Wondrous Stories

Miron Glass - Ancient Purity Storage

28 November 2023
Miron Glass - Ancient Purity Storage
Throughout the ages, our resourceful ancestors faced the challenge of preserving food, water, and medicines. They ingeniously turned to the bountiful treasures of nature, crafting vessels from stone, tree bark, branches, leaves, grasses, and even animal hides. These creations, organic and gentle, safeguarded their precious contents with resilience and elegance.

Superstition throughout History

14 November 2023
Superstition throughout History
I like to describe it as the delightful quirk that has haunted humanity since ancient times. Superstition, it seems we just can't resist its whimsical allure. From the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, superstition has wormed its way into the hearts and minds of people across the globe. You have to hand it to those ancient civilisations as they really knew how to spice up their lives with a touch of the supernatural. Let's start with the Egyptians, those fine connoisseurs of afterlife adventures.

The Realm of Near-Death Experiences!

8 November 2023
Near-Death Experiences
Near-death experiences (NDEs), those tantalising moments where life hangs by a thread, have captivated humankind for centuries. Whether they are a glimpse into the great unknown or mere hallucinations, one thing is for sure: NDEs certainly make the afterlife look a lot more appealing. So, fasten your seatbelts, for we embark on a fascinating journey into the mystical realm of near-death experiences!

Recognising Fake Olive Oil

17 October 2023
Recognising Fake Olive Oil
The enchanting elixir known as Olive Oil, the shining star of Greek cuisine and the true liquid gold for a long and prosperous life. Alas, it seems this divine substance is not safe from the clutches of fraudsters who dare to substitute it with inferior oils. Fear not, my discerning gourmands, for I shall illuminate you on the art of uncovering such deceit. In the realm of genuine, top-notch Olive Oil, you shall find a treasure trove of unrivalled goodness.

The Profound Insight Offered by Psychedelics

1 October 2023
The Profound Insight
Our brains aren't just thinking machines as they're also sneaky little filters that hold us back from fully experiencing reality. But fear not, for the wise Aldous Huxley suggests that psychedelics can flip the switch on these filters, inviting us to behold a higher reality. And guess what? Science has our back on this one too! Studies reveal that psychedelics and meditation can both whisk us away into the same state of mind, where our brains feel like a perfectly synchronised orchestra.