How to use NAC
23 June 2023

How to use NAC - Benefits & Safety

Jump into the world of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) a supplement popularly used for its potential benefits to liver function, respiratory health, fertility, mental health, and support for exercising. NAC is an oxidised form of an amino acid, cysteine, but when consumed enters the body and gets converted to cysteine, where it performs some of its known functions. Although NAC supplements have been available for decades, the number of people interested in the supplement has grown tremendously in recent times. It's a new feature at Ancient Purity and I must admit a year ago I didn't know much about it either. Anyway with what I researched and emerging studies into the effects of NAC this article, will try to discuss everything you want to know about NAC supplements and the latest research findings on their intake. While cysteine can be extracted from dietary sources, it is impossible to obtain NAC through food intake. Only supplements or prescription medication can provide access to this antioxidant wonder.

N-acetylcysteine, simply referred to as NAC, is a widely available supplement sold over the counter that gets a common source of amino-acid cysteine that readily increases glutathione levels, the body's essential antioxidants - glutathione is vital for reducing damaging free radicals that can harm body cells. NAC also helps detoxify certain compounds in the liver and supports respiratory, immune, and brain functions. Is it safe? Is it effective? In short yes and yes otherwise we wouldn't do it. Is it a totally natural Ancient Purity food based product? No not like all our stuff, but I believe it's so powerful and has so much potential that it will be ideal for some people. NAC is derived from the amino acid L-cysteine. In the USA NAC is an FDA approved drug, in Europe it's a food supplement. You could argue it's natural, you could argue it's synthetic. It's available here at Ancient Purity but a final decision is pending, in the USA. There you can get prescription N-Acetyl Cysteine products under the guidance of a healthcare provider. Ok anyway, let's get into why you might take it.

NAC Benefits

What are the Benefits of NAC?

Research reveals many potential benefits of NAC supplements, which includes it's use when dealing with eye disease, amenorrhea, AIDS/HIV, polycystic ovary syndrome, neuropathy, and ageing in general, we are all dealing with that since birth right. But here are some points on why you might like it, then I'll go into more depth on NAC and Lung Health and Fertility.

Liver & Kidney Protection: NAC is heralded for its detoxification capabilities, anti-inflammatory properties and liver/kidney protective benefits. As a result, NAC injections are commonly used to treat patients who have overdosed on drugs or have toxicity issues. Research shows that NAC reduces cell death in the liver and helps clear out acetaldehyde, a toxic substance that alcohol breaks into. This ability makes NAC potentially supportive to individuals with underlying liver disease.

Support immune function: Some studies show that NAC boosts immunity by reducing inflammation and promoting the breakup of mucus accumulation in the respiratory system. NAC acts similarly to cysteine by binding with glycine and glutamine, forming the potent antioxidant glutathione that contributes to several functions in the body, including the immune system's upkeep.

Exercising and Physical Performance: NAC supplements increase the body's antioxidative capacity, thereby positively influencing the symptoms of exercise-induced oxidative stress. When engaging in exercise on the coldest days, a "smoker's cough" can result from the lungs' sensitivity and inflammation thus caused. However, NAC intake before and after such cold workouts will limit inversion. Just taking a 500mg capsule thirty minutes before and immediately after workouts brings about newer studies suggesting an added benefit in performance. Smaller research likewise revealed that cycling/performance significantly improved levels of antioxidants while inflammation declined, thereby preventing exhaustion.

Drug Addiction Therapy: Inhaled NAC treats and prevents overdoses of acetaminophen posed to drug incidents. It also reduces cravings for drugs associated with addictive disorders such as methamphetamine and cigarettes in smokers and helps withdraw patients.

Mental Health: According to recent research, NAC could potentially be used as a remedy for various psychiatric illnesses such as, but not limited to, OCD, grooming disorders, addiction, schizophrenia, and depression (Dean et. al., 2011). NAC is said to impact the brain’s crucial neurotransmitters—glutamate and dopamine—by controlling their functionality. Moreover, it has the potential to lower cognitive problems due to its capacity to decrease neuroinflammation (Skvarc et. al., 2017). Nevertheless, it is crucial to conduct further clinical investigations to ensure NAC's accuracy and reliability. Early clinical studies suggest that NAC supplements may offer antidepressant and antipsychotic effects by influencing glutathione synthesis in the body, which reportedly relieves oxidative stress and inflammation. It also regulates dopamine levels in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with addiction, motivation, learning, and movement.

Powerful Potential

NAC has some Powerful Potential

NAC Promotes Airway Health: NAC plays a vital role in breaking down excess mucus and reducing inflammation in the lungs. This can help to prevent lung conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and even lung cancer. Furthermore, NAC has powerful mucolytic abilities that work to effectively break down the thick mucus that often congests the bronchial passageways, leading to blocked airways and shortness of breath. NAC is also believed to boost the immune system, which makes it an excellent supplement for lung health. Many respiratory issues, including influenza and pneumonia, are caused by weak immune defence, meaning that this supplement can prevent such conditions from escalating while helping the body to recover. It's also known for its potent detoxification properties. It works by sticking itself to toxins in the body, allowing the body to more effectively clear them out. In particular, it helps with removing heavy metals, which can negatively impact lung health. NAC could improve exercise performance and reduce exercise induced oxidative stress when taken regularly, suggesting a potential as a sport supplement. With reduced congestion, inflammation, and strengthened immune system, NAC may improve general breathing functionality and overall respiratory health usage by easing maximerational breathing at rest. Many people actually know NAC as a cough inhibition agent within over-the-counter cough syrup, so there's a clue here. It offers many promising benefits to overall lung health and well-being for people of all ages and life styles. Now if any of this impressed you or got you interested lets explain how to use it.

