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Oestrogen (Estrogren) Remove / Regulate Pack (Men)

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Oestrogen (Estrogren) Remove / Regulate Pack (Men)

A set of supplements and guidelines to remove excess Oestrogen (Estrogen) from you body balancing your hormones naturally. A combination shown to be quick and effective, when used in conjunction with the diet and lifestyle guidelines presented herein.

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Excess Oestrogen (Estrogen) is perhaps the unknown modern healthissue for men. Indeed most guys will never have thought about it, but the female hormone is literally feminising men, it can occur from the wrong diet, a sedentary lifestyle, toxic chemicals, thats a very broad statement, lets give a few of those... water, juices etc from plastic bottles, much of the tap water, toxins found in toileteries, if you've eaten ready meals in plastic trays.
We urge you to further research on this protocol and even potenially improve on it, there is no conclusion in natural health, but at the moment this is the best protocol we have discovered and witnessed for great effect.

So lets focus on how to get your oestrogen levels back under control. The following protocl should be followed strictly for 8 weeks, some of the supplements will last longer, into a 3rd month, you will have things under control by this time and if following the other guidelines you won't need to follow this protocol again, maybe just the odd top up of some of the supplements.

First up.. Drop the Body Fat
Oestrogen (Estrogen) is stored in fat, to help get rid of it, rid the fat. There may well be millions of diet books and videos and seminars not to mention the weekly and monthly magazines. Do you know how to lose weight? Of course you do, need a reminder? Eat a little less than you are now, eat real food, no processed or junk food, lower and reduce the amount of sweets, chocolate, deserts, exercise more. Or follow any of the millions of healthy diets, but just make the change.
It's not worth buying this pack unless your willing to lose body fat.

Choline Citrate, Betaine & Pepsin
Both Choline Citrate and Betaine fuction as effective methylators  are both strong methylators in the human body. The oestrogen molecules are all missing one methyl group, and this means the liver can not chelate them out of your body. So literally they are stuck inside you!
So we must consider methylators. When we consume a methylator (Choline and Betaine) the methyl groups have been introduced to the body. The methyl groups then “complete” the empty spots in the estrogen molecules, which makes it possible for your liver to chelate them out of the body. But you must make sure your liver is fucntioning at its very best so...

Milk Thistle Herb & Seed
Milk Thistle is number one for Liver health, regardless if you have a healthy liver already, lets make sure its at peak performance as it will be your liver that chelates (removes) the oestrogen. Ancient Purity uses the Herb and Seed together as we found this mix gives you full spectrum benefits. 

Vitamin D3 , 
According to a new study, supplementing with large doses of vitamin D may lower blood levels of oestrogen. The study was conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center in Seattle USA. According to McTiernan, the study reveals that Vitamin D supplementation may become a new alternative to antioestrogen drugs  It has been shown that weight-loss lowers oestrogen levels significantly. Now, researchers know that vitamin D does the same. According to the new study, a positive effect was seen with daily supplements of 50 micrograms, but researchers still don’t know if even larger quantities of vitamin D would have had an even better effect on the hormone balance. At Ancient Purity, we beleive high dose Viotamin D3 to be the way forward and multi beneficial for you.

Vitamin K2
It can be quite hard to consume enough Vitamin K2 in food, therefore to get the quickest best result supplementing is worth considering. 17 beta-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17 beta-HSD) is the enzyme that controls the last step in the formation of all androgens and all estrogens. There are 5 types of this enzyme.
Vitamin K2 binds to 17 beta-HSD type 4, which degrades 17 beta-estradiol into estrone and decreases the intracellular estradiol:estrone ratio, which results in the inhibition of the amount of estrogen receptor alpha (ER)-binding to its target DNA, due to less estrogen to receptor interaction. (3)
And that’s not all, type 4 17 beta-HSD also converts androst-5-ene-3 beta and 17 beta-diol (androstenediol) into dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA can then be converted to testosterone or estrogen, so it’s always a good idea to keep the aromatase inhibited.
Vitamin K2 decreases estradiol (the most powerful estrogen) as well as increases DHEA at the same time.

