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Ancient Purity Presents the Vitamin C Shower Filter. This powerful Vitamin C Shower Filter is the highest quality around. This is in my home and should be in yours. Most Vitamin C Shower Filters don't work, they just make the water feel a bit softer. I mention this at the start incase you tried one before. This is different. Contains pharma grade Vitamin C, this destroys toxins, eliminates bacteria, limescale and neutralises chlorine. With positive effects on your hair and skin, it is essential in hair-loss prevention. This Shower Filter is your first choice for an affordable effective Shower Filter. Easy to fit yourself and can be unscrewed and taken on trips. It's stainless steel spray massively improves water pressure and actually saves you water. Helpfully the Vitamin C levels in the filter cartridge shows precise levels making it clear when you need to change the filter. This Shower Filter was my choice and I want you to get one too. You will notice the difference from day one. If you have a partner whos not interested in filtering out toxins, convince them with the fact it will make their hair and skin better. Also they will notice the water bill reduce as it will save you water (see our video). Having a functional Shower Filter like this is essential for your health, it's massively reducing toxins. The reaction between Ascorbic Acid and chlorine is rapid, 1g of Ascorbic Acid can neutralise 1mg of chlorine each 100 gallons of water. Comes with 1 filter pre-fitted, you can buy packs of 3 replacement Filters here when needed. 

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  • Simply replace your current shower head.
  • Easy fit, Take one on your tavels.
  • Replace Vitamin C Filter every 2-3 months.
  • Replace Fabric Filter Cartridge every 3-4 months.

NOTE: For the Vitamin C Filter to work effectively the water temperature needs to be 12 ~ 60°C ( 53.6 ~ 140° Fahrenheit). So the Shower Filter will be inefficient in cold showers.

Thoughts... Do you really know what stuff is in your shower water? Even though we shower to clean ourselves, actually we might be covering our bodies in chemicals. That’s why we supply this high-quality Vitamin C Shower Filter to come up with a solution for hard water, so you can fully enjoy taking a shower and feel like your best self!

  • Brand: Vitafresh.
  • Made in: Korea.
  • Filter lifespan: On average 2-3 months from standard household usage
  • Fabric Filter Cartridges lifespan: Replacement every 3-4 month

NOTE: The Vitamin C level can be checked in the see-through filter container.

Q: What is the type of the Vitamin C?
A: Ascorbic Acid.

Q: Does the filter remove fluoride? If so, to what degree?
A: It changes fluoride to be in a hydrogen bonded form (hydrogen fluoride), which means in theory it would escape as a gas out of the water, however no lab test has been found/conducted yet which can prove this.

Q: Does the Shower Filter work in cold showers?
A: No the water temperature needs to be 12 ~ 60°C (53.6 ~ 140° Fahrenheit). So frankly the shower is effectively "off" during a cold shower.

Q: How will I know when I need to change the Fabric Filter Cartridge?
A: Over some time the fabric will deteriorate, so we advise you change  the Fabric Filter Cartridge every 3 - 4 months. To access the fabric filter, just unscrew the shower head and you can check its condition visually. The less you use the shower, the less regularly the filter needs to be changed. 

Q: You said that the cartridge functions for 2 to 3 months but what is this based on, one family of 4 taking a daily shower or 2 persons showering daily?
A: It is based on the quantity of used water and it can vary depending on the chlorine levels the water contains as well.

Q: This may be a stupid question, but could there be any reason why I could not use this in the US?
A: The shower head’s filter connects to a 1/2'' female hose. If shower hoses in the US are 1/2'' – you can use the shower head.

Q: Does this work with an electric shower?
A: Yes this filter will work on an electric shower as well.

Q: Does this shower filter get rid of chlorine and chloramine?
A: Chloramine is a substance of ammonia and chlorine. We haven’t tested reduction of chloramine and can’t confirm if it is possible to neutralise chloramine.

Q: Does this remove Chloramination treatment?
A: The chlorine in the water reacts with the vitamin C in the shower filter and neutralises the chemical. It will not be removed from the water.

Q: My shower head is an older version and I can’t clear the blocked holes
A: Try descaling the screen with a white vinegar solution or citric acid powder. The fabric filters should be replaced every 3-4 months making sure to avoid blockages from sediment.

Q: Is this Vitamin C shower filter really effective?
A: Vitamin C functions to not solely react to chlorine in a way that is beneficial to us, but Vitamin C actually also works to consume chlorine, as well. This means diminishing your exposure to the stuff to a significant degree.

Q: Does this device make the water ‘softer’?
A: Vitamin C can soften and purify water. It is a potent water softener and can get rid of impurities from shower water (such as dirt, chlorine, limescale and bacteria) while making the water feel gentler on your body.

Q: So, can you list the benefits for me?
A: Sure! 1) Softer skin. 2) Softer & smoother hair. 3) Can eliminate skin irritations & dizziness. 4) No more eye irritations or irritated sinuses. 5) Better overall health due to not absorbing chlorine via the skin.

Q: Does the Vitamin C Shower Head affect the water’s pressure?
A: No.

Q: What are the benefits of this Vitamin C shower filter compared to other filter types?
A: Vitamin-C is the safest dechlorination media available today. It instantly neutralises chlorine and chloramine disinfection by-products. Vitamin C filters are environmentally friendly as well.  


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