Quercetin Bromelain Liposomal

Bromelain 2400 GDU Quercetin 250mg (Anti-inflammatory / Antihistamine)
Weight240ml (8.11 fl. oz.).

Ancient Purity Presents Liposomal Quercetin & Bromelain. This liposomal encapsulated combination ensures maximum bioavailability of both these powerful nutrients. It also makes them both easy to take, they can be added to smoothies or taken straight. The bioavailability of most Quercetin supplements is very poor, so if you have tried it with no effect before then now it is your chance to experience full effect with this Liposomal Quercetin and Bromelain supplement. The combination of Quercetin and Bromelain is often used for synergistic effects. Together, they may provide enhanced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-modulating benefits. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that is found naturally in many foods. Technically Quercetin is considered a “plant pigment,” which is the reason why this compound is present in deeply coloured, nutrient-packed vegetables and fruits. Superfoods such as Blueberries, Kakadu Plum, Amla Fruit, Green Tea and Red Wine all contain Quercetin, thats partly what makes them 'super'. One UK study has found that Quercetin has anti-bacterial properties. Bromelain is a powerful set of enzymes present in pineapple. Quercetin and Bromelain are an effective choice for inhibiting inflammatory response in inflammatory conditions. Studies suggest that Quercetin has antihistamine properties and can halt immune cells from releasing histamines. Bromelain may reduce allergic sensitisation, some studies found. Many people choose to take this Powerful Liposomal combination exactly for this reason. It is also used for other allergies, it may be effective in reducing symptoms associated with sinusitis, respiratory issues and general immune support.

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Ancient Purity Presents Quercetin & Bromelain Liposomal

A Clean, Safe, Effective Supplement - Liposomal Quercetin & Bromelain

Quercetin & Bromelain supplement

Liposomal Quercetin & Bromelain - Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

A powerful Liposomal Quercetin with Vitamin C as Quali-C, this liposomal-technically encapsulated combination ensures maximum bioavailability. Another good point is that it's easy to take. It can be added to smoothies or taken straight. The bioavailability of most Quercetin supplements is very poor, so if you have tried it with no effect before then now it is your chance to experience full effect with this Liposomal Quercetin and Vitamin C supplement. This is a potent combination of Quercetinand & Vitamin C in a Liposomal Formula for enhanced absorption.

Take the Natural Way with Liposomal Quercetin & Bromelain

Experience the Natural Effects of Quercetin & Bromelain - Order Today

liposomal supplement of Quercetin & Bromelain
  • Quercetin (Quercetin Dihydrate).
  • Bromelain.
  • Phospholipids (non GMO Sunflower, Lipoid).
  • D-alpha-tocopherol (anti-oxidant).
  • Ultra-Pure Water.  
  • Glycerol.
  • Ethanol.
  • Potassium sorbate (preservative).
  • Take 1-2 teaspoons daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Shake before use. 
  • Keep refrigerated after opening. 

WARNING: People with thyroid problems should use with caution, seek medical advice and consult with your doctor before using if you have any type or suspected thyroid issue. People allergic to Pineapple should avoid this product

NOTE: This supplement tastes best chilled. Keep refrigerated after opening. Quercetin combined with Bromelain brings multiple benefits for peak athletic performance. For the circulatory system, it shields red blood cells from oxidative stress, which boosts oxygen delivery to all tissues. Very importantly, Quercetin increases the number and efficiency of mitochondria, the energy-producing factories found in cells, providing a profound boost to muscles, the heart and circulation, the central nervous system and entire metabolism, and improving endurance.

  • Brand: Lipolife.
  • Size: 240ml (8.11 fl. oz.).
  • Container: Darkened plastic bottle (BPA free)
  • Storage: Refrigerate once opened. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2-3 years if unopened.

Q: What is Bromelain?
A: Bromelain is a plant-based complex of protein-digesting enzymes originally found in pineapple, also known as proteases, that break down proteins into their constituent amino acids. Because it enhances absorption, Bromelain helps to move quercetin from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. A clinically effective dose of bromelain enhances quercetin absorption, and it magnifies the efficacy of quercetin. Bromelain is also a highly effective anti-inflammatory in its own right.

It can help to relieve joint and connective tissue pain for athletes, and reduce C-reactive protein, the inflammation marker. Bromelain also directly supports athletic performance by facilitating protein assimilation. Protein is essential for tissue repair, muscle formation, and for every metabolic enzyme in the body. Bromelain frees up amino acids, the protein building blocks, so that they are better absorbed. Additionally, research confirms that Bromelain induces the breakdown of stored fat, which provides steady energy for athletic activity.

Q: What is Quercetin?
A: Quercetin is a flavonol, one member of the flavonoid group of plant-based antioxidants that give plants their colour. Flavonoids belong to a class of micronutrients called polyphenols, which have powerful health benefits. Quercetin is sometimes referred to as the “master flavonoid” both because it is well-researched, and because it is abundant in dark, vibrant-coloured vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, and medicinal herbs. Although there are dietary sources of quercetin, it is hard to consume sufficient quantities in food to reach a therapeutic level. 

Q: Why combining Bromelain & Quercetin?
A: Quercetin with Bromelain can improve endurance by increasing the number of mitochondria and by boosting oxygen delivery to tissues. It protects the lungs and sinuses against infection and allergies, especially helpful for exercising outdoors. The combination of Quercetin with Bromelain has anti-inflammatory actions that counteract the physiological stressors on athletes’ bodies. Research indicates that Quercetin is also a potent antioxidant that scavenges free radicals to reduce tissue and DNA damage, especially for endurance athletes.


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