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Ancient Purity

Revealing the Secrets of Health & Longevity

  • Take a nap for your health (Benefits of Napping)

    Should we take a nap when we feel tired or have a low mood in the daytime? Are we fighting nature if we don't? and what have our ancestors and medical science got to say about napping  Continue reading

  • Seven reasons to get more Magnesium

    Magnesium is an important mineral. It is the fourth abundant mineral in the human body. Most vegetables are green because of this mineral. But unfortunately, not all people know its full importance.

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  • Importance of Probiotics

    Did you know that the bacteria present in your intestine are an important part of your body’s immune system? Several studies show that all microbes contribute to promoting the health of your body in a way or another.

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  • How to make a Poultice (Treat Skin)

    Learn how to make a poultice, Poultice's can draw infection, treat boils and abcesses, relieve inflammation, rashes or draw out the poison from a wasp/bee sting.
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  • Can you trust natural products sourced from China

    Having been in the natural health industry a long time now and having travelled to China myself in 2012. Visiting TCM Doctors and spending over a decade searching for the best quality of so many Superfoods, Herbs, Tonics and Raw ingredients i feel i have some knowledge in debating this question asked so much.  Continue reading

  • Perque Products UK from Ancient Purity (Supplying the complete Perque range)

    Ancient Purity have been carrying a large number of Perque products since Clive de Carles interviews and friendship with Dr Russell Jaffe. We now carry every Perque product with extensive information on each and large stock. We also sell at the correct Perque prices and have only the latest of each item (some ingredients have been changed). Learn all about Perque and Dr Russell Jaffe here  Continue reading

  • Ultimate Skin Cleanse Smoothie

    A super smooth blend of skin cleansing ingredients. Alkalising, hydrating and detoxifying  Continue reading

  • Norwich Mind Body Spirit Yoga & Wellness 19-20th May

    Ancient Purity at "The Mind Body Spirit Yoga & Wellness Extravaganza" in Norwich.

    We are excited to announce the 19th & 20th May 2018 will see the Mind Body Spirit Festival extend its network and include for the first time a number of Yoga and wellness practitioners eager to extend their own networks.
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  • Childhood adversities linked to health issues

    A study from the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis has solved the mystery surrounding the decline in the health of America’s children and the explosion in behavioral/developmental disorders overwhelming our schools.

    A report released on Oct 30, 2017 entitled, Early childhood adversities linked to health problems in tweens, teens   gave us the details of the study which has already been talked about in the media over the last several months.  Continue reading

  • Do not remove ear wax...

    Ear wax is a self-cleaning agent, with protective, lubricating and antibacterial properties. It is comprised of up to 50% fat, the wax coats our ear canals moisturising them. This coating helps to fight off infections and keep out dust and dirt. Generally we produce enough ear wax, however some people don't produce enough, without enough ear wax your ears can become dry, itchy, and prone to infection. Removing ear wax could be harming your health.
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