It is important for the post translation of Gla proteins in various tissues, including the testes and are directly involved in steroidogenesis. The mRNA of steroidogenic genes are low in Vitamin K deficient tissue. In this study, rats were given 75mg/kg MK-4 for 5 weeks and their testosterone increased significantly. MK-4 is the prodominate vitamin K form present in the testes.

The MK-4 increases protein kinase A (PKA) signalling, which stimulates the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) to transport cholesterol from the outer to the inner mitochondria. Furthermore, MK-4 increases CYP11A activity and also its mRNA gene expression. CYP11A is the enzyme that coverts cholesterol into pregnenolone (the first steroid). The increase in testosterone is independent of LH secretion as LH remains unchanged with vitamin K2 administration.

As the study concluded: “expression of CYP11A, the rate-limiting enzyme in steroidogenesis, and phosphorylation levels of protein kinase A (PKA) and the cAMP response element-binding protein were all stimulated by the presence of MK-4” (4) Also, osteocalcin, produced by the skeleton’s bone-building osteoblast cells, stimulates testosterone production, however, osteocalcin is only synthesized by vitamin K2 and vitamin D. (S)

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a peroxyl radical scavenger, it protects polyunsaturated fatty acids in membranes and lipoproteins. Vitamin E is known as a fat-soluble antioxidant, this means it prevents to a degree, the peroxidation of PUFA and the vast array of harmful effects that would result of it. Theres evidence that Vitamin E consumption increases testosterone levels in people and animals, showing it’s a direct estrogen receptor antagonist that can lower circulating estrogen levels.

Consume Vitamin A Rich Foods
Vitamin A has been reported to bring estrogen under control. Yes just get these in your diet, they'll help rid the Oestrogen faster and as a side effect make you really healthy, heres a few rich sources...

  • Butternut Squash.
  • Carrots.
  • Broccoli.
  • Spinach.
  • Kale.
  • Sweet Potato .
  • Dreid Apricots.

Sleep Correctly.
Get enough restful sleep right for you, consider sleeping earlier and make sure you get up at the same time everyday, this will also improve your mood.

Reduce - Remove - Release
You want to start to decrease all of the following things, then remove them or if you really must have them, make it a rareity.

  • Plastics - Any liquid, Water, juice that has been stored in plastic.
  • Chicken (unless you are feeding it well and its lived outside).
  • Soy.
  • Flaxseeds (Yes sadly, seemed so healthy, a little rarely is ok).
  • Chemical soaps / Toiletries - Get organic clean ones.
  • Ditch ready meals (TV Dinners) processed foods, junk foods.

Helpful Foods

  • Beetroot (Always Organic, as local as possible).
  • Raw Eggs (must be 100% organic from Chickens raised outdoors feed naturally).
  • Broccoli, Sprouts.
  • Cauliflower, Kale.

Whats in the pack and what do you SAVE?
So its really a simple pack and the guidelines are set out in the suggested use tab. So in the pack you get

  • Choline Citrate (Perque) (250ml) £47.99.
  • Vitamin K2 (Dr Mercola) (90 Caps) £63.99.
  • Vitamin D3 (90 Caps) £14.99. Vegan Option available Call Us to change.
  • Milk Thistle Herb & Seed 400g 15.99
  • Vitamin E  (Dr Mercola) (30 Caps) £24.99 x 2 £49.98
  • Betaine & Pepsin (60 caps) x 2 £10.99 / £21.98

Total RRP (Individual Price on Ancient Purity) £214.92
Pack Price - £199.99 Plus FREE SHIPPING


  • See the individual product pages for full ingredients.



  • Take 1 teaspoon of Choline in water or juice, no need to take with food.
  • Take 1 Capsule of Vitamin E with a small snack, fruit or breakfast.


  • Take 2 Capsules of Betaine & Pepsin at the start of your food.
  • During the Afternoon, take half a teaspoon of Milk Thistle Herb & Seed in water, or juice/smoothie.


  • Take 1 Capsule of Vitamin K2.
  • Take 1 Capsule of Vitamin D3.

Follow the dietary and lifestyle instructions within the main page.


  • Brands: Ancient Purity, Dr Mercola, Perque.
  • Set consists of: Choline Citrate, Milk Thistle Herb & Seed, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Betaine & Pepsin.


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