Acerola Cherry Fruit
9 May 2024

Acerola Cherry Fruit Vitamin C that Transcends Trends

I just had an interesting conversation with someone on the phone about incorporating Vitamin C into our daily routine, particularly using Acerola Cherry. Let me explain why I believe it's the best choice. This small, vibrant fruit packs a powerful punch when it comes to Vitamin C, but has some additional health benefits, and its extract (which I recommended) in particular, offers a concentrated dose of goodness that can elevate your well-being to new heights. Kakadu Plum is the King of Vitamin C, Camu Camu is the Queen so Acerola Cherry... Well it's the unruly child, that is far away in the Amazon exploring. The Acerola Cherry is scientifically known as Malpighia emarginata, and it hails from the tropical regions of the Americas, including the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. Indigenous peoples have long revered it for its medicinal properties, and it has been an integral part of traditional medicine for centuries. Its popularity surged globally due to its exceptional nutritional profile. But as always in this industry it went out of fashion, maybe it will for a few hundred or a thousand years again. But guess what the tribes who have eaten it for centuries don't care about trends, and neither do I and I'm sure you don't. Because you're here at Ancient Purity, we aren't trending, but we do want to make everyone feel good. Anyway I'm waffling, let's talk more about Acerola Cherry and yes to cut to the chase, it's the Extract, the Extract is super power Vitamin C and more.

Acerola Cherry Extract

Acerola Cherries are prized for their exceptionally high vitamin C content, boasting levels far exceeding those found in citrus fruits. This potent antioxidant plays a crucial role in bolstering the immune system, promoting skin health, and supporting overall vitality. Moreover, Acerola Cherries contain an array of other essential nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The Health benefits of Acerola Cherry and its extract are manifold. With its sky-high vitamin C content, Acerola Cherry extract fortifies the body's immune defenses, helping to ward off infections and illnesses. It's big on Antioxidant Protection, Acerola Cherry Extract combats oxidative stress, shielding cells from damage caused by free radicals and reducing the risk of health issues. The Skin Health benefits are powerful and you'll see it in many face creams. Vitamin C is renowned for its role in collagen synthesis, promoting skin elasticity and combatting signs of aging. Regular consumption of Acerola Cherry Extract can contribute to a radiant complexion and youthful appearance. Heart Health... The potent blend of nutrients found in Acerola Cherry Extract supports cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and improving circulation. Then there's the Energy Boost, the B vitamins present in Acerola Cherry Extract play a pivotal role in energy metabolism, helping to combat fatigue and enhance vitality.

Cherrylicious Superfood

How to Use Acerola Cherry Extract

While Acerola Cherries themselves offer a plethora of health benefits, their Extract takes the potency to a whole new level. Acerola Cherry Extract is taken in many ways. However, for maximum versatility and convenience, many health enthusiasts opt for the powdered form. Now at Ancient Purity we aren't saying this because we sell the powder, we looked for what is best then chose that option. The powdered form is the one, don't swallow capsules with pathetic amounts in. Acerola Cherry Extract Powder can be easily added to smoothies, juices, yogurt, or oatmeal, providing a delicious and nutritious boost to your daily diet. Additionally, it can be mixed with water to create a refreshing beverage or used as a natural flavouring agent in culinary creations. It is after all a nice colour.

Taking Ancient Purity Acerola Cherry Extract orally is safe. However, as the fruit powder is rich in vitamin C, it's wise to start with smaller amounts and gradually increase as needed. Start too high and you could experience diarrhoea. Start by adding one quarter to half a teaspoon to juices, smoothies, desserts, or drinking water. Increase it as your body acclimates to the supplement. By listening to your body's response, you can find the optimal dosage that aligns with your individual needs and tolerance levels. Remember the real true benefits of Vitamin C come when used across the day, top it up, we don't produce Vitamin C naturally. So safer and more effective to use it morning, noon and night. For those seeking to enhance collagen production and overall skin health, consider complementing Ancient Purity Acerola Cherry Extract with MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) Organic Sulphur. Research suggests that combining these two supplements may yield synergistic benefits. However, it's advisable to take them separately on the same day to maximise their effectiveness.

Magic Energy of Acerola

The Magic Energy of Acerola

At Ancient Purity we are living the name in every sense, and looking deeper into what each one of these wonderful foods are, do, their significance and their energy. It is all energy after all. The Acerola Cherry's spiritual significance finds resonance in ancient traditions and folklore, where it is often regarded as a symbol of vitality, abundance, and renewal. Indigenous cultures across the Americas have long incorporated this luscious fruit into their rituals and ceremonies, attributing mystical qualities to its vibrant hues and life-affirming essence.

At the heart of its spiritual allure lies the Acerola Cherry's profound connection to nature. Growing amidst lush tropical landscapes, it serves as a reminder of the intricate dance between earth, sky, and all living beings. The Acerola Cherry embodies the cyclical rhythms of life, from the delicate blossoms of spring to the bountiful harvests of summer—a testament to the eternal cycle of growth, fruition, and regeneration. It is believed to resonate with the heart chakra, the centre of love, compassion, and emotional balance. Consuming Acerola Cherry is said to align this vital energy centre, fostering feelings of harmony, empathy, and inner peace.

Its tangy-sweet flavour is believed to cleanse the palate and purify the body, mind, and spirit. Incorporating Acerola Cherry into one's diet or spiritual practices is thought to facilitate inner purification, releasing stagnant energies and ushering in a sense of renewal and vitality. The vibrant colours and intoxicating aroma of the Acerola Cherry awaken the senses, inviting us to immerse ourselves fully in the present moment. Through mindful consumption, we can savour each bite as a sacred communion with nature, honouring the divine essence that resides within all living things.

Tangy-sweet Flavour

So can you see why I recommend it? If you're on a budget for Vitamin C we have it as Ascrobic Acid, if you're in urgent need of high dose we have Liposomal Vitamin C, there's no need to build up like their is with Acerola. If you are feeling the Australian buzz get Kakadu Plum. You want handy capsules get our Potent C Vitamin C Capsules. If you want another Vitamin C fruit powerhouse there is Camu Camu. But from the chat I had I felt the bright vibrancy of Acerola Cherry was right for this person and I hope you are now reading this. Thanks for the inspiration to write my first article in weeks too. Let's all get some Acerola in our lives.

The Acerola Cherry stands as a testament to the remarkable potency of nature's bounty. From its humble origins in tropical climes to its widespread recognition as a nutritional powerhouse, this vibrant fruit continues to captivate health-conscious individuals worldwide. Whether consumed in its natural form or as an extract, Acerola Cherry offers a multitude of health benefits that can elevate your well-being and vitality. Embrace the power of Acerola Cherry Extract and unlock a world of wellness like never before. We store it in a Miron Glass Jar to not only keep it super fresh but actually to enhance it too, but that is another story. Maybe my next article will be on Miron Glass. Anyway here is the link to Acerola Cherry Extract.

Also if you read this and thought oh I need high dose quickly or I need capsules for the road, here are the links to those 2, oh and if you are on a budget at the moment the last link is for Ascorbic Acid. Everything is on the site at Ancient Purity. Anyway get Vitamin C in some form and feel good.