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Hydrogen Water Bottle (pH / Active Hydrogen) 500ml

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Hydrogen Water Bottle (pH / Active Hydrogen) 500ml

Scientists have long studied the high average lifespans,of the people/s of Hunza (Pakistan) and the Shin-Chan areas (China) the Caucasus (Azerbaijan) and in the Andes Mountains. The commonality is high alkaline pH and an high level of of active hydrogen (hydrogen with an extra electron), with a negative redox potential and a high colloidal mineral content. 500ml (0.5L) 16 fl. oz. Capacity.

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Ancient Purity is proud to present the Hydrogen Water Bottle. An absolute must in the realm of Longevity, Life Extension and crystaline good health. This Hydrogen generating water bottle passes all material extraction testing  without creating any byproducts, This is commonly found in inferior hydrogen water products.

The Hydrogen Water Bottle is not only an incredible health too but simple to use... fill it up to it's 500ml capacity with water, press the button, then in 5 minutes the water is  ready to drink. The water changes significantly, the process creates a -300-400mv ORP antioxidant change and introduce around 650-1000+ppb (1ppm) of Hydrogen into the water.

With this bottle you have a very high quality and hi end manufactured health accessory. The bottle meets all required material extraction testing US FDA CFR 21, Bisphenol A (BPA) Free, SGS Test Report Bisphenol A (BPA), US FDA CPG Sec. 545.500 - Leachable Lead. CE Certified. The Hydrogen Water Bottle also comes with a 1 year warranty, conditions apply according to usage observations, the manual provided will give details. 

Hydrogen Water Bottle

  • High-Quality Premium Hydrogen Water Generator. 
  • Active Hydrogen.
  • Positive pH level increases.
  • High colloidal mineral content.
  • Longevity Water.
  • Simple to use.
  • Take with you anywhere.
  • Attractive LED Multi-coloured Lights.
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What Hydrogen Water can offer

pH Balance
An acidic environment can lead to health issues, acidity causes the growth of microorganisms and may also cause lack of oxygen at the cellular level. Hydrogen water can help regulate and maintain the pH of the blood and the entire body which reduces the impact of acidosis on metabolism. Cells that maintain their original pH are able to more efficiently eliminate waste and decrease risk of health issues.

Hydrogen water reduces the damage of oxidative stress, therefore inflammation. Oxidative stress and damage causes faster ageing, and the degradation of our systems that preserve life.

Skin Fluid
Scientific studies suggest that drinking Hydrogen Water can reduce the damage on skin cells, while promoting type I collagen production in the dermis. Hydrogen Water could also improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, ensuring healthy, youthful looking skin.
Vision Health
Hydrogen Water supports healthy vision, possibly protecting eyes from macular degeneration.  A few studies suggest that Hydrogen Water may even be able to prevent retinal injuries.
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Joint Boost
Hydrogen Water could be effective against inflammatory conditions, especially when used early and preventatively, the water may help reduce or eliminate symptoms such as joint stiffness and swelling.

Dental & Oral 
Actions of free radicals and bacteria cause tooth decay, Hydrogen Water may cease oral deterioration, possibly reducing gum inflammation and tissues surrounding oral cavities, this in turn may prevent dental decay and bacterial entry into blood.

Muscle Health
Muscle Fatigue is usually the result of accumulation of lactate ions, resulting in pain, inflammation and general weakness of the affected muscle groups. Hydrogen water acts as a buffer, reducing the inhibitory action of lactate ions on pain and performance. It also speeds up recovery, so that time spent on the side-lines is minimised. This is one of the primary reasons it is used as a performance improvement aid as well.

Brain Fixx
Our brains use large amounts of oxygen, making it susceptible to the oxidative actions of the generated free radicals. Hydrogen Water can counter the activity of these free radicals that may decrease brain function. Promoting healthy cognitive function over the general expected degrading.

Technical Information

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  • Cycle time: 5 minutes.
  • Water temperature: 1 - 80℃.
  • Hydrogen Content: Up to or above 1000ppb.
  • Material: PC/AS / Astman Tritan.
  • Voltage: DC5V/2A /Power: 1.2 W.
  • Battery Capacity: 1000 mA.
  • Charging Time: Approximately 2hrs.
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Research and Development

Molecular hydrogen (H2) — two hydrogen atoms combined together — is a gas with very unique and selective antioxidant effects that specifically target the most harmful free radicals. It works primarily by improving and optimizing the redox status of the cell when needed.

As a result, you see improvements in superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione levels, for example. Not only does hydrogen selectively reduce the most toxic radicals, but it can help prevent an excess (which becomes toxic) of the free radicals from being produced in the first place. This is a very powerful prevention mechanism.

H2 also activates the Nrf2 pathway when needed. Nrf2 is a transcription factor that, when activated, goes into the cell's nucleus and binds to the antioxidant response element in the DNA. It then induces the transcription of further cytoprotective enzymes such as glutathione, superoxide dismutase catalase, glutathione peroxidase, phase II enzymes, heme-1 oxygenase and many others.

A landmark paper21 on molecular hydrogen came out in Nature Medicine in 2007, showing 2 percent hydrogen gas was effective at preventing brain damage from ischemia reperfusion and, as an antioxidant, has powerful therapeutic applications.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, and is neutral and nonpolar, which is why its bioavailability is so great. It does not dissociate into its electrons and protons when dissolved in water, so it will not alter the pH of water or your body and has nothing to do with the alkaline water concept.

More than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications have collectively demonstrated that H2 has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models. In fact, hydrogen is shown to benefit virtually every organ of the human body, and the reason for this is because hydrogen actually targets and mitigates the root causes of inflammation and oxidation.

Experience Hydrogen Water - Order Today

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  • Fill up with 500ml of water.
  • Press activate button.
  • Wait 5 minutes.
  • Water is now ready to drink.

Notes: So how far do you want to go with the water you fuel your body with? Well you could consider using the Gravity Water Filter first, so your water is clean, you could then decant it into a Sacred Geometry Carafe to "Charge" and structure it. You might be amazed at how you do with this really quite simple routine. Or you could simple use filtered water to fill up your bottle and still enjoy outstanding benefits.


  • Size: 70 x 270 mm.
  • Net Weight: 320g.
  • Volume: 500ml.


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