Crystal Energy (Dr Flanagan)

Hunza Water / Dr Patrick Flanagan Longevity Crystalline Water
120ml (4.06 fl. oz.)

Crystal Energy is the result of decades of study of Hunza Valley Water and consists of billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that have the highest zeta potential ever measured. When added to water, Crystal Energy instantly turns water into a liquid crystal and more closely matches water surrounding the body’s cells. Just add 10 drops of Crystal Energy to any beverage you like to enhance nutrients’ hydration and absorption. This is probably one of the most beneficial products to add to your daily glass of drinking water to improve the health properties as well as colloidal chemistry. Live longer and healthier by adding a little Crystal Energy to your daily drink! Many people in the Hunza regions have lived as long as 120 years! The diets in these five regions were all different, the only common factor that could explain their longevity was the water they drank. Melted glaciers provided the drinking water in each of the regions. Their drinking water was and still is physically different from the water most of us consume. The research was started by Dr Henri Coanda who after retiring at 78 passed on the research to Dr Patrick Flanagan. Crystal Energy is a dietary supplement that is considered a food grade supplement rich in silica minerals by the US FDA.

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Ancient Purity presents, a Longevity Awakening Supplement, showcasing the incredible work of Dr Patrick Flanagan. But it all starts with Dr Henri Coanda, one of history's greatest scientists, was the first one who started the research on this. He is the holder of more than 600 patents and discoverer of fluid dynamics. Dr Henri Coanda became intrigued with the drinking water in the Hunza Valley and the water high in the Karakoram Mountains just north of Pakistan where people live longer and healthier lives. After more than a decade of scientific research, the ageing Dr Coanda found another great scientist to carry forward his work. Dr Coanda was impressed by the 17-year-old genius and science prodigy, Patrick Flanagan. The young Patrick Flanagan featured in Life Magazine as one of the USA’s 10 most promising scientists.

Crystal Energy is the key that unlocks the potential of water as the medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients and remove waste. Dehydration also occurs as a side effect of caffeine. Caffeine effects include nervousness, dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, and many other common ailments. Crystal Energy is a dietary supplement that is considered a food grade supplement rich in silica minerals by the US FDA. Mineral additives like Crystal Energy help defy the ageing process. It is safe, having been tested and shown to have no known side effects. It is "Liquid Longevity" add it to pure water in one of our Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life) Carafes and experience it. We recommend the book "Elixir of the Ageless" You are what you Drink.

Crystal Energy - Information & Points to Research

  • Original Dr Patrick Flanagan Creation.
  • Longevity Crystalline Water.
  • Water from "Paradise on Earth".
  • Rich in Silica Minerals.
  • Contain Silica-Based Nano-Spheres.
  • Unlocks the Potential of Water.
  • Fights against Free Radicals.
  • Helps Fight the Negative Effects of Alcohol.
  • Complete Removal of Bodily Toxins.
  • Increases Hydration of Cells.
  • One of the World’s most Sought-After Health Boosters.
  • Feeling of Increased Well-Being.
  • Akalising of Blood.
  • Increased Zeta Potential.
 crystal energy Hunza Water UK

The Longevity & Power of Hunza Water... Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy Hunza Water

Crystal Energy Creation

Studies have shown that Crystal Energy helps to increase the flow of water and nutrients across cell membranes 2.54 times faster than ordinary water, increasing hydration of cells. Crystal Energy also helps fight the negative effects of alcohol, stress, and free radicals as part of ageing. Who would particularly benefit? If you've ever taken a shower, lived in an old house, used an aluminium pot, had a "silver" filling or been exposed to them in any other way, you probably have heavy metals in your body. This is dangerous. If you are tired, depressed or achy, or are you constantly dehydrated or hungry, you may be suffering from classic toxic overload.

That's why Dr Patrick Flanagan developed Crystal Energy, a patented form of minerals that makes water wetter. Humans need to remove toxins to survive. It is the key to long life and anti-ageing. However, due to mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, over-processing of foods, chemical preservatives, and drinking over-chlorinated and over-fluoridated water, people do not detoxify enough daily. Body cells become damaged, hydration levels decrease and cells age. In summary, Crystal Energy challenges the symptoms of dehydration and minimises the process of ageing.

Crystal Energy - A Step Forward in Longevity

Dr Patrick Flanagan Hunza Water Megahydrate Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy... Hunza Water – A Little History

At age 78, the retiring Dr Coanda gave Patrick Flanagan his research records in this legendary Fountain of Youth. He asked if Patrick would be interested to carry on his life quest for revealing longevity’s secret. Eagerly Patrick accepted this challenge and continued the search. He commenced with studying our planet’s five remote regions where inhabitants routinely live incredibly healthy lives. Many people in these regions lived as long as 120 years! The diets he studied in these five regions were all different. The only common factor that could explain their healthy, long lives was the water they drank. Melted glaciers provided the drinking water in each of the regions.  Their drinking water was and still is physically different from the water most of us consume. The tension on the surface of their water is lower, and in some ways, has similar properties as the water surrounding the cells in our bodies. Their drinking water, named “glacial milk,” is better known, as Hunza Water. Dr Patrick Flanagan’s aim was to make water identical to Hunza Water, and to share increased life span’s gift with the rest of our planet. After numerous years of research, he unlocked Hunza Water’s secrets and recreated its health benefits with his invention of Silica-Based Microclusters, named for their tiny size as well as their three-dimensional configuration. 

