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Turpentine Pure Essential Oil, much researched and revered by Dr Jennifer Daniels. Turpentine is made by distilling pine resin from pine trees. It's antiseptic, warming, clearing and good for everyday muscle aches. Pine resin Turpentine Essential Oil is commonly known as a solvent, this high-quality pine resin oil has therapeutic properties. The aroma of Essential Pine Resin Oil is rated as a top or middle note. It is fresh and potent with notes of balsamic and evergreen. Turpentine Essential Oil mixes well with citrus oils such as grapefruit oil, neroli oil and sweet orange oil. It also blends well with other popular tree oils including tea tree oil, cypress oil and eucalyptus oil. Pine Oil can add a crisp finish when mixed with flower oils such as essential frangipani and lavender oil. Use this Essential Oil with Care and Respect. We recommend a Turpentine foot bath, soaking your feet in warm water with the essential oil is a great way to unwind. Made in Portugal and stored in a Miron 'Dark Violet' Glass Bottle.

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Ancient Purity presents a secret remedy in its pure form... Turpentine, a thin, volatile, essential oil, distilled from the resin of pine trees (and sometimes others). Valuable medicinally with a fresh clean balsamic woody aroma, Turpentine has been part of protocols used for removing heavy metals, candida and many other internal uses, however, this is something you will have to research for yourself. Dr Jennifer Daniels has some good videos about Turpentine oil and how to use it. We will cover here some of the uses and how to avoid the side effects. Essential Pine Oil might reduce inflammation and associated redness, clear phlegm and mucus, fight sinus infections, boost immunity, combat viral and fungal infections, help reduce skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, stimulate body and mind as well as protecting your home from germs. 

Natural, pure, undiluted, with traceable origin, of the highest quality... The resin runs naturally from the trees, but generally they are tapped, the resin is then steam distilled to produce the oil. (Some turpentine-producing trees are sprayed with dilute sulphuric acid which causes the resin to exude) The resin is yellow and fluid, translucent, slightly fluorescent, and does not harden when exposed to air. The principal constituents of Turpentine Essential Oil are... Borneol, Resinic Acid, Sesquiterpene, Terpenes (pinene) as well as various neutral substances.

Turpentine Essential Oil - Information & Points to Research

  • 100% Pure Potent Pine Resin Oil.
  • Clean, Safe & Effective.
  • Remove unwanted Guests.
  • Made in Portugal.
  • Refresh any Ambience when Diffused.
  • Natural Pain Relief.
  • Respiratory Conditions.
  • Can be Used in Bath.
  • Relaxing and Uplifting.
  • Neutralises and Purifies Air from Odours.
  • Topical Application.
  • Revered by Dr Jennifer Daniels.
  • Stored in a Miron Glass Bottle.
  • Perfect for Foot Baths.
turpentine health benefits

Turpentine Gives

Skin Issues…Essential Turpentine Oil might help relieving chronic skin issues such as athlete’s foot, patches of itchiness, inflammation, swelling, and cracked skin and red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales. Pine Resin Oil’s antioxidants support regeneration and skin cell health. It also works to enhance your skin’s moisture content. Research revealed that Turpentine Oil can aid building up the skin’s barrier and improve hydration. Some of the oil’s compounds might increase the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen as well which are 2 ingredients that are commonly present in anti-ageing lotions. Improves Mood… The fragrance of Pine Essential Oil helps to uplift mood and calm the nerves. The Turpentine Oil functions as an anti-inflammatory agent to decrease the release of cortisol (stress hormone). The refreshing fragrance induces feelings of cosiness and relaxation. 

Alleviates Muscular Issues… Turpentine Oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits help to decrease swelling that causes discomfort in joints and muscles. Inflammation in your joints can lead to severe discomfort and stiffness. Pine Oil works to relax the muscles, aiding to relieve aches and stiffness. Chest Congestion…People sometimes breathe in (inhale) the vapours of Turpentine Oil to reduce the chest congestion that goes along with some lung issues, this can be done using a vaporiser or hold the bottle under your nose and breathe in. You can use a Turpentine Oil steam bath to relieve chest congestion as well. Bring a bowl of clean water to a quick boil and remove from heat. You should add in about 4 to 5 drops of Pine Oil and use a towel to cover your head. Lean around 6 inches above the bowl and breathe deeply and as gently as you can for about 5 minutes as the fragrance helps open your airways. However, although safe for most, people with lung issues should talk to their health care practitioner first.

