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10 Brain Health-Enhancing Exercises

19 March 2024
Health-Enhancing Exercises
As the candles on my birthday cake multiply, I've noticed a few more "senior moments" creeping in. Like, did I already pay that bill or did I just dream it? So, I did what any modern-day detective would do – I hit up the old world wide web to find some brain-boosting tips. You all know that hitting the gym is crucial for keeping that body in tip-top shape, but did you know your brain needs a workout too?

What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

29 February 2024
What Your Tongue Reveals
Don't underestimate the power of your tongue! This muscle hanging out in your mouth and throat is not just some taste-testing, speech-spouting, and food-swallowing tool. It's a multitasking hero, serving as both a defender of your precious health and a messenger of doom. "This little fella is a big deal," says Alexander Kerr, DDS, MSD, head honcho of oral medicine at New York University College of Dentistry.

Combining Zinc & Magnesium for Powerful Benefits

18 February 2024
Combining Zinc & Magnesium
Zinc and Magnesium, the dynamic duo of essential minerals! These vital minerals are like the Batman and Robin of the body, swooping in to save the day in countless processes. Zinc is the multitasker, keeping blood glucose in check and boosting the immune system. But that’s not all! It also moonlights as the secret agent of the digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

Specific Vitamins Only - Top-Rated for Hair Growth

8 February 2024
Specific Vitamins only
Don't freak out, but losing your hair can be seriously terrifying. I mean, your hair is your ultimate accessory, your way of showing the world who you are. So, it's really not surprising that losing it can send you into a stress-induced frenzy. Sure, losing a few hairs here and there is totally normal, but if you start shedding clumps on the regular, it's definitely time to start paying attention.

MSM Organic Sulphur – A Necessity

7 February 2024
MSM Organic Sulphur
Are you constantly fretting about the number of calories you consume? Concerned about your cholesterol? Stocking up on Vitamin C? Well, have you ever stopped to think about MSM Sulphur? No? Well, join the club! Most people don't give a second thought to Sulphur, unless it's associated with a funky smell. But guess what? Sulphur is actually pretty important for your body! Yes, you heard that right - Sulphur is a necessity!