Desert Lime Powder

Queen of Citrus Super-Fruits - Folate Vitamin E / Calcium / Lutein / Vitamin C
25-75g (0.9-2.64 oz.) Ground Powder

Desert Lime (Citrus Glauca) is a Native Australian Superfood with a Citrus Bang, it's a Nutritient Dense, Bush Food. The ultimate Citrus Smoothie ingredient, it's a little fruit with a big, zesty flavour. It out powers oranges for Vitamin C, it's loaded with Calcium, a rare food source of Folate and even Vitamin E and Lutein. It also has a high potassium to sodium ratio. Desert limes have been eaten whole (straight from the tree) by Indigenous Australians for generations and used to make cordials, sauces, garnishes, marmalades and chutneys. Create Exotic thirst-quenching infused beverages, like Ice Teas and adventurous smoothies. Desert Limes ripen in the early summer season, the trees have adapted to the extreme climate of the Aussie desert, it’s flower-to-fruiting period is the shortest of any of the world’s citrus species, taking just 10 to 12 weeks.

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Ancient Purity is zinging with pleasure to present Desert Lime Powder. The Desert Lime is a small tree or thorny shrub native to South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. This small fruit about the size of a grape is loaded with good nutrients. The Indigenous people were the first to discover this extraordinary fruit and consumed whole thirst-quenching Desert limes. Australians have been using Desert Limes for generations to make cordials, sauces, garnishes, marmalades, pickles and chutneys, and even straight from the trees as a thirst quencher. Desert limes have a pleasant, piquant flavour, with intense, yet slightly sweet citrus notes. Boasting 3 times the amount of oranges’ Vitamin C, Ancient Purity’s imported Desert Lime Powder is also a very rich source of Lutein (A compound that plays a significant role in well-being and eye health), Calcium, Vitamin E and Folate. In addition, the tiny fruit contains a high amount of Potassium to Sodium ratio, supporting healthy bloody pressure. With Desert Lime Powder you can create one of the healthiest smoothies ever! 

Grown in Australia’s dry inland regions, the Desert Lime Fruit is ripe when its colour changes from green to yellow, although the fruit can also be harvested when still green. Desert Limes ripen in the early summer season, when they’re picked by hand. The lime trees have adapted to the extreme climate of the Aussie desert, with the Desert Lime’s flower-to-fruiting period the shortest of any other of the world’s citrus species, taking just 10 to 12 weeks. For years already Ancient Purity knew about the Desert Lime’s fantastic health benefits and now we are so proud having Desert Lime Powder Extract added to our Super Natural Powders Collection. The Desert Lime is also known as Bush Lime, Wild Lime, and in some cases the Native Cumquat.  

Desert Lime Powder - Information & Points to Research

  • Ancient Desert Super-Fruit.
  • Source from its Indigenous Australia. 
  • Clean, Safe & Effective,
  • 100% Pure & Bioavailable.
  • Anti-Ageing Skin Food.
  • High in Vitamin C & Calcium.
  • Food Source Folate (Hard to Find).
  • Can be used in Numerous Dishes.
  • Only the Best Hand-Picked Desert Limes.
  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure & Heart Health.
  • Low in Sugar, Healthy Weight Support.
  • Make Exotic Thirst-Quenching Infused Beverages, like Ice Teas & Create Adventurous Smoothies beyond your Wildest Dreams.
  • Desert Lime is very Rich in Coumarin that Helps in Acting as a Anti Fungicidal, has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits & also Acts as an Antioxidant.
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Desert Lime Gives

Supports Beautiful Firm Skin… Desert Limes have several properties that might promote healthy good-looking skin. First, Desert Limes are very high in vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin to produce collagen, the protein keeping your skin strong and firm. For instance, one research in over 4,000 females proved that those who consumed more Vitamin C had a lower risk of ageing signs like wrinkles and dry skin as they got older. I’ve mentioned already, Desert Lime Powder contains a high amount of Antioxidants, which might aid combatting age-related skin changes. Oxidative stress is a condition in our bodies resulting from an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals. This condition can lead to signs of premature ageing. For example, a mice study revealed that consuming a Desert Lime drink had a positive effect on these signs by decreasing wrinkles and improving collagen production.

Citrus Superfruit for the Heart… Worldwide Heart Health Issues are the leading cause of mortality. Several researches showed that Australian Desert Limes might decrease several heart health risk factors. For starters, Desert Limes are high in vitamin C, (3 times higher than oranges!) which might aid to lower high blood pressure, a main risk factor for heart conditions. Also, taking plenty of Vitamin C might fight plaque that builds up in your arteries, making them too narrow. A study where rabbits were fed Desert Lime Fruit helped slowing down the progression of narrowing arteries.

