Ascension (Development)

Embrace the Great Outdoors: The Power of Fresh Air

27 September 2023
The Power of Fresh Air
Ahhhh Air. The very source of what keeps us all alive. It’s the first thing I personally think of when I am stressed or overwhelmed, “I need fresh air”. Many of us spend the majority of our time indoors, surrounded by artificial lighting and controlled environments. While this lifestyle offers comfort and convenience, it often means we miss out on the numerous benefits of Outdoor Air.

The Health Benefits of Fire

28 August 2023
The Health Benefits of Fire
I've had this article in my mind for years, parts of the story would come, I'd think of new things. Decided I'll just release this and write some more on fire down the line. I remember a bus trip in Burma, watching the fires lit on the mountains, This technique is known as stubble burning, the farmers use the method as its cost-effective compared to alternative methods of clearing fields.

Keith's Ceremonial Cacao - A Superfood

12 July 2023
Keiths Ceremonial Cacao

At Ancient Purity there was only one choice when it came to Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao. A term which has been hijacked by many companies selling plain Cacao! This Premium Cacao enhances every aspect of your life, making every endeavour more enjoyable and fulfilling. Unlike modern stimulating beverages, Keith's Ceremonial Cacao provides a natural boost of energy without the unwanted crash.

Embracing the Divine: Spirituality in Everyday Life

7 July 2023
Embracing the Divine
Spirituality encompasses the understanding that there is something greater than ourselves, beyond our sensory experiences. It involves recognising that we are part of a cosmic or divine whole and that our lives have meaning beyond mundane existence driven by selfishness and aggression. Spirituality explores universal concepts such as love, compassion, altruism, life after death, wisdom, and truth, acknowledging that certain individuals, like saints or enlightened beings, have achieved higher levels of development.

The Spiritual Properties of Goji

5 July 2023
Spiritual Properties of Goji
Wait! This is not just another Goji Berries article! In the aspect of health we all know about these fruits. They're the No.1 Superfood even though they've been out of fashion 10 years and counting. But we must ascend way further into the true magic and wonder of these foods. Let your mind drift into the creation of Goji Berries on earth, why are they here?