Dr Flanagan’s new discoveries refuted the conclusions of those who reported that Hunza Water’s secret was solely its trace minerals. Flanagan rocked the world of science with his news that it was also, the water molecules’ clustered structure that provided glacial water its distinctive properties. To transform nutrients into nano-colloidal silicates, Dr Flanagan created a 33-step process making use of 3 minerals to be found in human tissue. This process made the catalyst Microclusters which increases the nutrients’ absorption (diffusion of particles of gas or liquid into liquid or solid materials). Several studies showed there was a 300% higher absorption than the same nutrient without Microclusters, enhancing absorption of numerous of your nutritional supplements. Going on with researching Hunza Water, Dr Flanagan discovered a high amount of negatively-charged hydrogen ions in the water. Hydrogen (The lightest, simplest and most abundant element in the universe), with its single electron, is the ultimate antioxidant: a powerful neutraliser of free radicals. This resulted in the development of MegaHydrate, which delivers negatively-charged hydrogen ions to the body. MegaHydrate is the first, proven by science, supplement to increase hydration.

Crystal Energy from the Valley of Longevity

Dr Patrick Flanagan Crystal Energy Megahydrate

Dr Patrick Flanagan - Creator of Crystal Energy & Megahydrate


Dr Patrick Flanagan held several patents as an inventor. He's known for developing a method of drawing the geometrically complicated Sri Yantra. He authored many books on Sacred Geometry, Health, Water and Pyramidology.

At age 11 he developed and sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. Military. In 1958, age 13, he invented the Neurophone to transmit sound via the nervous system to the brain.

At 17 he gained a pilot’s license and was employed at The Pentagon and consulted the NSA, CIA, NASA and more.

He's invented a series of useful devices and products based on water and specific mineral structures, in the area of health.

His identification of the special properties of the negative hydride ion got serious attention when the Nobelist Chandrasekhar proposed it as a major component in far space. He has had several scientific papers about Silica Hydride, published in peer-reviewed journals. 

As a scientist, inventor and philanthropist, he promoted new science and new approaches to human healing, especially those based on the great traditions of India and Egypt. During the 1970s, Dr Flanagan was a proponent of pyramid power.

He wrote a number of books and promoted it with seminars and lectures. Flanagan believed that pyramids with the exact relative dimensions of Egyptian pyramids act as "an effective resonator of randomly polarised microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy.

''The Egyptian Pyramids are mankind's challenge to the universe, too small for the universe, but big for the humanity! The message here is clear: We are small creatures, but our minds are big and big minds can accomplish big things, build big things!” - Mehmet Murat ildan

Crystal Energy "The Magic Water of Hunza"

crystal energy

Crystal Energy… Closing Thoughts

Studies have revealed that Crystal Energy assists increasing the nutrients’ and water’s flow throughout cell membranes 2.54 times quicker than normal water, boosting the cells’ hydration process. To survive, humans need to get rid of toxins. When our bodies can’t eliminate toxins, it might lead to the classic toxic overload. Toxic overload can make us feel depressed, exhausted and sore. By adding 10 drops of Crystal Energy to your drink your body will experience better waste removal and nutrient replenishment at the cellular level.

In addition, Crystal Energy aids to combat alcohol’s negative effects, free radicals and stress as part of the ageing process. Dr Patrick Flanagan invented Crystal Energy, a proprietary form of minerals making drinking water more humid. We simply need to eliminate our bodies’ toxins to live. This is essential to anti-ageing and long life. However, due to chemicals all around us (pesticides, fertilisers, preservatives, etc) humans don’t detoxify enough on a daily basis. Our body cells get damaged, hydration levels reduce, and our cells age. In a nutshell, Crystal Energy combats dehydration symptoms and minimises the ageing process. Water is the Essence of Life and it is the most vital and significant to the existence of human life. Why not go for it and find out how Crystal Energy can help you living a long, happy and healthy life?

Experience the Liquid Longevity of Crystal Energy - Order Today

Crystal Energy Dr Flanagan
  • Alkaline Flanagan Microcluster Silica Proprietary Blend.
  • Silica.
  • Potassium Carbonate.
  • Magnesium Carbonate.
  • Oleic Acid.
  • Put 10 drops per 8fl oz/ 237ml of water. 
  • Can be taken daily if required. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

NOTE: At Ancient Purity we recommend adding this to water that is in a Sacred Geometry Carafe (See Related Products). This will enhance the magic of this "Liquid Longevity".

  • Brand: Dr Patrick Flanagan.
  • Size: 120ml (4fl oz).
  • Container: Plastic Bottle. 
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, out of sight and reach of children. 
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 years.

Q – Can I give Crystal Energy water to my dog?
A – Good question. I’ll tell you my story. I was thinking, ''What would happen if I add 10 drops into the water bowl of my cat, Paul ''Every day I put some into his water bowl and kept doing this until I realised my bottle was nearly empty. I had not yet ordered a new bottle. The next morning I gave Paul fresh water and he took one sip and then backed away from the bowl. His facial expression told me, "Where's the good water? I'm not going to drink this stuff!" OK, this was about my cat but I guess it could be a dog as well. 

Q - Any other fun facts on Dr Patrick Flanagan?
A - One of Dr Flanagan’s first books, Pyramid Power, featured in the tracks of the renowned Alan Parsons Project’s album, Pyramid. 


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