Articles by Tom Stavely

Articles by Tom Stavely

I started Ancient Purity in 2011 and have been advising customers, clients, friends and companies on health and ascension. I have a life long interest in all things holistic coming from my Grandma and uncle. I love the great outdoors, travel and adventure, searching all the lost cures and secrets of health and longevity. I'm sharing all of my notes and stories here so check back regularly as I add them.

Black Seed Oil for Grey Hair Cessation & Prevention

19 September 2023
Grey Hair Cessation
Black Seed Oil is a smooth, rich oil of youth and beauty, but here I will focus on what I know of its effects on hair, specifically colour. Black Seed Oil, extracted from the tiny but mighty Nigella Sativa Seeds, is a not so hidden gem. Beyond its renowned health benefits, there's a growing belief that Black Seed Oil possesses the remarkable ability to reverse and prevent grey hair.

Eat an Avocado a Day - Backed up

10 September 2023
Eat an Avocado
Avocados have re-emerged as a potent secret to unlocking a world of health benefits. Re-emerged? yes I think they have been forgotten about again, unfashionable. As everyone chows down on Medicinal Mushrooms and forgets 2018's bottle of CBD is still in the cupboard there's another superfood that needs to be in our lives. These creamy, green gems have been shown to fortify your skin, boost cognitive health, help shed belly fat, and promote a healthier heart. Here, we delve into the four remarkable benefits that await you when you make avocados a daily part of your diet.

Maca for Men - Sexual Power

6 September 2023
Maca for Men
Maca, a root native to the high-altitude regions of Peru wait! no, no more boring info. You're reading this because you want to know how this ancient superfood can enhance your sexual function, fertility and vitality. After this is if you want to know about the growing conditions and history take a wonder round the web. Maca has big benefits in improving sexual health for men.

Celtic Sea Salt & Weight Loss

31 August 2023
Celtic Sea Salt & Weight Loss
The ancient gift of the oceans... Celtic Sea Salt emerges as a potent ally in the pursuit of weight loss. Unlike its processed counterparts, this natural treasure from the pristine coastal regions of France carries within it a symphony of essential minerals and trace elements that harmonise with our body's intricate systems. Celtic Sea Salt's remarkable mineral composition, enriched with magnesium, potassium, and calcium, presents a multi-faceted approach to weight management.

The Health Benefits of Fire

28 August 2023
The Health Benefits of Fire
I've had this article in my mind for years, parts of the story would come, I'd think of new things. Decided I'll just release this and write some more on fire down the line. I remember a bus trip in Burma, watching the fires lit on the mountains, This technique is known as stubble burning, the farmers use the method as its cost-effective compared to alternative methods of clearing fields.