Turpentine a Gift from the Trees

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Turpentine & Relaxation

The freshening, sweet and woody fragrance of Pine Oil invokes visions of relaxation, unity and warmth as well as quality-time spent with your family. It has a powerful scent reminding you of strolling through a wooded forest during the fall. Additionally, using Pine Resin Essential Oil as a topical application or in aromatherapy offers a range of health benefits. Pine Oil is known to enhance mood while boosting mental clarity. Taking a Bath with Turpentine Essential Oil… This essential oil is a natural analgesic and has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it is useful in relieving physical and mental stress, particularly when added to bathwater. For a wonderful bath, you could consider the following blend...

  • 1 teaspoon Rosehip Seed Oil.
  • 1 drop Turpentine Essential Oil
  • 2 drops English Lavender Essential Oil
  • Mix the essential oils with the Rosehip Seed Oil first then add to your bath water, this will help the oils to disperse well.

Aroma Therapy… The aroma of Essential Pine Resin Oil is rated as a top or middle note. It is fresh and potent with notes of balsamic and evergreen. Turpentine Essential Oil mixes well with citrus oils such as grapefruit oil, neroli oil and sweet orange oil. It also blends well with other popular tree oils including tea tree oil, cypress oil and eucalyptus oil. Pine Oil can add a crisp finish when mixed with flower oils such as essential frangipani and lavender oil.

Cold Water Foot Soak… Walking or standing for long periods of time might make you feel exhausted and experience aches on your feet. When you feel tired and have pain on your feet and legs due to walking and standing for hours all day long, you should add 2 teaspoons of Turpentine Oil to COLD water and next soak your feet in it. Cold water can reduce the inflammatory chemical mediators and aids constrict your blood vessels so that the inflammation and swelling in the muscles are reduced. It might also reduce the inconvenience of fungal skin infections (Athlete’s Foot)

Warm Water Foot Soak… Add 2 teaspoons of Pine Resin Oil to warm water. Soaking your feet in warm water is a great way to unwind. It might assist you fall asleep easier due to the warm water and pine oil stimulating the blood circulation. For those wishing to relax and get deeper sleep, Ancient Purity recommends soaking your feet in warm water (38 Degrees Celsius) for around 15 minutes. Next you should wipe your feet until dry and apply some moisturising oil to your feet. This will make you feel even more relaxed.

Turpentine... Clearing & Invigorating

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Turpentine & Respiratory

For most people Pine Essential Oil can be very useful for potentially relieving their respiratory issues and it is commonly used as a remedy for coughs and colds. This is because the oil has expectorant abilities, meaning that it might loosen mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tracts making it less hard to eliminate them. By reducing the amount of deposition in our respiratory tracts, our bodies are able to combat the initial infection quicker and decrease the time to fully recover. 

Sore Throat …Swab the back of the throat with a tiny amount of Turpentine Oil. Follow with some organic forest honey to mask the taste if you do not care for it.

Sinuses…Mix together 1 part Turpentine Oil and 3 parts olive oil. Drop several drops into each nostril to deliver turpentine to the nasal passages to relieve congestion and infection.

Coughs…Use the same mixture as for sinuses (1 part turpentine and 3 parts olive oil) and massage into the back and/or chest to relieve a cough. 1-3 drops of turpentine can be used on a sugar cube and taken internally instead. Please bear in mind that children should not take Turpentine Oil internally.

Clean, Safe, Effective

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There is so Much More to Turpentine

Joints... You can make your own massage oil with Turpentine to massage into aching joints. Because Castor Oil (See ''Related Products'' Page) is also good for joint issues and stiffness, it is a good medium to be mixed with Turpentine. Use 1 part Turpentine and 2 parts castor oil or coconut oil. Do not use this oil on sensitive skin, broken skin, mucous membranes and children.

Head Lice... Over the counter remedies and prescriptions against lice can be dangerous, especially if they need to be used repeatedly. There has also been increased resistance to these treatments as well. Turpentine can be mixed with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a safer and effective alternative. Use no more than 1 part Turpentine to 10 parts of coconut oil. Carefully massage into the scalp and spread the oil down over the hair. Cover with plastic wrap and then a towel for an hour. Remove towel and wrap. Wash oils out of hair. Repeat this process in one week, using a nit comb to remove any leftover nits in the meanwhile.

Kidney Health... A lot of people who have had kidney issues have told us about and reported results from rubbing Turpentine into the back around the kidney area. There is no scientific information on this but if it works for so many men and women, why not try it yourself?

Take Turpentine with you to the Great Outdoors

ancient purity turpentine benefits

I always have a bottle of our Turpentine Essential Oil in the Ancient Purity van, I find myself stopping over places, the more in nature the better and Turpentine like Oregano is literally an Essential for the road.