NAC & Pregnancy: Research indicates that NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) is safe to use while pregnant? In fact, studies have demonstrated that when combined with vitamins A and E, a balanced fatty acid diet, or vitamin E alone, NAC can reduce reactive oxygen levels and increase the chances of conception among women struggling with fertility, particularly those with polycystic ovary syndrome. This is due to NAC's ability to enhance glutathione antioxidant activity, which aids in insulin regulation and reduces insulin resistance associated with PCOS. According to Women’s Health Reviews, NAC improves insulin circulation as a remedy for hyperinsulinemia in PCOS patients. Furthermore, NAC has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties, which may help prevent preterm labor occurrence by reducing infections during pregnancy. A daily oral intake of 0.6 grams of NAC supplement has been prescribed after week 16, concomitantly with progesterone to minimise premature birth incidence. Lastly, NAC has been used to manage acetaminophen overdose during pregnancy, a common drug overdose amongst expectant women.

NAC Supplement

Using NAC as a Supplement

Supplements acquire different methods of indications from adults to children and based on identified health concerns. Many places / experts say the appropriate dosage for adults ranges from 600 to 2,400mg per day, stating the lower initial dosage is best, and overeating supplements can bring mild side effects. NAC breaking down into glutathione in the body means adopting NAC for extended periods inspires the utilisation of essential amino acids. Other rare dosing used among children, infertile males, and athletes include 300-900mg and specific adjuvant purposes. Existing status, caution should be adopted for early stages pregnant and nursing individuals. You'll soon find other sources suggest a typical dosage of NAC ranges between 600-1800mg per day, depending on why you are using the supplement. It's advisable to check with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements to determine the exact dosage that is right for you. In general, start with a smaller dose and evaluate its effects on your body before adjusting the dosage.

Take NAC with food or without food: I'm sorry I can't conclude this really, but I had to on our product jar and said - without food. But other experts say NAC supplements are best taken with a meal to alleviate irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. This will also help to increase the absorption of the supplement by your body. I found no irritation to my stomach at all when I took without food.

Use capsules: NAC is available in capsules, and it's easy to ingest. Simply swallow the capsule along with water. Generally, NAC capsules come in standard sizes of 500mg, making it simple for you to keep tabs on your dosage.

Take consistently: NAC has proven benefits when taken consistently for an extended period. It is, therefore, essential to maintain a consistent schedule to get the best results. This may involve taking the supplement at the same time daily or alternate days.

Complement with other supplements: When looking to boost your wellness, it may be essential to stack other supplements alongside NAC. These include magnesium, vitamin C, and other potassium-binding regulators taking either supplements or foods rich in potassium.

Hydrate: Remember to drink sufficient water throughout the day, Whether you intend on taking an NAC supplement or not. Severe dehydration affects your health, so sip some water, and keep yourself hydrated always.

In conclusion, N-AcetylCysteine (NAC) supplement has been proven to enhance human body’s self-sustainment powers, primarily by priming antioxidants cycling in the liver while offering a slew of protective effects against countless health conditions. Following the above beginner guide on using this supplement daily will assist you in realizing all the potential benefits of NAC supplements in 500mg capsules. Don't forget to chat with your healthcare expert before starting your supplement regime to ensure your wellbeing.

NAC Safety

The Safety of NAC supplements

So this is an interesting part to write, that's because as I said at the beginning, I became properly aware of NAC during 2021/22. I'd heard of it before, now I got more interested and finally in 2023 I'd heard enough. I want this supplement and I want to sell it on Ancient Purity. But I am a Ready, Fire, Aim kinda person so I started out on it and have taken it for 2 months, then I forgot the ACF228 Supplement I take for Longevity also contains NAC. So I think I was taking about 1.5g a day or 1500mg. But as you'll have read above 2.5g seemed to be a regularly used amount. As a healthy, male aged 41 when writing this, I had no side effects only enhancement on where I was going anyway. But I don't like to influence what someones experience might be. The subject of the overall total safety of NAC is a deep dive, you can scare yourself out of taking it and you could order some hoping it'll turn up the next day as you don't want to miss out any longer. You can go down both routes but you have to decide, not us and we'd only be summarising what you can find.

There's a difficult dilemma with some supplements, as their classification as either supplements or medication can be blurred. This is certainly the case with NAC, which is both a medication used to treat health conditions and a supplement that is available for purchase by anyone. Several companies that sold NAC as a supplement (including those that included NAC in other products) made bold claims about its ability to prevent cancer, cure hangovers, and provide immunity-boosting benefits. These claims have raised concerns amongst some regulatory authorities like Amazon, which has withdrawn the sale of NAC dietary supplements from their stores, including Whole Foods. But for those who want to know research indicates that NAC doesn't have any adverse effects on the mother or baby, during pregnancy.

We understand, as medically backed, common side effects can occur occasionally: nightmares, confusion, headache, fatigue, nausea, anaphylactic shock. If you are taking other medication or allergies or diagnosed immunosuppressive disease need to consult with care provider. As I mentioned earlier, the 2 paths. One says a good option for cancer patients, then you'll find reasons not to. If you have asthma, bleeding issues or are undergoing treatment involving nitroglycerin, it may not be safe to use NAC supplements. It is advised that you consult with your doctor first to discuss any possible risks. Although high doses of any supplement can be harmful to the liver and kidneys, generally speaking, NAC is believed to offer protection to these organs. I can't tell you how many times I've had to conclude with this statement, in person, on the phone, in email and here we are in an article. RESEARCH! then follow your intuition, get advise on both sides and when you try something, start low and see how you go.