Bamboo Tabashir Ext

20:1 Ratio Extract Ground (Organic Silica) Hair, Skin & Nails / Bones
250-400g (8.81-14.10 oz.) Powder

Bamboo Tabishir Extract is has a Silica content that reaches 70% + with up to x10 levels found in Horsetail that contains about 5-7%. Besides Silica, it contains Iron, Calcium, Choline, Biotin and Betaine. This blend makes it an effective remineralising agent. Our bodies need Silica regardless of our age and even when diet is not the primary factor in cases of deficiencies, we often become deficient in this essential trace element simply thorough the ageing process. In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica— enabling our bodies to remain flexible, resilient, and energetic— but as we age, our silica levels steadily decline until they become almost non-existent. In fact, 80% of all of our body’s silica is used up by the time we become adults. It is part of the pharmacology of the traditional Ayurvedic and Unani systems.

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Ancient Purity's Bamboo Tabishir Extract, the "King of Silica" is essential for the structural constitution, elasticity and permeability of the arteries, which means that it might substantially improve the cardiovascular system. Bamboo Tabishir Extract is super rich in organic, revitalising Silica. Content reaches 70% + with up to x10 levels found in Horsetail that contains about 5-7%. Besides Silica, it contains Iron, Calcium, Choline, Biotin and Betaine. This synergistic blending of mineral properties makes Tabashir an excellent and effective remineralising agent. Silica can play a useful role in bringing down blood fat levels and cholesterol.

Silica deficiency can cause the arteries to harden – in fact healthy individuals free from heart issues have abundant levels of silica in their arteries, often 15 times higher. This precious resource has been shown to have unequalled potential to erase the ravages of the ageing process and trigger widespread cell rejuvenation. The High Potency Extract, is a supercharged natural Silica and Multi-Mineral Powerhouse, it is an excellent choice for a health-enhancing nutritional smoothie, but you can also put a little in pure water and do it as a shot for the day. Being a stable food of one of China's most famous inhabitants... the Panda, it has also long been part of one of the oldest Medical Systems in the world. It is associated with the Heart, Gallbladder and Liver Meridians. Known in TCM as Tian Zhu Huang or Qing Pi Zhu, this ancient food was used to balance the said Meridians but also used to help with an array of ailments historically.

Bamboo Tabishir Extract Powder

  • Clean, Safe, Effective & Bioavailable Powder.
  • Number One Food-Based Silica.
  • The Ultimate Food for Hair.
  • Rich in Bone Guard Nutrients.
  • Perfect Smoothie Super Shot. 
  • Natures Internal Cosmetic.
  • Promotes Teeth, Skin & Nails Health. 
  • Long-Lasting Collagen.
  • Awakens Chondroitin Sulphate.
  • Natural Longevity Powerhouse. 
  • Ethically Sourced.
  • Joint Lubrication.
  • Aphrodisiac in Chinese, Indian & other Asian Cultures.
  • Might Calm the Mind.
  • Improves Bone Density & Flexibility.
Bamboo Tabishir Extract

Awaken Longevity

As natural levels of silica present in the body decrease with age, the signs of ageing become visible: brittle bones, dry, wrinkled skin, weaker teeth and gums and hair loss. Silica is essential in the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein found in your body. Supplementing with silica has the unique ability to slow the natural ageing process. Silica transforms the aluminium from water and other food sources into insoluble hydroxy-aluminosilicates that cannot get into the bloodstream or the brain. By helping the body eliminate aluminium, silica can play a significant role in the prevention of the development of cognitive issues, since aluminium is considered a cause and effect factor in the development of cognitive issues. This scientific discovery revolutionised the medical profession, which now recognises it as the sole product that might stop premature ageing and boost immunity, cleansing the arteries and smoothing joints, increasing your resistance to diseases, and letting you look forward to a longer, healthier life.

Silica also helps chondroblasts to deliver chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid deep within the cartilage matrix, which has important implications in helping people with sore joints and stiffness, since silica improves the functions and efficiency of glucosamine sulphate which is the precursor of chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid. The nutritional importance of silica in our diet was only established recently, but it is now recognised as playing a vital role in the formation of the skin, ligaments, tendons and bones. This precious resource has been shown to have unequalled potential to erase the ravages of the ageing process and trigger widespread cell rejuvenation. Our body metabolises silicic acid constantly, and we eliminate silica naturally, such as for example through urination, hair loss, our fingernails, etc. This natural secretion of silica may amount to between 10-40mg per day. The adult body contains around 20 grams of silica, and maintaining these levels is vital for our health. With age our body absorbs less silica, so taking Tabashir Bamboo could help maintaining levels and minimise the effects of premature ageing. Most likely your bones will be stronger and your muscles and organs might benefit from an improved function.