Not only has Turpentine Oil a relaxing outdoors scent, it might also be a great idea taking it with you when staying outdoors.

Before a day exploring the outdoors, try combining Pine Tree and Lavendar Essential Oil, clean water.

Put the mixture in a roller bottle to soothe dry skin while out on your outdoor adventure!

Turpentine Essential Oil works as a natural insect repellent. Some people are especially attractive to mosquitoes, it seems to be related to body chemistry. 

Foot odour has been proposed as one possible explanation, so putting Turpentine Essential Oil on the soles of the feet might help, it will also promote relaxation and soothe your feet. Of course it's also worth taking should you experience some food poisoning.

Turpentine Oil is most definitely part of a travel health essentials kit. Its anti-septic abilities for your skin will also be useful or simply awaken your senses even more perhaps when surrounded by some majestic pine trees.

Turpentine Essential Oil for the Enlightened Home

Turpentine Essential Oil for your Home

Homemade Air Freshener…Pine Tree Oil can also reduce pollution and improve air quality in your home. We are sure you’ll love the familiar Pine Needle fragrance that invokes the Christmas spirit and feelings of contentment. The oil is capable of getting rid of airborne toxins that can cause common colds, headaches and allergic reactions. For fresh-smelling, pure air throughout your home or even car, for about 25 minutes diffuse pine oil using an oil diffuser or blend it with some (distilled) water in a spray bottle. Spray the freshener around your furniture, linens, laundry, countertops or car seats. In addition, try adding Essential Pine Oil to a cotton ball and place it behind your toilet seat to freshen the air in a natural way. Make your own Household Cleaner…Produce your homemade Pine Oil cleaner with just a few other ingredients. Combine 20 drops each of lemon, tea tree, and Essential Pine Oil in a big spray bottle. Fill the bottle with distilled water. Now you can spray the solution liberally on non-porous, hard surfaces for cleaning. A floor cleaner can be made by adding 20 drops of Turpentine Oil to a mop bucket. Fill the bucket with water and mop as usual. Using Turpentine Oil to clean pans, plates and pots with stuck-on food is another option. Just add 10 drops of the oil to half a cup of bicarbonate of soda. Work into a paste and use a sponge to scrub the pans. 

Trash Bin Purifier… Douse a cotton ball with 2 drops each of Turpentine Oil and lemon and next put the cotton ball(s) at your garbage bin’s bottom helping to decrease bacteria and odours. Homemade Carpet Cleaner…One of the finest 100% natural home deodorisers, you can use Essential Turpentine Oil to get rid of odours from your carpet. You have to blend 15 to 20 drops of Pine Oil with clean water in a bucket and then scrub into the dirty spots on your carpet or rug. There’s no need removing the Turpentine Oil from the rugs since it will continue to eliminate odour-causing bacteria while adding an uplifting scent to your room in the process. Homemade Glass Cleaner… You can clean glass, mirrors, windows and certain kitchen equipment by using Turpentine Oil along with vinegar. This homemade natural cleaning solution can remove residue leaving behind clean, shiny surfaces. Eliminate Foot Odours…To get rid of foot or shoe odours, add 2 to 3 drops of Essential Turpentine Oil pine and a few drops of tea tree oil to the bottom of your shoes to eliminate bacteria and fresh them up. At the end of the day you can take off your shoes anywhere without having to experience the embarrassing foul smell! 

Turpentine can be used for specific Health Protocols

how to use turpentine health
turpentine parasite cleanse

Side Effects with Turpentine

Earth Clinic's Bill Thompson says, "If you have serious systemic candida and other pathogenic infections in your body and if you take Turpentine Oil for the first time, you will usually always get a Herxheimer reaction which is caused by the heavy die-off of pathogens with the release of poisons.

"Turpentine also removes biofilms with the consequent large release of stored heavy metals into the body also causing other strange symptoms. When candida, in particular, is killed in large numbers by the turpentine, there is an even heavier release of candida poisons into the body."

Sometimes side effects are caused by taking too much turpentine at once. Side effects may be caused by using a poor quality of Turpentine Oil. Please be sure to use good-quality Turpentine that is truly the distilled resin of pine trees. The quality of Ancient Purity’s Turpentine Oil is guaranteed!

Turpentine the Power of the Forests

ancient purity turpentine protocol

How to Avoid Side Effects with Turpentine

Should you experience side effects with Turpentine, please take a few days off and take a smaller dose when you resume the remedy. 

