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Mother & Baby - Postnatal Supplement Guide

29 January 2024
Postnatal Supplement Guide
Sure, you may be well-versed in the prenatal vitamin gospel and the extra nutrient needs during pregnancy, but hey, guess what? The story doesn't end there. Enter the unsung heroes: postnatal vitamins. They ensure that new mommas get the required dose of vitamins and minerals even after popping out those little nuggets of joy. Now, I'm not saying ditch the whole "eat healthy and balanced" mantra.

The Power of Choline - Unveiling the Health Benefits & Impacts

29 December 2023
The Power of Choline
Choline is like the hero of foetal development and brain function. Not only does this little gem keep your nervous system, mitochondria, and cardiovascular system in check, but it also has a hand in metabolism and DNA synthesis. Talk about a multitasker! And guess what? Eggs, those delectable orbs full of Choline goodness, have some superpowers of their own. Recent research has revealed that they possess anti-inflammatory properties, making them a knight in shining armour for those with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Men - The Phone in your Pocket - The Effects on Fertility & Function with Studies & References

6 December 2023
The Phone in your pocket
I'm going to just get into this one, very important. Over the past five decades, global average sperm counts in men have experienced a significant decline of 51.6%, with total sperm counts (TSC) seeing a more pronounced drop of 62.3%, and this downward trend is accelerating. One potential environmental factor contributing to this decline is exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from wireless technologies, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or radiofrequency EMF (RF-EMF).

Iodine - The Vital Element that Vanished from Food

16 November 2023
The Vital Element
Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing revelation about an element that has mysteriously disappeared from your diet – iodine! Yes, you heard it right. This little spark plug could be the missing piece in your quest for better health. But wait, there's more! The government, yes, that very institution we trust to prioritise our well-being, is actively suppressing the health research on Iodine.

Maca for Men - Sexual Power

6 September 2023
Maca for Men
Maca, a root native to the high-altitude regions of Peru wait! no, no more boring info. You're reading this because you want to know how this ancient superfood can enhance your sexual function, fertility and vitality. After this is if you want to know about the growing conditions and history take a wonder round the web. Maca has big benefits in improving sexual health for men.