Recipes & Elixirs

Crafting a Ceremonial Cacao Elixir with Celtic Sea Salt and Saffron

8 August 2023
Crafting a Ceremonial Cacao Elixir

I'd like to reveal a secret that the universe holds. It was delivered to my mind one rainy evening this summer. A mystical connection, the ancient art of crafting another of my Ceremonial Cacao Elixirs. Now, I always use Celtic Sea Salt, well not always but quite a bit, you must know Chocolate and Celtic Sea Salt works. But it has to be functional Sea Salt, such as our Celtic Sea Salt, that actually enhances health and well-being.

What Lugol's Iodine can do

3 July 2023
What Lugols Iodine can do

When it comes to supplements, one stands out as something that's borderline medicine. But it's natural, it just needs to be in your medicine cupboard, maybe that needs a new name now to. Lugol's iodine is an essential element that supports proper thyroid function, overall metabolism, and healthy immune system. Lugol's iodine, named after the French physician J.G.A. Lugol, is a solution of elemental iodine and potassium iodide in distilled water.

Swapping Alcohol for Herbal Teas & Elixirs from Kitchen to Cabin, Pub to Van

12 April 2023
Osha Root
Having a beer or spirits was so much more than just an interesting drink that altered my way of thinking, made me laugh and be more sociable, it was / is almost a ritual in its self, being in England where we have these ancient pubs, incredible history soaked into the walls and beams. Your imagination can run away with what happened in this place over the past few hundred years. Then there is the being with friends, the connection with pals all sharing a common goal... To alter ones state slightly and laugh, let your hair down, unwind, relax in the company of friends. Also mostly in the UK what is open after dark, where would you go after dinner? So you can imagine the dilemma you'd face if you let go of alcohol, or took a short or extended holiday from it, what would you have instead? Well on many occasions I decided to cut alcohol out completely, sometimes find organic red wines or a pure ale so clean and interesting but really at times just nothing, no alcohol at all for weeks or months. This is what I did and what you can do also.