  • Take Turpentine right before meals and not on an empty stomach.
  • It is always best to start with the smallest dose and increase slowly so you can monitor your own personal response to Turpentine.
  • It is prudent to take only one new remedy at a time so you can be sure a remedy agrees with you. If you start taking Turpentine with several other remedies at once, you will have a hard time knowing which remedy is causing you difficulty. 

Note: Always remember that Turpentine is toxic. Always take small doses!

Peace... Turpentine Essential Oil

Turpentine Essential Oil parasite cleanse

Turpentine Essential Oil… Closing Thoughts

You probably came to this page after research on removing unwanted guests. Thats Turpentines power, but it's one of its many powers. I have personally followed the Turpentine Protocol and found it incredible. There might be a good reason why numerous common household cleaning solutions claim to "smell like pine trees." This link to pine oil and decent health is as ancient as the mountains, and it’s connected to the oil’s germ-deterring and disinfectant properties. In fact, Pine Needle Oil was highly revered by Western medicine’s father, Hippocrates, who was aware of the oil’s potent healing effect on the respiratory system. Similarly, pine tree resins were and still are used by the Native Americans in bedding to deter lice and bedbugs. 

Obtained by extracting the oils from the resins of pine trees, Turpentine Oil, is a potent therapeutic help. Similar to tea tree and eucalyptus oil, extracts of pine resins are powerful agents against damage-causing organisms of all kinds, making it a brilliant natural oil to keep in your medicine chest as well as your cleaning cupboard. Turpentine Oil’s powerful capacities are linked to its rich levels of terpenes and phenols which are acidic plant chemicals that can get rid of germs and ward off illness. It also can have a healing effect on the endocrine system and helps our body in cleansing impurities from our skin. Pine hydrosol is a body tonic and immune-stimulant, improving overall emotional and physical balance. So why not have Turpentine with you, there are literally so many benefits.

Experience the Natural Power of Turpentine - Order Today

ancient purity turpentine oil
  • Pure Turpentine Essential oil.
  • Organic certified at sourced, Ancient Purity are not registered and do not want to be registered organic therefore we will not list this product as organic.

The appropriate dose of essential turpentine oil depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for turpentine oil. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

Dosages of Turpentine range from a drop to a teaspoon depending upon what you are trying to do. Always start with less, increase slowly, and monitor your own personal response to it.

If you want to take consecutive Turpentine doses for a particular problem then you could take Turpentine for 5 days and then have 2 days off and do it like this for about 6 weeks only. This protocol will help to get rid of most unwanted things from your body.

It is best to start with drop dosages of your choice or start with 1/4 teaspoon and slowly work up to the full 1 teaspoon dose. Take just before meals. Start taking it just twice a week then work towards taking it on a one day on, one day off protocol.

Take plenty of breaks from this protocol because this regimen kills a large range of pathogens including parasites, candida, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma etc...Adjust the dosage accordingly to reduce the stress."

Many recommend taking it with some sugar...

On one level teaspoon of white sugar

Put the required amount of Turpentine on the sugar.

Consume, chew a little if needed and swallow.

For Diffusers:  add 5 - 10 drops.

Children: Do not let children take turpentine oil by mouth. It is unsafe. Children are particularly sensitive to the chemicals in turpentine oil, and they can get ill after swallowing it. There isn’t enough information to know whether turpentine oil can be safely inhaled by children or put on their skin. It’s best to avoid any use of turpentine oil in children.

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding: It is unsafe to take turpentine oil by mouth. It might cause a miscarriage. Not enough is known about the safety of putting it on the skin or inhaling it if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Lung Issues, including asthma or whooping cough: For most people it’s fine but we have to advise to not inhale turpentine oil if you have a lung problem. It might make your condition worse.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Botanical Name: Pinus pinaster.
  • Size: 100ml (3.38 fl oz.).
  • Extraction: Steam distillation.
  • Origin: Portugal.
  • Container: Miron Glass Bottle.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep it in a closed cabinet, dry, room temperature. Close the cap, keep out of reach of children.

Q – After reading your page I still wonder what is turpentine oil’s best health benefit?
A - Turpentine has been reported to be most useful for its anti-parasitic effects. It has been used in the treatment of myiasis (infection of a fly larva in human tissue). Specifically, it is useful in helping to remove the larvae in cases of myiasis.  Obviously, depending on their own experiences with the oil, people will mention different ‘best health benefits’. 

Scientific Articles

Greatist - Oil Foils: How to Use Turpentine Oil the Right Way

Vitagene - What Is Turpentine Oil Used For?

Supporting Scientific Research

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