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Pearl Powder for Skin & Beauty

16 April 2024
Pearl Powder for Skin & Beauty
Our modern, western world sees trends come and go with the seasons, however there exists a timeless treasure that has adorned the beauty regimes of civilizations throughout history: Pearl Powder. Revered for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Ayurvedic practices, Pearl Powder continues to captivate modern beauty enthusiasts with its purported skin-rejuvenating properties and luxurious aura.

The Beauty Benefits of Pearl Powder

7 April 2024
The Beauty Benefits
The ocean has always held a special allure for me. With the vast majority of our planet submerged beneath the waves, and a staggering 95% of the ocean depths still a mystery to us, there is a world of wonders waiting to be discovered in the depths of the sea. Let’s talk about Pearls, the stunning jewels of the underwater world, may be more than just a shiny accessory to jazz up your outfit. In fact, their medicinal properties have been flying under the radar for quite some time.

8 Incredible Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

28 February 2024
8 Incredible Benefits
Well, well, well, look who's getting all the attention now! It seems our old friend, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), is not just any old vinegar after all. Turns out, it might just have the power to be a real-life superhero in the world of super-foods. But what makes this tangy elixir so special? Well, for starters, it's downright delicious. You can find it in every grocery store across the nation, just waiting to add that subtle yet oh-so-delicious tartness to your favourite salad dressings, marinades, and sauces.

Treating Oily Skin & Acne with Bentonite Clay

25 October 2023
Treating Oily Skin
Are you tired of constantly battling with oily skin and acne breakouts? Look no further! Bentonite Clay, a powerful natural remedy, has gained popularity for its incredible ability to treat and maintain healthy skin. In this article, I’ll delve into the world of Bentonite Clay and uncover how it effectively tackles oily skin and acne issues, providing you with a clear and radiant complexion. You'll soon discover that Bentonite Clay is a great natural skincare product.

Effective Natural Treatments for Shingles

7 August 2023
Treatments for Shingles

This seems to have turned up more in society since a certain something, but also it's a nasty thing that I've known many people to experience. I actually asked Tom about his experience on this too, as we obviously share notes. He had some interesting stories and wrote the Manuka Honey part of this article for me. I hope you never have to experience having it, but you  probably landed on this page to understand what it is...