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MegaHydrate™ a revolutionary food-grade antioxidant, created by the world-renowned Dr Patrick Flanagan an expert in Longevity/Anti-ageing, Hydration and Energy.  MegaHydrate™ is a potent antioxidant that Dr Flanagan formulated after more than a decade of scientific research, it is a proprietary mixture that functions on water and the body. Megahydrate contains Dr Flanagans patented Silica Microclusters®. At the age of just 17, Flanagan gained a pilot’s license and was employed at The Pentagon and consulted the NSA, CIA, NASA and more institutions. He is credited with over 300 inventions and was named 1997 Scientist of the Year by the International Association for New Science. Dr Flanagan earned advanced degrees in nanotechnology, chemistry, bio-sciences, and medicine.

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Ancient Purity presents MegaHydrate™, a uniquely positioned being one of the most effective antioxidant and free radicals fighters Ancient Purity knows of. MegaHydrate provides much more Hydrogen ions than consuming huge amounts of raw vegetables and fruits or drinking many litres of clean water. Hydrogen is essential for humans to survive. This chemical element might be the key to long life and slow down the ageing process. However, because of mass food manufacturing, minerals-depleted soil, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, over-processing of food products, chemical preservatives, and consuming over-fluoridated and over-chlorinated water, people don’t get adequate daily amounts of Hydrogen ions. Body cells age and become damaged and hydration levels reduce. In a nutshell, MegaHydrate combats dehydration symptoms as well as minimising the ageing process. Since the beginning of time, Hydrogen is one of main chemical elements which made the development of all life on our planet possible. Most of the sun’s gas is Hydrogen (92%) and like our sun, we humans cannot live without it.

While science refers to humans as carbon-based life forms, man is actually a Silica-based and Hydrogen-based life form. All life on our planet is Hydrogen-based. When plants and trees absorb sunlight, they store negatively-charged Hydrogen ions via a process known as photosynthesis. When we consume unprocessed plants, our bodies’ cells utilise the nutrients in those plants and, perhaps more significantly, the Hydrogen ions’ electrical charge in those plants. When our bodies burn Hydrogen and Oxygen, it generates the energy we need for all processes of life. As a matter of fact, almost every life form on the globe utilise Oxygen and Hydrogen to generate energy. The key is that there is no life without Hydrogen. Hydrogen ions are a key energy source and fuel for the human body. Negatively-charged Hydrogen ions can determine the overall health of every cell in the human body. Megahydrate™ is one of the most unique supplements around.

Megahydrate Capsules or Powder – Information & Points to Research

  • The result of a life time of Longevity Research.
  • Positively affects zeta potential of blood cells.
  • Can be used with Crystal Energy.
  • Praised and used by many Health Gurus.
  • Ultimate Longevity Now Supplement.
  • Choose from Capsules or Powder.
  • 10 years of Research for Formulation.
  • Created by Dr Patrick Flanagan.
  • Antioxidants Powerhouse.
  • Ideal for long haul flights.
  • Delivers Hydrogen Ions.
  • Super Clean Hydration.
  • Active Silica Hydride.
  • Easy Swallow Capsules.
  • Anti-Ageing.
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Megahydrate the Secret to Longevity

When certain bodily chemicals lose an electron, they become positively charged (and are called free radicals or oxidants). These chemicals roam freely through the rest of the body stealing electrons from other cells. Free radicals damage cellular DNA. The majority of modern science has come to the conclusion that free radical damage in the human body is the cause of ageing. Science has also discovered that ageing is not a natural function of time passing. Ageing is evidence of the damage to millions of the body's cells through oxidation. This oxidation is due to the lack of Hydrogen ions that are available to stop free radical damage. The human body is under siege by free radicals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pollution, chemicals, fumes, toxins, and other poisonous materials only add to the damage that the body endures on a daily basis. The amount of free radical damage is equivalent to the amount you have aged.

The best known antioxidants prior to Dr Flanagan's pure Hydrogen ion product were Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract. Both Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts have many times more antioxidant potential than either Vitamin E or Vitamin C. Scientific evidence proves that MegaHydrate is hundreds of times more powerful as an antioxidant than either Green Tea Extract or Grape Seed Extract. There is no known antioxidant more powerful than MegaHydrate. More importantly, because MegaHydrate is so pure, you get far more Hydrogen ions from a daily supplement of MegaHydrate than from eating pounds of raw fruits and vegetables and drinking gallons of water from the Hunza region.

