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Iodine - The Vital Element that Vanished from Food

16 November 2023
The Vital Element
Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing revelation about an element that has mysteriously disappeared from your diet – iodine! Yes, you heard it right. This little spark plug could be the missing piece in your quest for better health. But wait, there's more! The government, yes, that very institution we trust to prioritise our well-being, is actively suppressing the health research on Iodine.

Maca for Men - Sexual Power

6 September 2023
Maca for Men
Maca, a root native to the high-altitude regions of Peru wait! no, no more boring info. You're reading this because you want to know how this ancient superfood can enhance your sexual function, fertility and vitality. After this is if you want to know about the growing conditions and history take a wonder round the web. Maca has big benefits in improving sexual health for men.

Unveiling Royal Jelly's Powerful Benefits

29 August 2023
Unveiling Royal Bee Jelly
Stanford University scientists have stumbled upon something truly mesmerising: Royalactin, the Royal Jelly's secret weapon responsible for turning the queen bee into a growth titan. But guess what? This enchanting protein doesn't stop there! It also possesses the magical ability to keep a mouse’s embryonic stem cells forever young by thwarting their pesky inclination to grow up and become tissue.

Cramp Bark Traditional Uses & Pregnancy

20 June 2023
Cramp Bark Traditional Uses & Pregnancy
Welcome to a deep post about a very Ancient, Functional Herb. In case you have suffered from menstrual cramps, uterine cramps resulting from a threatened miscarriage, miscarrying or after delivery pains; you may find it beneficial to discover the ancient, historical abilities of Cramp Bark. This amazing herb, also known as Guelder Rose, Water Elder, European Cranberry bush, and Snowball Tree, boasted many health benefits. It originates from Europe and Asia, and the prominent part employed consists of its bark. I made some the other week, mixed in my favourite Bush Apple Syrup. Interesting decoction, I'll explain at the base how I made it. It was also on a Friday night, I have a post about these wild nights of Tea on the Blog