bioactive trace element for humans. The evidence that boron is a bioactive beneficial trace element is substantial. The evidence has come from numerous laboratories that have used a variety of experimental models, including humans. Boron apparently has diverse effects through influencing a cell signaling system or the formation and/or activity of an entity involved in numerous biochemical processes. Findings have shown that Boron is needed to complete the life cycle of some higher animals; in nutritional amounts, it promotes bone health, brain function, and the immune or inflammatory response; alleviates or decreases the risk for joint issues; facilitates the action or utilisation of several hormones; and is associated with decreased risk for some serious health issues. This suggests that Boron intakes above 1 mg/d could help humans “live better and longer.” Increased intakes of Boron through consuming foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and pulses should be recognised as a reasonable dietary recommendation. Obviously, Ancient Purity’s Boron Supplement will do the same for you!

“A support system is like a garden and you always need to be on the lookout for weeds to pull.” ― Gary Halbert, The Boron Letters

Experience Clean, Quality Bio-available Boron - Order Today

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  • Boron from Sodium Borate 1.5mg.
  • Boron from Boric acid 1.5mg.
  • Vitamin B2 10mg.

Plant Source Capsule Contains: Organic rice flour.

  • Take 1 Capsule daily or as recommend by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Physicians specialising in orthomolecular medicine commonly prescribe 6-9mg of Boron daily. Followed by a reduction to 3mg daily once symptoms for which Boron was given have ceased.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 90 Capsules.
  • Container: Miron Glass Jar.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.

Oxford Academic – Advances in Nutrition - Boron

Science Direct – Why Boron?

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