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Exploring The Mighty Amazon River

29 March 2024
Mighty Amazon River
In 2005, my wife and I embarked on an epic expedition down the mighty Amazon River. Unfortunately, my photography skills were lacking, so you'll have to take my word for it - the views were nothing short of spectacular. As we delved deeper into the dense jungle, I started to feel invincible. No giant snakes, toxic darts, or creepy crawlies had crossed our path yet.

Camping - The Health Benefits

23 January 2024
Gather round and let's dive into the world of outdoor camping, shall we? I've just returned from an epic four-day adventure in the frigid Northern Thai Mountains and boy, do I feel revitalised! Now, listen up, because heading outdoors isn't just a barrel of laughs, it's actually good for your health. Yep, you heard me right! Science says that embarking on an outdoor escapade comes with some serious health perks.

The Yanomami Tribe’s Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

17 December 2023
Yanomami Tribe
The colourful Yanomami people are like a fascinating blend of wisdom and ancient culture! Picture a tribe that possesses the ability to make the gods chuckle with their cleverness. These brainy folks are renowned for their quick tongues and sharp minds, making them masters of storytelling and wordplay. They can turn a simple conversation into a hilarious spectacle that leaves everyone in stitches (including the gods themselves!).

Eat with Your Hands for Better Health

10 December 2023
Eat with Your Hands

Oh, be still my beating heart! I simply cannot contain my excitement about penning an ode to the wonders of manual dining, or shall we say, the enchantment of analog dining – if you can handle that level of sophistication. Picture this: the year was 2003, and I embarked on an extraordinary journey to foreign lands. Little did I know, my peculiar preference had suddenly become the standard of excellence. I always loved to eat with my hands and it felt natural to me. Due to my many travel experiences, I realised it was natural to a huge portion of the world. But over the years I noted on why, why is it good for us? In our diverse world, various regions boast unique culinary traditions that extend beyond the food itself to the manner of consumption.

Costa Rica: My Enchanting Escape into Nature's Arms

30 August 2023
Costa Rica
Wouldn’t you like to step away from the mundane and embark on an unforgettable eco-adventure in the lush embrace of Costa Rica? This tropical paradise is bursting with biodiversity and endless natural treasures. I explored this awe-inspiring, small Central American nation in 2002, and man! What a great time I had! Costa Rica is stunningly nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.