Hair Health

Black Seed Oil for Grey Hair Cessation & Prevention

19 September 2023
Grey Hair Cessation
Black Seed Oil is a smooth, rich oil of youth and beauty, but here I will focus on what I know of its effects on hair, specifically colour. Black Seed Oil, extracted from the tiny but mighty Nigella Sativa Seeds, is a not so hidden gem. Beyond its renowned health benefits, there's a growing belief that Black Seed Oil possesses the remarkable ability to reverse and prevent grey hair.

Shower Filters: Cleaning Your Life

18 August 2023
Cleaning Your Life
Oh! The joys of being exposed to contaminated water every day! It's like having a personal water park that's hell-bent on destroying our well-being. Our bodies go on a rollercoaster ride of misery, courtesy of these invisible contaminants. From the moment we take that first sip, we unwittingly invite a troupe of stomach bugs, bacteria, and all sorts of nasty stuff to party in our digestive system.

Celtic Sea Salt for Hair (Saltwater & Healthy Hair)

4 June 2023
Celtic Sea Salt for Hair
The benefits of using sea salt in hair care go beyond its association with texturising sprays. Celtic Sea Salt is the purest Salt, totally unprocessed, full of minerals, it's the one to choose. So we will explain why introducing sea salt into regular scalp care, such as through the use of a scrub, can be incredibly beneficial. The rich natural, grey salt particles act as a gentle exfoliant, removing excess oils and build-up from the roots. By its absorbent nature, it also effectively controls excess oil production as a weekly detox. Regular use can improve scalp health, allowing hair to reach full potential. Additionally, massaging sea salt into the roots stimulates blood flow and encourages necessary nutrients and hormones for healthy growth. Enriched with magnesium, potassium, and selenium, sea salt aids in promoting strong and healthy hair growth and clarifying the scalp.

Spermidine... Natural Auto-Rejuvenation Factor

15 May 2023
Natural Auto-Rejuvenation Factor
I wanted to write about this supplement because I've just started a cycle of it. Spermidine interestingly named right, anyway it's a polyamine compound found in all living cells and has gained much attention due to its potential anti-ageing benefits. It is abundant in foods such as soybeans, wheat germ (where the supplement we have gets it from), and mushrooms, as well as in the human body. Originally discovered in the 17th century, spermidine's potential benefits have been of interest in the fields of biochemistry and cell biology.