Liposomal Melatonin

4.5mg per serving (Liposomal) Sleep Jet Lag / Mood / Immunity / Hair Topical
30ml (1.01 fl oz)
Liposomal Melatonin Spray is a dietary supplement to support normal sleep. Each serving contains 4.5 mg of the highest quality Melatonin in a liposomal delivery system. Recommended for; sleep support, immune system support and mood balance. A Liposomal liquid delivery system allows for flexible, convenient dosing of Melatonin.
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New research indicates that melatonin does much more than help some people sleep better. Exciting studies show that melatonin’s multifaceted effects may improve treatment outcomes and extend lives. Additional applications of Melatonin include guarding the nervous system against degenerative health problems debilitating headaches. Melatonin is secreted from the pineal gland deep inside the brain. For more than a quarter-century, scientists have been intrigued by melatonin’s ability to coordinate the body’s physiological rhythms that help set the brain’s biological clock. 

The principal factor affecting melatonin is light, which inhibits the secretion of this hormone. Darkness has the opposite effect from light, resulting in signalling to the pineal gland to increase melatonin secretion. The normal cycles of melatonin production are altered due to factors including ageing, medications, and light exposure at night. While the long-term health effects of disrupted melatonin secretion are not yet fully known, some scientists have suggested that years of working nights could lead to adverse effects—even serious disease. Fortunately, melatonin supplements can safely and effectively restore balance to the body’s circadian rhythm of this important hormone—helping achieve a restful night’s sleep and keeping your biological clock ticking throughout a long, healthy lifespan.

Liposomal Melatonin

  • Liposomal Delivery.
  • 4.5mg per serving.
  • Promotes Restful Sleep.
  • Supports Brain Health.
  • Balance Immune System.
  • Combats Jet Leg.
  • Prevent Daytime Fatigue.
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Improve and Balance Melatonin Production

Two common environmental "noise" factors that can make sleep elusive are light pollution and temperature. 
The following suggestions can improve your sleep hygiene and help you optimise your melatonin production. 

  • Avoid watching TV or using your computer in the evening, at least an hour or so before going to bed. These devices emit blue light, which tricks your brain into thinking it's still daytime. Normally your brain starts secreting melatonin between 9 and 10 pm, and these devices emit light that may stifle that process.
  • Make sure you get BRIGHT sun exposure regularly. Your pineal gland produces melatonin roughly in approximation to the contrast of bright sun exposure in the day and complete darkness at night. If you are in darkness all day long, it can't appreciate the difference and will not optimise your melatonin production.
  • Sleep in complete darkness, or as close to it as possible. Even the slightest bit of light in your bedroom can disrupt your biological clock and your pineal gland's melatonin production. Even the tiniest glow from your clock radio could be interfering with your sleep, so cover your radio up at night or get rid of it altogether. Move all electrical devices at least three feet away from your bed. You may want to cover your windows with drapes or blackout shades.
  • Install a low-wattage yellow, orange or red light bulb if you need a source of light for navigation at night. Light in these bandwidths does not shut down melatonin production in the way that white and blue bandwidth light does. Salt lamps are handy for this purpose.

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  • Keep the temperature in your bedroom no higher than 70 degrees F. Many people keep their homes too warm (particularly their upstairs bedrooms). Studies show that the optimal room temperature for sleep is between 60 to 68 degrees. 
  • Take a hot bath 90 - 120 minutes before bedtime. This increases your core body temperature, and when you get out of the bath it abruptly drops, signaling your body that you are ready to sleep.
  • Avoid using loud alarm clocks. Being jolted awake each morning can be very stressful. If you are regularly getting enough sleep, you might not even need an alarm.
  • Get some sun in the morning, if possible. Your circadian system needs bright light to reset itself. Ten to 15 minutes of morning sunlight will send a strong message to your internal clock that day has arrived, making it less likely to be confused by weaker light signals during the night. More sunlight exposure is required as you age.
  • Be mindful of electromagnetic fields in your bedroom. EMFs can disrupt your pineal gland and its melatonin production and may have other negative biological effects as well. A gauss meter is required if you want to measure EMF levels in various areas of your home.

