Articles by Tom Stavely

Articles by Tom Stavely

I started Ancient Purity in 2011 and have been advising customers, clients, friends and companies on health and ascension. I have a life long interest in all things holistic coming from my Grandma and uncle. I love the great outdoors, travel and adventure, searching all the lost cures and secrets of health and longevity. I'm sharing all of my notes and stories here so check back regularly as I add them.

Acerola Cherry Fruit Vitamin C that Transcends Trends

9 May 2024
Acerola Cherry Fruit

I just had an interesting conversation with someone on the phone about incorporating Vitamin C into our daily routine, particularly using Acerola Cherry. Let me explain why I believe it's the best choice. This small, vibrant fruit packs a powerful punch when it comes to Vitamin C, but has some additional health benefits, and its extract (which I recommended) in particular, offers a concentrated dose of goodness that can elevate your well-being to new heights.

Methylene Blue - Understanding the Power

10 April 2024
Understanding the Power
Maybe you've seen Methylene Blue at Ancient Purity in the last few weeks or had the newsletter on it, we have so many questions and I'd like to start making things clearer and publish some of my own reading and stuff I found as I discovered exactly how to use it. Trust me I'm still learning, which is why we sell it for Research Purposes. Methylene blue serves as the precursor molecule for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, two off-patent drugs widely used to combat malaria but also viruses.

Ormus - The First Journey with Monatomic Gold

1 April 2024
Monatomic Gold

I read so much on Ormus back in the day, never did I find a source of Ormus I believed was made properly and was what it said. It was like one of those mythical herbs I'll just wish I'd found somewhere. So in my pursuit of optimal health and heightened consciousness, the universe delivered... One day I met an Alchemist who made it and knew the exact process. Come 2024 finally we have it and I can start taking it.

Freedom from Migraines

15 March 2024
Freedom from Migraines
Welcome to the world of migraines, where pain becomes an unwelcome house guest in your head. Migraines are the uninvited guests crashing the party of more than 10% of the global population. With women, outnumbering men in the migraine club. Teenagers can often experience them when puberty hits, hormones go haywire, and suddenly, migraines crash the adolescent party.

Aluminium Detox: Silica & Other Tools

5 March 2024
Aluminium Detox

I had to write this quickly today because someone asked me for advice on dealing with aluminium poisoning. Now, I believe this should be expanded into an article instead of just a short response. In today's world, where environmental pollutants loom large, the imperative for effective detoxification methods has reached unprecedented levels. Among the myriad toxins posing threats to our well-being, aluminium stands out due to its suspected associations with serious health issues, including Alzheimer's disease.