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Pau D’Arco... A Divine Tree & Tea of Life

9 November 2023
Divine Tree
Pau D'Arco, also known as Lapacho or Taheebo and nicknamed the “Divine Tree” by Brazilian Shamans, is a tree native to the rainforests of South America, particularly in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. For centuries, indigenous tribes in these regions have harnessed the healing properties of Pau D'Arco to treat a wide range of ailments. In recent years, this natural remedy has gained popularity worldwide due to its potential health benefits.

Tea to End Anxiety - California Poppy

22 September 2023
End Anxiety
In a world characterised by constant stress and anxiety, the search for natural remedies to alleviate these burdens is more important than ever. Californian poppy tea, derived from the vibrant orange flowers of Eschscholzia californica, has gained popularity as a soothing and anxiety-reducing herbal infusion. While it may not be as well-known as its opiate relative, the opium poppy, Californian poppy offers a host of benefits for those seeking a natural way to manage anxiety.

Empowering Connection – How Women Can Bond Through Ceremonial Cacao

15 September 2023
Empowering Connection
There is a delightful little ancient tradition that has been rediscovered in recent years, providing women with a unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level: ceremonial Cacao. Connection is a high priority of mine, to myself and others, so if like me you’re in the market for fun and unique ways to cultivate connection then I really think you’ll take a lot from this article (in the least arrogant sounding way possible).

The Natural End to Acid Reflux

16 June 2023
The Natural End to Acid Reflux
Welcome to the magical world of Acid reflux natural remedies! Why do I say that? because I suffered with this damn problem in the past, even since I got on the super healthy path all those years ago. Trust me it's worse when you're running a health company, giving advice all day, and then you've got occasional acid reflux. It took me ages to eliminate it completely and touch wood I've got it handled now. Now I'm putting multiple options in here, because I advised some people one of these and it worked and they never had it anymore, then I tried 1, 2, 3 or more of them and nothing. At the end I'll explain exactly what worked for me, but more simple things from the list might work for you. It could be a simple, easy change for you and I hope it is.