The Health Benefits of Melatonin

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The hormone melatonin produces a number of health benefits in terms of your immune system. It's a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps combat inflammation.

In fact, melatonin is so integral to your immune system that a lack of it causes your thymus gland, a key component of your immune system, to atrophy.3 Melatonin may even have a role in slowing the ageing of your brain. 

It also binds to receptors in the body and can help you relax. Melatonin binds to receptors in the brain to help reduce nerve activity. In the eyes, it can help reduce dopamine levels, a hormone that helps you stay awake.

There's more but you'll have to do your own research on it.

Supplementing with Melatonin

Current scientific research suggests that melatonin deficiency may come with some profound biological disadvantages, such as higher levels of inflammation, a weakened immune system, and an increased risk of a major health problem. One of the surest ways of compromising your body's natural melatonin production is by exposing yourself to artificial light at night — even briefly. Multiple studies have found that night shift workers have higher rates of health issues.

Supplementation may be beneficial but it is FAR more beneficial and certainly less expensive to have your body produce its own melatonin. This way you will get the "perfect" melatonin dosage for you, the "Goldilocks'" dose, not too much and not too little because your body will use important feedback loops to adjust the dose just right. If for whatever, reason you are unable to increase your melatonin naturally as described above, then you can consider a supplement, but it would still be wise to continue the listed suggestions.

In scientific studies, melatonin has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep, experience less restlessness, and prevent daytime fatigue. Keep in mind that only a very small dose is required — typically 0.25mg or 0.5mg to start with, and you can adjust it up from there. Taking higher doses, such as 3 mg, can sometimes make you more wakeful instead of sleepier, so adjust your dose carefully.

The Dark Side of Night

In humans as with all mammals, your biological clock resides in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of your brain (SCN), which is part of your hypothalamus. Based on signals of light and darkness, your SCN tells your pineal gland2 when it's time to secrete Melatonin. 

Light comes in through your eyes and travels up your optic nerves to the SCN, which is exquisitely sensitive to cycles of light and darkness.  When you turn on a light at night, you immediately send your brain misinformation about the light-dark cycle. The only thing your brain interprets light to be is day. Believing daytime has arrived, your biological clock instructs your pineal gland to immediately cease its production of Melatonin.

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Whether you have the light on for an hour or for just a second, the effect is the same — and your melatonin pump doesn't turn back on when you flip the light back off. Since humans evolved in the glow of firelight, the yellow, orange and red wavelengths don't suppress Melatonin production the way white and blue wavelengths do. In fact, the range of light that inhibits melatonin is fairly narrow — 460 to 480 nm. If you want to protect your melatonin, when the sun goes down you would shift to a low wattage bulb with yellow, orange, or red light. Dr Reiter suggests using a salt lamp illuminated by a 5-watt bulb in this colour range.

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Sprays (0.6 ml)
Servings Per Container: 50
Amount per Serving                % Daily Value
Melatonin 4.5 mg            *
*Daily Value not established.
Other ingredients: glycerin, water, sunflower lecithin, oleic acid polyglyceride, citric acid, xanthan gum, orange oil, rosmarinic acid.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

WARNING: This product should not be taken by adolescents, pregnant or lactating women, persons taking cortisone, or persons with kidney disease.
Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.
WARNING: Consult your physician if taking medications for sleep, anxiety or if on any anti-coagulant, antidepressant, antipsychotic or anti-hypertensive drugs.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Hold nozzle 1 inch from the mouth and spray 3 times and swallow, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Consider beginning with a small dose - 0.25mg or 0.5mg increasing from there. Higher amounts like 3mg could make you more wakeful instead of sleepier, adjust the amount carefully.


  • This product should not be taken by adolescents, pregnant or lactating women, persons taking cortisone, or persons with kidney disease.
  • Consult your physician if taking medications for sleep, anxiety or if on any anti-coagulant, antidepressant, antipsychotic or anti-hypertensive drugs.
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Form: Liquid.
  • Size: 30ml.
  • Container: Glass bottle.  
  • Storage: Keep cap on when not using, can be put in the fridge.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.


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