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EMF Protection Supplements

10 June 2024
EMF Protection Supplements
I'm going to jump right into this, if you're here you know all about the why of EMF's. I know some people are more sensitive than others and some people are located more in deeply affected EMF area. This is for those people. I want to stress at the start here that you must believe in the power and resilience of the human body. You're a powerfully, eternal being that can handle the trash being served up by those deeply unconscious beings.

Craft Your Healthy Home

21 March 2024
Craft Your Healthy Home
Get ready to transform your humble abode into a sanctuary of wellness, because a healthy lifestyle starts right at home! Say goodbye to stale air and hello to a breath of fresh, toxin-free air. It's time to take charge of your living space and make it the epitome of health and happiness. Let's kick off this healthy home makeover with some serious air detoxification. Introducing our leafy green squad, aka houseplants!

Virtual Meetings are Harmful: Zooming In on Brain Waves

6 January 2024
Virtual Meetings
I had a total aversion to online meetings, therapy or courses. I never wanted to do it. Even some people far away wanted to talk about Ancient Purity-related topics, I always said: "Is there any other way we can meet instead?'' Now because of this I kept saying "I prefer it." but I wanted to prove my hunch of it being so much better and not me just being old school. So I've researched and written this article that I can now send to anyone who wants to have a Zoom call or Skype or whatever with me.

Men - The Phone in your Pocket - The Effects on Fertility & Function with Studies & References

6 December 2023
The Phone in your pocket
I'm going to just get into this one, very important. Over the past five decades, global average sperm counts in men have experienced a significant decline of 51.6%, with total sperm counts (TSC) seeing a more pronounced drop of 62.3%, and this downward trend is accelerating. One potential environmental factor contributing to this decline is exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from wireless technologies, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or radiofrequency EMF (RF-EMF).

What Japan & Ma can Teach about Minimalism

8 October 2023
Teach about Minimalism
In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, the pursuit of a peaceful and balanced life has become a universal aspiration. You may think running Ancient Purity is the most incredible job, a lot of it is managing things, planning, replying to many messages, things go wrong, it's a business. We also have a building full of products , then a warehouse full of boxes, then we have a shop.