Pestle & Mortar (Herbs/Preps)

Handmade from Walnut Wood (Red) Make Herbal Preparations / Cooking
1 Unit (Mini Mortar & Pestle)

An all natural, creatively crafted Mortar and Pestle... Handmade from Walnut Wood, this Mortar and Pestle is a set of two simple but practical tools used since the Stone Age. Numerous cuisines use them to prepare ingredients or substances by grinding and crushing them into paste or powder. Mortars and pestles have been used in preparing food since prehistoric times; nowadays they are typically associated with the pharmacy profession due to their historic use in preparing medicines. Modern pharmacies, especially in Germany, still use mortars and pestles as logos. 

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Ancient Purity presents a beautiful deep red Walnut Wood Mortars and Pestle. These are the perfect size for smaller creations, Herbal Preperations, mixing and small amounts of herbs, spcies and chilies for food. They are also used as drug paraphernalia crushing pills to speed up absorption when they are ingested. Hopefully you won’t need our Wooden Mortar and Pestle to perform such activities! The antiquity of the Mortar and Pestle is well documented in early writing, such as the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus of ~1550 BC (the oldest preserved piece of medical literature) and the Old Testament (Numbers 11:8 and Proverbs 27:22). Since medieval times, mortars would be carved or placed or on the gravestones of pharmacists and doctors. Crush herbs and spices, make pesto and cocktails like a Mojito... Mint leaves, sugar and ice.

Pharmacies traditionally used Mortars and Pestles crushing different ingredients prior to preparing certain prescriptions. The mortar and pestle, with the Rod of Asclepius, the Green Cross, and others, is one of pharmacology’s most pervasive symbols. Also because of their size these are perfect for children too, so give your kids a Mortar and Pestle, they’ll love it! Using a mortar and pestle is a good way to teach kids about their foods and it can also be a great sensory experience. These are handmade, small batch and varnished.

Mini Pestle & Mortar

  • Handmade / Small Batch Created.
  • Made from Walnut Wood.
  • 100% Natural.
  • Make your own Herbal Preperations.
  • Perfect for Celtic Sea Salt grinding.
  • Mix up Incense Blends.
  • Deep natural red colour.
  • Crush Chilies get the benefits out.
  • Ideal for intorducing kids to food preperation.
  • Minimalist Kitchen.
  • Supports independant creators.
make herbal preparations

Food & Cooking use

Food lovers that have been graduated beyond pre-packaged herbs and spices and their ready to grind their own fresh cumin, cloves, cinnamon, chili peppers, and more, there is no more useful manual device than a mortar and pestle set. Spices, seeds, nuts, fresh herbs, or garlic are placed in the mortar, next crush them with the pestle, releasing their fresh flavours and oils. You'll definitely notice the difference in taste! Fill the mortar no more than ⅓ full with raw spices; otherwise, it will be hard to get an even grind.

If you have too much to fit, it's fine to process the spices in batches. With one hand you should hold the mortar in place, place the pestle in your opposite fist, and twist it against the foods in the mortar so that the spices are ground against its sides and bottom. Evenly crush, bash or grind all of the spices, using the pestle to mix and grind them until they’re all reduced to the same consistency. Continue until the ingredients are as coarse or fine as you prefer. You could start with grinding Ancient Purity’s Celtic Sea Salt.  Place the healthy Celtic sea salt in the mortar, filling it less than halfway. Hold the mortar firmly in your hand. Grind the sea salt by using moderate friction with the pestle in a circular motion. Turn the mortar during the process of grinding to make sure you have ground all of the salt with even consistency.

An Essential in Healthy Cooking

pestle mortar

Thai Cuisine

The Mortar and Pestle in Thai Cuisine... Crushing the fibres of herbs and spices release the full range of essential oils they contain, and gives chilli sauces and curry pastes a more perfect breadth and depth of flavour compared to chopping them using a food processor can achieve. This is particularly critical when working with fibrous roots and aromatics, such as lemon grass, kaffir lime peel and galanga; when chopped they appear dry, but reduced to a moist paste when pounded. Also, when pounding various herbs together, their flavours meld into one, yielding an aromatic paste in which the parts are inseparable from the whole.

Minimalistic & Rustic

grind celtic sea salt pestle mortar

Introducing Kids to Herbs and Cooking

Giving your kids a Pestle and Mortar is a great idea as they’ll love it! Using a mortar and pestle is a good way to teach children about their food and it can be a fantastic sensory experience as well. Here are a few ideas for using a mini Mortar and Pestle at home with kids. Use the Mortar and Pestle to mix, smash, grind, or pound small amounts of: Egg shells before placing them in compost, Nuts to add to ice-cream and desserts, Garlic to add to butter (Garlic Butter) or spaghetti sauce and several Fresh herbs just to release the wonderful scent. In the Far-East children learn how to use a Mortar & Pestle at a young age. These are popular gifts for kids in South East Asia.

Give your Kitchen a unique Pestle & Mortar - Order Today

Thai pestle and mortar
  • Grind your Herbs, Chilies, Salt and more.
  • Material: Walnut Wood.


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