Support your Joints, Bones and Youngevity

bamboo supplement silica

Silca's Incredible Make Up

bamboo silica supplement

Silica or silicon is rarely talked about as an essential mineral for supplementation, but many scientists believe that is exactly what this main ingredient in sand truly is. There is some disagreement about whether we need silicon dioxide or not, but the evidence is piling up more and more in favour of it. It is one mineral that needs to be studied much more thoroughly, but there’s still plenty of research hinting at health benefits just beneath the surface. No matter what, it’s one mineral that can’t be completely ignored!

Silica is one of those elements whose lists of documented benefits just keeps growing as time passes and more research is conducted. Silica is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, but there are very few foods that contain an adequate amount to supply the quantity your body needs. The human body requires good nutrition to renew, repair and rejuvenate itself on a daily basis and organic silica has been found to have an absolute influence on the absorption and processes that the body requires to maintain good health.

Silica supports the action of iron, calcium, magnesium and boron and is vital for the normal development of the bones, and so serving to guard against weakening of the bones. Silica helps balance calcium and magnesium levels.

Hair That Grows!

Hair is nature's greatest beauty enhancer. It makes us sexually attractive and serves to protect us. Hair deserves to be pampered and Bamboo Tabasheer does just that.

Hair at 90 micrograms per gram is almost as rich in silica as are healthy bones, which contain 100 micrograms per gram.

Silica is a major component of hair. Using good silica should be part of your on-going hair care program for revitalising hair.

Silica helps to prevent baldness, stimulates healthier hair growth and assures beautiful shine, lustre and strength. 

It's also actually considered to be very effective to reduce frizzy hair, so whatever your hair issue might be, Bamboo Tabashir might provide the solution.

Although experts haven’t found any evidence that silica prevents hair-loss, research does show that it plays an important role in delivering nutrients to your hair follicles, which may promote the growth of strong, healthy hair.

Like many other important minerals, silica is found inside your body. Although researchers have yet to discover the full role that silica plays in human health, scientific research suggests that it may be involved in many functions within the body.

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Silica Gives

Our bodies need silica regardless of our age and even when diet is not the primary factor in cases of deficiencies, we often become deficient in this essential trace element simply thorough the ageing process. In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica— enabling our bodies to remain flexible, resilient, and energetic— but as we age, our silica levels steadily decline until they become almost non-existent. In fact, 80% of all of our body’s silica is used up by the time we become adults.

The effect of this steady decrease in silica levels is a progressive decline in health, increasing fatigue and acceleration of the ageing process. Silica supplementation can be an aid in supporting healthy bones, joints, cartilage and blood vessels, as well as skin, nails, hair, teeth and gums. The result would be an improved well-being. Silica is a mineral that needs to be in great abundance in the human body due to the high quantity that it requires. If you don't have an over-abundance of silica, then your body will utilise the silica for the vital components of your body such as your immune system, brain, and heart; versus being utilised for your beauty, such as building collagen for your hair, skin, and nails.

Naturally Supportive

best bamboo tabashir supplement

Nails, Teeth and Gums

By hardening the enamel, silica prevents cavities and preserves teeth. Silica also might aid to prevent bleeding gums, gum atrophy, and recession that cause the loosening of teeth, which could ultimately lead to tooth loss. Vegetal Silica effectively fights tooth decay (ulceration and the decay of a bone or of a tooth) and inflammation.

Your nail plates are complex protein structures that grow four to five millimetres per month on average. In case of deficiency, the rate of growth slows. So your fingernails can be the first indicators of silica deficiency.

Strengthen with Bamboo Tabashir

best bamboo silica supplement

Brain and Immune Support

Silica may play an important role in the immune system and the its biological response to harmful stimuli because it is necessary for the manufacturing process of antibodies/antigens and it encourages the conversion of LB (Lymphocyte B) into LT (Lymphocyte T). Silica decreases swelling due to its positive effects on the lymphatic system.

