Celtic Sea Salt - A Superfood
27 May 2023

Celtic Sea Salt - A Superfood

Celtic Sea Salt is Superfood and we've been supplying it at Ancient Purity since we began. I learned about it in an old book my grandmother had I think called Salt & Your Health, sorry I can't remember the author but it was the first step in learning that Salt could actually be good for you, vital for you. I've been using it myself since and when we started in 2011 it was one of the first products I bought in. The sea minerals and clay found in salt flats give natural Celtic Sea Salt its light grey colour. This salt is particularly beneficial because the clay ionises the minerals present in it. It has a unique flavour that is highly regarded in the culinary world, making it the preferred option for many. Even when stored in a cool place for an extended period, the salt remains moist to the touch. Light grey Celtic sea salt is dried naturally using only the sun and wind, and it does not undergo any processing or refinement. This makes it the ideal coarse salt for cooking purposes.

For use on the table, it can be ground using a ceramic salt grinder or as we much prefer a nice wooden mortar and pestle, we have these at Ancient Purity too, but just make sure you avoid using metal grinders. To derive the full benefits of the salt, it should not be ground ahead of time. The distinctiveness of natural Celtic Sea Salt sets it apart from the many refined salt options available, including those sourced from the sea. Celtic Sea Salt's health-promoting qualities stem from its rich supply of trace minerals, notably lacking from refined salts, which often contain hazardous chemicals and other detrimental processing additives. To enhance human wellbeing and longevity, Celtic Sea Salt offers the full roster of 82 trace minerals foundational to optimal bodily function. With an all-natural, unrefined composition, Celtic Sea Salt avoids any contamination from extraneous chemicals, preservatives, or other such substances. This exceptional salt derives from the Celtic sea region in Brittany, France, where the area's unique geographical orientation to the Atlantic and regional climactic conditions yield an unparalleled mix of sea minerals. Such circumstances result in an exceptional quality of salt whenever it is harvested.

Celtic Sea Salt

Preserving the natural state of this salt, harvested using a 2,000-year old Celtic method, is a crucial process upheld by modern quality control standards. Witnessing the salt fields of Brittany, you can appreciate the quality of the salt as it is hand-raked by skilled artisans to harmonise the trace elements. Dedicated professional farmers in Brittany perpetuate these traditional skills passed down from antiquity. The natural Celtic sea salts harvested using this method hold therapeutic qualities that benefit one's health. The balance of water and salt in the body is critical, and natural salt helps to regulate water content. The significance of natural salt lies in the fact that our body requires trace elements for its optimal functioning. Often, these elements are not present in food or supplements in a form that can be assimilated by the body. Nevertheless, all 82 essential trace elements that the body needs can be obtained from natural unprocessed sea salt, in a form that can be easily absorbed. In essence, natural sea salt aids in maintaining the overall equilibrium of the body, leading to numerous benefits, such as:

The consumption of natural salt with sufficient water intake can help regulate heartbeat and blood pressure, despite refined salt potentially causing the opposite effect. Celtic sea salt can aid in stabilising irregular heartbeats and normalising blood pressure. This salt can raise low blood pressure, while also lowering high blood pressure. Additionally, it helps to eliminate and prevent mucus buildup, making it beneficial for those with allergies, asthma, sinus issues, or bronchial congestion. Celtic Sea Salt also improves brain function by supporting the health of nerve cells and removing excess acidity and toxins from them. For diabetics, Celtic sea salt is especially useful in balancing blood sugars. It plays a crucial role in removing excess acidic waste from cells and maintaining the optimal acid-alkaline balance, thereby halting many issues caused by excess acidity in the body.

Boosts energy levels by providing the necessary elements for generating hydroelectric energy in cells: salt and water. Deficiencies in sodium and trace minerals can lead to fatigue. Maintains a healthy electrolyte balance by utilising natural Celtic Sea Salt, which helps to release excess sodium and water. Gradual consumption can combat water retention. Enhances immune system functioning by regularly supplying absorbing minerals found in Celtic Sea Salt, thereby increasing resistance to illness, infections, and disease, as well as improving healing time after injury or surgery. Promotes sound sleep by calming the nervous system with the abundance of trace minerals found in natural sea salt. Proper water and salt consumption can also limit the need for urination during the night. Prevents muscle cramps by ensuring a proper balance of minerals, especially sodium. Celtic sea salt provides these minerals in the right ratio. Sufficient water intake is necessary for the body to utilise what it needs and eliminate the rest.

If you want to get the most out of using Celtic Sea Salt, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking half your weight in ounces of pure filtered water (We recommend the Gravity Filter). When using Celtic Sea Salt in your food, you can add a pinch of it onto your tongue for every 16 ounces of water you drink. Additionally, when you sweat, exercise, or engage in physical activity, your body loses water and salt. To prevent dehydration and restore electrolyte balance, always replenish your body with both water and salt.

Celtic Sea Salt

Why we talking water lets make it clear...

The maintenance of healthy skin and hair The prevention of constipation and digestive issues The prevention of dehydration and its related health issues It is essential that we drink enough water to maintain all of these functions properly. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Drinking water regularly can also help prevent chronic diseases such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections. In conclusion, water is one of the most important substances we consume daily. It is crucial to life and health, and its importance cannot be overstated. Drinking enough water every day is essential for optimal bodily functions, and it is something everyone can do to improve their overall health.

Water consumption has a significant impact on one's health, as every health condition, illness, and disease can be influenced by it. Drinking sufficient amounts of clean water has been proven to aid the body in healing several ailments, including muscle and joint pain, headaches, weight loss, water retention, skin problems (such as eczema and psoriasis), gastrointestinal issues, spinal problems, hearing and vision issues, kidney and liver dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, gall and kidney stones, circulation issues, cancers, heart disease and strokes, mental disorders and addictions, impaired memory and brain function, as well as autoimmune disorders. While water alone may not be able to cure all illnesses, it is a critical component of every healthy lifestyle program and is often the missing piece of the puzzle for optimal health.

I can say since 2010 it's one of the questions we've been asked the most, what water should I drink. There is no real conclusion to this, it's like light travelling in particles and waves. Everyone will claim they know and back it all up, then the next expert does the same. Go with your intuition, just avoid tap water, it's no good. At Ancient Purity and at my home we have a Gravity Water Filter. Is Distilled Water the answer to eternal life... who knows. It's all interesting. Personally I like to add Fulvic Minerals and Celtic Sea Salt occasionally to my drinking water. Most of the time just Gravity Filtered Water and when I keep on top of re-filling it, I always like to use a Sacred Geometry Carafe. They're amazing and proven to structure water, anyway my point is drink water, clean, pure water, it's an essential and so is real, quality mineral rich salt, and that is what Celtic Sea Salt is.