Super Clean Hydration

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Megahydrate in Summary

Here are the main reasons you might need Megahydrate: it promotes metabolic activity and energy production, it might increase adequate hydration, supports stamina, providing you that extra boost during high-intensity exercise, it might enhance memory and mental acuity, and it creates a front line defence against the ageing effects. Dr Patrick Flanagan has studied the remote regions of the world where people live healthy active lives past the age of 100. While the diets in these regions differed dramatically, Dr. Flanagan discovered the amazing fact that the drinking water in these regions was almost identical and came from frozen glaciers that had melted. This water, displays some very distinct physical differences from the water that most of the civilised world is drinking.

Dr. Flanagan discovered that the water from these regions contains massive quantities of negatively-charged hydrogen ions. Several decades ago, this fact was confirmed by other scientists. Negatively-charged ions have proven to be highly beneficial to the human organism. Dr. Flanagan also discovered that the water had very distinct physical properties of viscosity, heat, and energy potential. After decades of laboratory and field research and study, Dr. Flanagan uncovered what may be the most important discovery about the true nature of hydration. He discovered why the waters are so different and can hydrate the human cell so effectively.

Dr Patrick Flanagan on Megahydrate

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''MegaHydrate™ is a powerful antioxidant supplement that promotes essential full-body hydration. Dehydrated cells cannot properly absorb nutrients or get rid of waste. Over time this leads to nutritional deficiency, cellular oxidation, and a dangerous build up of illness-causing toxins. It's scientifically tested, safe, and has no known adverse side effects.''

"One daily dose of MegaHydrate has more antioxidant power than hundreds of glasses of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, and other foods rich in antioxidants to prevent free radical damage".

- Dr Patrick Flanagan


Megahydrate’s Active Components Explained

MegaHydrate’s main active ingredient is Silica Hydride. One extremely pivotal characteristic of Silica Hydride’s antioxidant capacity is that it is the sole antioxidant that doesn’t transform into a free radical (i.e., oxidant) once it has neutralised a free radical by donating its electron. Negatively-charged hydrogen turns into benign gas and/or turns into water.

Megahydrate’s Silica Hydride is an element known to positively affect the blood cells’ zeta potential.Increased zeta potential provides a wide range of health benefits. Increased zeta potential means increased surface area for cells.

Toxins, viral matter, fungi, and bacteria trapped between cells can be expunged more readily. More importantly, water enters cells more easily. Water is arguably the most vital component of anti-ageing, life extension, and the removal of free radicals and waste.

Two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom create water.

Dr Flanagan amazed the scientific scene with his discovery that the configuration of the minerals within the water, not just their existence, provides the healing waters with their unique hydration and life-giving properties. 

In order to replicate these beneficial elements of the water, Dr. Flanagan spent the past three decades on the development of a simple and easy-to-use Silica Hydride powder.

A powder that can hold Hydrogen ions stable over time and releases them in your body when they come in contact with water.

MegaHydrate is the only available product which delivers billions of negatively-charged Hydrogen ions to the cells of the body by simply taking it with water. 

It is truly unique!

To sum it up, it increases hydration and strengthens the body with antioxidant power.

It promotes protection against free radicals, fights dehydration in adults, kids and pets and alkalises the body.

It neutralises degeneration, encourages the removal of waste in the body, and provides decent hydration to your fingernails, skin and hair.

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The Difference Between Dr Patrick Flanagan's Longevity Products

The basis of all of Dr Flanagan's products, the MegaHydrates and Crystal Energy, is Dr Flanagan’s patented Silica Microclusters® which provide numerous features such as increased hydration, increased zeta potential of cells to clean the blood, alkalising of blood, and detoxification. The health benefits of Silica Microclusters® are increased energy, an enhanced immune system, pain relief, and a longer, healthier life. After developing the silica Microclusters®, Dr Flanagan™ found out a way to capture active hydrogen (or negatively ionised hydrogen) inside the silica. This is called silica hydride. Silica hydride provides the benefits of the plain silica Microclusters® plus active hydrogen. Due to the active hydrogen, silica hydride is now the most powerful antioxidant known. The benefits of powerful antioxidants are substantial. Now everybody has the opportunity to experience these potent antioxidant benefits!

All 3 products alkalise the body, but Crystal Energy assures that all the water you treat with it will alkalise your body (or move more acid if that is your body’s requirement). When taking MegaHydrate, it only balances the pH of the water around the time you take the capsules. Plus if you have children, pets, or others you want to give the incredible health benefits of the Silica Microclusters® without having to take a capsule, Crystal Energy is a very convenient way to do that. The ideal program is to take either of the Megahydrates daily plus add Crystal Energy to all your drinking water. Not only will the water taste great from Crystal Energy, but it will hydrate you to maximum benefit and obtain the antioxidant power of MegaHydrate.