Silica levels decrease with aging and therefore may be needed in larger amounts by the elderly. Scientists and researchers have long hypothesised that cognitive degeneration issues are linked to a build up of aluminum in the brain, and links between aluminum in drinking water supplies and Alzheimer’s have now been ascertained. A factor that had been overlooked is that silica reduces the accumulation of aluminum. When researchers added silica to aluminum-laced water supplies, it inhibited the aluminum from being absorbed. It also caused a proliferation in the excretion of aluminum in urine and lowered aluminum concentrations in the brain, liver, bone, spleen and kidneys. Silica, therefore, may be important in supporting neurological health.

Nature’s Internal Cosmetic

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Nurturing you inside out

Tissue degeneration accelerates due to ageing when connective tissue develops an increasing inability to retain moisture when left unassisted. Silica can help slow the degenerative process of connective tissue. With silica, vitality and life can be naturally maintained or even restored to your skin. Connective tissue consists of collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides, and mucous carbohydrates which help moisture retention. Their ability to retain moisture keeps the connective tissue "bouncy" and has obvious importance combatting premature ageing. All these important molecules house large quantities of silica. Collagen, largely made up of silica, is the "glue" that holds us together. If our body has enough silica glucosaminoglycane, the collagen will make us look younger.

Collagen accounts for up to 75% of the weight of the dermis and is responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin. Our connective tissues consist of collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides and mucous carbohydrates which aid in moisture retention. Their capacity to hold on to moisture keeps the connective tissue resilient and has apparent importance fighting the process of premature ageing. All these valuable molecules house large quantities of silica. Studies show that without adequate silica, the body cannot maintain optimum skin elasticity, strong hair, nails, teeth and gums. When regularly following a silica regimen, most people’s skin will keep their young look longer. However, do not expect instant results. It is a good idea to start organic vegetal silica supplementation years before the collagen in your body has deteriorated to the point where it shows in the wrinkles on your face and body. A good silica supplementation program might be a better choice than other products for maintaining healthier and longer lasting collagen.

Bamboo Tabashir - The Strength of Organic Silica

bamboo silica organic

Bamboo Tabashir... Closing Thoughts

Bamboo Tabashir or Tabasheer also spelt as Tabachir is a translucent white substance, composed mainly of silica and water with traces of lime and potash, obtained from the nodal joints of some species of bamboo. It is part of the pharmacology of the traditional Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine of the Indian subcontinent. It is also an ingredient in many traditional Chinese medicines.

Tabishir or Tabasheer is one of the main substances from bamboo used in Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine; it is often called bamboo-manna or bamboo silica (because it is rich in silica). Its properties include: stimulant, hair strengthening, astringent, febrifuge, tonic, collagen building, antispasmodic, anti-ageing, and aphrodisiac. It is regenerative substance that is getting known about all around the world, for good reason.

Experience Organic Silica, Boost your Body - Order Today

Bamboo Tabishir for hair silica supplement
  • Bamboo Tabashir Extract.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals. Non-irradiated and GMO-free.
  • Begin with 1 - 3g daily up to twice or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Mix the Powder into (warm) Water, Juice or Smoothie.

Face / Body / Hair: Mix the Powder with a little pure water and other desired ingredients for a foaming scrub. Or mix it into a Natural Shampoo. 

External Benefits: Our Bamboo Powder is great for Face or the Body. Are you looking for something different in your scrub. Bamboo Powder is a world of difference from the common exfoliants because it’s fine enough to offer a gentle feel on the skin, yet effective exfoliation. This is the product you're looking for if you want to market a foaming scrub. Consider mixing the Bamboo Powder with Celtic Sea Salt, rub into the skin as desired.

NOTE: Consult with Doctor if pregnant, nursing, or taking any medication, or suffering from any health issue before using this product.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 250/400g.
  • Origin: India.
  • Container: Kraft paper pouch.
  • Estimated shelf life: 2 years from purchase.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Q - Why does the Bamboo Tabashir I ordered before look lighter/darker than the newly ordered bag I just received?
A - As with many natural products, the Bamboo Tabashir will at times vary in appearance. Changes in climate through the year, area of harvesting, etc can all result in variations in colour. Neither lighter nor darker Bamboo Tabashir is considered superior or inferior and in line with Ancient Purity's ethics and quality standards on such matters, products inclined to variation in appearance do not undergo any processing to try to cover this up and achieve a uniform colour.

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Dr. Nirmala Chongtham, Professor Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh, INDIA – The Healing Touch of Bamboo

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