Ziziphora Essential Oil

Ziziphora Tenuior “Blue Mint” Digestion Womens Health / Skin Cleansing
10ml (0.33 fl. oz.) Essential Oil

Ziziphora Essential Oil provides a transcendental scent and flavour. Made from an ancient medicinal plant growing in Iran, it is rare and unique. Historically in Iranian folk medicine, it was used to treat fever, dysentery and uterus infections, gut inflammation and coughs, bladder stones and painful menstruation. One of this Essential Oil’s main properties is that it can lighten your skin and it might have great effect on skin surface impurities. The aromatic plant plays a significant role in traditional medicine, the stems, flowers and leaves of the plant are regularly used as wild vegetables or additives in food to provide flavour and aroma. Ziziphora has a hot and dry nature and is used to balance the nature of some dairy products such as buttermilk and yogurt. It's Mint background makes it ideal for popular Doogh a traditional Persian drink with probiotic properties. Traditionally used to strengthen the body and sexual power. It is one of the best herbal infusions for treating stomach pain and bloating, it's not a novelty Oil but a powerful tool to be kept in your bathroom cabinet. It is also good at cooling the body in hot weather. Stored a in Miron Glass Bottle.

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Ancient Purity presents… Ziziphora Essential Oil from Iran. The essential oils of the Ziziphora species are used for relieving health issues including: edema, sleeplessness, lung abscess, tracheitis, haemorrhoids and high blood pressure. Scientific research revealed Ziziphora Essential Oil’s antimicrobial activity against some Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. The anti-biofilm and antimicrobial properties of the essential oil against the multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (A typically short, almost round, rod-shaped Gram-negative bacterium that is named after the bacteriologist Paul Baumann can be an opportunistic pathogen in humans, affecting people with compromised immune systems, and is becoming increasingly important as a hospital-derived infection.) were confirmed.

This Medicinal Plant is also found growing in Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Siberia and the Caucasus. Each of these cultures has historic uses for it. Ziziphora tenuior L. (Persian: “Kakouti”, Arabic: “Zizfran”), is one of 4 species that belong to the Ziziphora family (Lamiaceae). This herbaceous aromatic plant is used for numerous traditional preparations against several ailments. Traditionally used In Jordan as common teapot herb and in Iranian folk medicine, the plant is often used to reduce fever, cough, dysentery, uterus infections, bladder stones, gut inflammation and problematic menstruation. In Syrian folk medicine, it is used to combat cough, stomach ache as well as dysentery. In folk medicine of Turkey, Ziziphora plants have been used as infusions for different purposes such as antiseptic, sedative, antimicrobial and carminative effects as well as to alleviate stomach ache and the healing of wounds. Ziziphora tenuior has an amazing taste and aroma and therefore this potent medicinal plant is also used to make decoction and tea.

Ziziphora Essential Oil - Information & Points to Research

  • Clean, Safe & Effective.
  • Internal, Topical & Aromatic use.
  • Native Iran Sourced.
  • Highly Aromatic.
  • Digestive Aid.
  • Cools Body in Hot Temperatures.
  • Thyme-Like Scent.
  • Soothes Menstruation.
  • Ziziphora is the Amplifier of Male Sexual Power.
  • Transcendental Scent & Deep Aroma.
  • Can Lighten & Balance Skin Tone.
  • Multiple-Use Historically in Iranian Folk Medicine.
  • Balances the Nature of Some Dairy Products.
  • Harnessed in Multiple Countries.
  • Soothing Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • Mild Sedative for Late Night Tea.
  • Grows in the Mountainous Parts of Iran (especially Kordestan).
  • Also a Common Teapot Herb in Jordan.

A Natural & Powerful Oil - Ziziphora Gives

Ziziphora Gives

Ziziphora tenuior provides a wide range of health-improving properties, including the prevention and relievement of flu and head aches, it can help with nosebleeds, alleviating diarrhoea, gastrointestinal issues and so on. One of the beauty benefits provided by Ziziphora tenuior oil is that it has the ability to lighten the skin and also has a good effect on blinking facial skin impurities. Among the benefits of Ziziphora Essential Oil, we can mention its effect on cleansing the skin. Ziziphora oil has antibacterial properties as well and due to its pungent odour it can be used as a natural deodorant. Ziziphora tenuior can aid regulating irregular menstruation and since it has analgesic properties it functions as a natural painkiller and can decrease back pain during periods. Ziziphora tenuior extract may reduce the blood glucose levels in persons with type 2diabetes by increasing insulin secretion and acting on pancreatic beta cells.

Ziziphora tenuior has soothing anti-inflammatory properties, making it a useful medicinal plant for relieving stomach conditions. Ziziphora tenuior tea provides stomach health benefits that include: enhanced digestion, reduces stomach discomfort, strengthens the gastrointestinal tract’s health, reduces heartburn, and decreases bloating. Ziziphora tenuior’s antimicrobial properties make it useful for fighting gastric ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori (A gram-negative, microaerophilic, spiral bacterium usually found in the stomach. Its helical shape is thought to have evolved in order to penetrate the mucoid lining of the stomach and thereby establish infection)

Beautiful & Delicate with Powerful Effects

Mystical & Mythical

Refreshing and Mystical the Deep Blue Mint that is Ziziphora Essential Oil has some supernatural cleansing and clarifying properties. It is Ancient Purity in action, a Mythical Oil, rooted deep in Persian culture, to experience it wether in a Diffuser or to apply topically. Out of the ethical and into day to day uses Ziziphora is able to prevent bad odours thanks to a powerful collection of terpenes, making it is a must in all kinds of natural deodorants, ideal if you're making your own.

Ziziphora colloquially known as Blue Mint, is still after many centuries popular in Iran. A tea made of dried Ziziphora leaves is said to improve digestion and prevent inflammation, you could add a drop or 2 to a Saffron and Honey tea. As always science tries to cartch up with nature, as scientists are trying to discover and prove more benefits and applications of Ziziphora essential oil. Again in daily use it could also be used as a natural preservative in food, thanks to its anti-germ properties. 

Historically Understood , Ziziphora is Plant Medicine

Ziziphora Essential Oil… Closing Thoughts

Plants are a great source of phenolic compounds which as natural antioxidants fight oxidative stress and are incredibly good for our health. Ziziphora tenuior is a member of the Lamiaceae family and its aerial sections are used in food and pharmaceutical industries. It is used for helping with many health issues such as low mood, heart health, cold, diarrhoea, coughing, fever and migraine. The essential oil and extract of Ziziphora tenuior can be used as an alternative to synthetic antioxidants and it is a great oil for aromatherapy as well.

“Aromatherapy in lovemaking inspires us to slow down and enjoy the process of creation with our beloved. It takes time to smell, create, drop, and blend together. Slowness and anticipation of what’s to come is part of the fun. Savor the moment or, with luck, hours.” - Elana Millman, Aromatherapy for Sensual Living: Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul


Experience the Ancient Magic of Ziziphora - Order Today

  • Ziziphora Essential Oil - 100% natural. 
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free.
  • Topically: Can be massaged into skin, or added to a bath.
  • Diffusing: Add a few drops to your diffuser.
  • Tea: Start with 2-4 drops, added to Herbal Tea or hot water. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. 
  • Digestion: For settling stomach and digestion consume about 1 hour after food.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: Iran.
  • Size: 10ml (0.70 fl. oz.).
  • Container: Miron Glass bottle.
  • Storage: Store in a dry place.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 5+ years.

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Supporting Scientific Research

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