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Obscure Healing Methods

8 June 2023
Obscure Healing Methods
When we think about Thailand, what comes to mind are probably beaches, exotic places, tropical fruit, sightseeing, and maybe even Thai massage but this healing miracle has nothing to do with any of the above. All cultures in the world have some system of healing. People have always had problems with their bodies due to disease, injuries or accidents, and that will never change. Healers of some kind have always been a necessity for any society. Such healing systems range from shamanic approaches to modern medicine with innumerable varieties in between. Even in western societies which have officially subscribed to modern medicine as the only healing system, there is a huge subculture of alternative approaches. Older traditional cultures have relied on such methods for thousands of years since there were no other means available. All of these methods have merit and work sometimes, but not all the time – just like modern medicine.

Fulvic Acid – The Miracle Molecule

7 June 2023
The Miracle Molecule
Fulvic Acid is a yellow to dark brown coloured substance that is derived from humus, which is the organic component of soil, sediment, and other natural sources such as peat and coal. It is a natural compound that is known for its ability to improve nutrient uptake in plants and help them grow and develop optimally. Fulvic Acid is also used in dietary supplements and other health products due to its purported health benefits, which include enhanced energy levels, improved immune function, and reduced inflammation among others. It is a highly complex and versatile compound that contains a variety of organic acids, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential for healthy soil and plant growth. Fulvic Acid is present sand, clay, mud and mountain rocks. It can have different qualities depending on where it is sourced from. Fulvic Acid from Israeli sand may have different qualities than Canadian peat moss or mountain rock in the state of Colorado, for example.

Celtic Sea Salt for Hair (Saltwater & Healthy Hair)

4 June 2023
Celtic Sea Salt for Hair
The benefits of using sea salt in hair care go beyond its association with texturising sprays. Celtic Sea Salt is the purest Salt, totally unprocessed, full of minerals, it's the one to choose. So we will explain why introducing sea salt into regular scalp care, such as through the use of a scrub, can be incredibly beneficial. The rich natural, grey salt particles act as a gentle exfoliant, removing excess oils and build-up from the roots. By its absorbent nature, it also effectively controls excess oil production as a weekly detox. Regular use can improve scalp health, allowing hair to reach full potential. Additionally, massaging sea salt into the roots stimulates blood flow and encourages necessary nutrients and hormones for healthy growth. Enriched with magnesium, potassium, and selenium, sea salt aids in promoting strong and healthy hair growth and clarifying the scalp.

Forest Bathing & Grounding, Eudaimonic Wellbeing, Sit Spot and Digital Detox

3 June 2023
Forest Bathing & Grounding
Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin-Yoku, is a practice originating from Japan that involves walking slowly and leisurely through the woods or forest, immersing oneself in the natural environment and mindfully using all five senses. The term "grounding" is often associated with Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy, but its meaning depends on the context used.

Celtic Sea Salt for Skin & Beauty

3 June 2023
Celtic Sea Salt for Skin & Beauty
Have you ever come back from a beach vacation with radiant skin and hair, wondering if you could recreate the same effect at home using salt water? TikTok videos suggest that using sea salt water to wash your face could cure acne and give you that fresh-off-the-beach look. However, you may be questioning if salt is safe for your skin and hair. Before you swap your regular face wash for Celtic Sea Salt water, drop your anchor and read on to learn about using salt water on your face and what it can and cannot do. Salt water has been recognised since ancient Egypt for its ability to disinfect and cleanse skin. It can make skin feel smoother and drier, and it can act as a mechanical exfoliant, scrubbing away dead skin cells and absorbing toxins and dirt. Salt water can even improve the appearance of pore size.