Megahydrate Powder - Harnessing Ancient Purity for a Futuristic Supplement

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About Dr Patrick Flanagan

Dr Flanagan is credited with over 300 inventions and was named 1997 Scientist of the Year by the International Association for New Science. He also holds a patent pending on his process of manufacturing a delivery system for ionised hydrogen or H- in living systems and industrial processes. Dr Flanagan earned advanced degrees in nanotechnology, chemistry, bio-sciences, and medicine. He lived in Northern California with his wife Stephanie. Born in 1944, Dr Patrick Flanagan holds several patents as an inventor. He's known for developing a method of drawing the geometrically complicated Sri Yantra. He authored many books on Sacred Geometry, Health, Water and Pyramidology. At age 11, he developed and sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. Military. In 1958, at the age of 13, he invented the Neurophone, a device that transmits sound via the nervous system to the brain.

At the age of just 17, Flanagan gained a pilot’s license and was employed at The Pentagon and consulted the NSA, CIA, NASA and more institutions. He's invented a series of useful devices and products based on water and specific mineral structures, in the area of health. His identification of the special properties of the negative hydride ion got serious attention when the Nobelist Chandrasekhar proposed it as a major component in far space. He has had several scientific papers about Silica Hydride, have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Throughout his entire life, Dr Flanagan actively continued his activities as scientist, inventor and philanthropist, promoting new science and new approaches to human healing, especially those based on the great traditions of India and Egypt. For many years, Flanagan has openly invited strict scrutiny of his discoveries and research by the scientific and medical communities. His effort’ seeds are blossoming at an increasing rate as the scientists’ community is embracing and validating Flanagan’s unique contributions. Researchers and academics at universities from Stanford to Oxford are starting to investigate his breakthrough discoveries and even teach them to future scientists.

Dr Patrick Flanagan - A Visionary in Health & Science

A revolutionary food-grade antioxidant, MegaHydrate™ by the world-renowned Dr Flanagan promotes anti-ageing benefits, hydration and full body energy.  MegaHydrate™ is 100 times more potent as an antioxidant than grape seed extract or green tea extract. After more than a decade of scientific research, a proprietary mixture that functions wonders on water and body has finally been formulated.

MegaHydrate… Closing Thoughts

MegaHydrate™ is a cutting-edge dietary food supplement housing one of the world’s highest antioxidant potentials. It was created by Dr Patrick Flanagan as a way to enhance cellular hydration by decreasing the water’s surface tension within our body, making the water between and in our body cells ‘wetter.’ The theory is that with optimal surface tension and hydration of this fluid we are capable to more efficiently get rid of poisons and metabolic by-products on the most basic level. Add to this a potential increase in delivering of pivotal nutrients and you’ve a recipe for stronger cells and body. Hundred times more powerful than favoured plant-based antioxidant sources such as grape seed extract, green tea extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, MegaHydrate™ has been clinically tested for its applications to overall well-being and the elimination of free radicals. According to Dr Flanagan, silica hydride is the sole antioxidant element which doesn’t transform itself into a pro-oxidant after the donation of its electrons, instead combining with other hydrogen atoms to create an innocent gas or with hydrogen and oxygen to form water. 

Some of the main health benefits associated with MegaHydrate™ include: increased absorption of hydration elements, aid counteract alcohol and caffeine intake’s consequences, slow the ageing process, provides much-needed negatively-charged hydrogen ions, augments the “Zeta Potential” in our blood cells, reduces lactic acid build-up during intense workouts, and it removes heavy metals from the body. 

''Antioxidants are really like little bodyguards inside your body that protect your cells from disease.'' - Cynthia Sass

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  • Potassium (180mg per 2 caps), Sodium (40mg per 2 caps), Silica (30mg per 2 caps).
  • Other ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Titanium Dioxide color), Potassium Citrate, Sodium Borohydride.

Label change note: Please note Dr Flanagan has updated the labeling information to comply with FDA guidelines. It used to mention "Megahydrate Microcluster 600mg" for example. The key ingredients remain unchanged, except that there was Vitamin C (as Ascorbyl Palmitate) - This was only present as a preservative, and Dr Flanagan had come to believe this was negatively affecting the ORP ("Oxidation-Reduction Potential") of the product and so this was removed.

  • Take 2 - 4 capsules daily, building your way up to 4 capsules gradually. Or take them as directed by your health care practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
  • Some highly respected health gurus say they are taking sometimes up to 8 capsules especially if going on a flight. We recommend everyone begin with 2 capsules daily.

Effectiveness note: MegaHydrate should be taken on an empty stomach and not with anything acidic (which may neutralise the benefits of the hydrogen), so not with coffee, tea, fruit, smoothie or suchlike. we suggest it's best taken on an empty stomach and then waiting 15-20 minutes before eating, or drinking anything acidic.

  • Brand: Dr Patrick Flanagan. 
  • Size: 60 Capsules / 50g Powder.
  • Container: BPA-free plastic tub.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 Years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

Scientific Articles

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