Improves Iron Absorption… Iron is an important nutrient needed to produce red blood cells and transport oxygen around our entire bodies. Low blood Iron levels can cause Iron deficiency. Signs of iron deficiency include chronic tiredness, paleness, problematic breathing during exercise, dry skin and hair. Those on a Vegetarian or Vegan diet are at a higher risk of iron deficiency, as plant-based foods contain a type of Iron that is not as well absorbed as the Iron from meat. Fruits high in vitamin C, such as Desert Lime Powder, may assist improving the absorption of Iron from plant-based food. For instance, one research in participants following a Vegetarian diet revealed that drinking one glass of Desert Lime lemonade (8.5 ounces or 250 ml) alongside a plant-based dish increased the absorption of Iron up to 70%!

Desert Lime... The Queen of Desert Super-Fruits

desert lime Australian superfoods

Desert Lime Keeps Giving

Immunity Booster… Due to the high amount of Vitamin C, Desert Limes may help boosting our immune systems. In test-tube researches, vitamin C assisted to increase the production of white blood cells, which aid protecting our bodies against infections and illnesses. In human studies, taking vitamin C helped shorten the duration and severity of colds. Also, Vitamin C could help to speed up wound healing by reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production. Besides vitamin C, Desert Limes are also a brilliant source of Antioxidants, which help strengthen our Immune Systems by defending our cells against free radical damage.

Might help against Kidney Stones… Kidney Stones are small mineral crystals that are often painful to pass. Kidney Stones can be created inside your kidneys when your urine is very concentrated or when you have high levels of stone-forming minerals, such as calcium, in your urine. Citrus fruits like Desert Limes are high in citric acid, which might help fighting the creation of Kidney Stones by raising levels of citrate and binding stone-forming minerals in the urine. One study found that people who ate more citrus fruits had a significantly lower risk of developing Kidney Stones.

Great source of Antioxidants… Antioxidants are significant compounds that function as the defence of your cells combatting molecules known as free radicals. In large amounts, free radicals can damage your cells, and this condition might lead to a number of chronic health issues such as heart function, high blood glucose, and numerous types of the most serious health issue we all know. Desert Lime Powder is high in active compounds that work as Antioxidants in our bodies, including Limonoids, Flavonoids, Kaempferol, Ascorbic Acid and Quercetin.

Desert Lime - The Magic from The Australian Outback

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A Little Desert Lime History

According to the Australian National University the name Native Cumquat appeared in 1880. British settlers often used to compare Australian native fruits to European species and preceded the Australian fruit by the term native. The Desert Lime is a true citrus fruit that is closely related to the conventional citrus that has been picked in the wild by the Aboriginals and early settlers. The German explorer Ludwig Leighhardt, recognised the Desert Limes in 1844 and several (native) recipes were published in some of the first colonial cookbooks as early as 1898. “In early New South Wales, British colonists made jams, tarts and jellies from wild fruits, many of which came into season around November, making the best of fruit too low in sugar and too high in acid to be eaten raw as a table fruit."

Early pioneering women would prepare everything with Desert Limes that they would have used their much appreciated European limes for, foods such as jams, preserves, and flavouring for refreshing beverages and teas. Desert Lime fruits are hand-picked from December thru to March and the fruits will stay good in the refrigerator for about a week, but in general the limes go straight into the freezer for storage ensuring a year-round supply. And then there is Ancient Purity’s 100% Natural and Pure Desert Lime Powder! Easy to use, healthy and deliciously refreshing!

Make Unrivalled Smoothies with Desert Lime

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Desert Lime Powder... Closing Thoughts

That’s an impressive list above! Don’t you agree? OK, let’s tell you something about the magnificent health benefits Desert Lime Powder provides. And, as you already know, there’ll be no need flying to Australia. You can get it right here! Desert Lime Fruit is one of several Australian natives that are true citrus, and is also known as Bush Lime, Wild Lime and Native Cumquat. It is endemic to the semi-arid regions of South West Queensland, Western New South Wales and South Australia. The fruit is small, round and green, about the size of a small grape, with a very distinctive piquant lime flavour.

Desert Lime is one of the foods traditionally collected by Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal People). The German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt wrote about the lime trees and eating the fruit in 1844 during his voyage through Central Queensland and the Northern Territory. British colonists in New South Wales made jams, tarts, jellies and preserves, as well as an agreeable beverage. Native lime recipes were published in cookbooks as early as 1898. Desert Lime Powder has high levels of Vitamin C, Folate and Antioxidants.

''I had spent some time in the outback, but to meet Aboriginals and work with them was wonderful. It gave me a great appreciation of how tough life is and about the indomitable spirit that the Aboriginal people have always possessed.'' - Hugh Jackman 

Experience Desert Lime... the Queen of Citrus Fruits - Order Today

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  • Desert Lime - Freeze dried. 
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free. 
  • Take 1-4g daily in water, smoothie, juice or healthy deserts or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 25 - 100g
  • Container: Miron Glass Jar / Kraft Paper Pouch.
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children. 
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.

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