Himalayan Salt Deodorant

Natural Stone Deodorant Stick - Minerals Eliminates Body Odour / Zero Waste
300g (10.58 oz.) Deodorant

Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick…tired of the unending hunt for a pure, safe, chemical-free deodorant…that works? Well, here it is with no alum and aluminium, preservatives, additives, colours, or fragrances makes a great alternative to your commercial conventional deodorant. It is vegan-friendly, plus there’s no empty plastic container to hit landfills making it an improvement, not solely for you but also our precious environment. Unlike commercial deodorant sticks, this 100% natural alternative doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. Most of the commercial deodorant producers continue using potentially dangerous chemicals on their underarm deodorant (antiperspirant) ranges, as a method to reduce odour and perspiration. Himalayan Salt Deodorant is a pure, hand-mined salt that is obtained from ancient amounts of sea salt in the Himalayas’ foothills. This pure Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick will not mask bad odours but the salt eliminates bacteria causing bad odours keeping your armpits fresh the natural way. These Salt Deodorant Sticks leave an invisible layer which protects your underarms and it will not clog the pores. You can wet the stick and use it frequently to provide an invisible salt layer to deter odours. They are travel-friendly and safe for all ages. Feel confident & fresh, everywhere you go! 

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Ancient Purity Presents… Himalayan Stone Salt Stick Deodorant. A Natural Deodorant for purified, odour-free underarms. This super-nourishing Himalaya Salt Stick provides the best chemical-free alternative to typical commercial deodorants! ​You might be interested in switching to a natural deodorant for numerous reasons. Perhaps you’re trying to avoid plastic packaging; maybe you’re worried about the harmful chemicals in commercially available antiperspirants. Maybe, you just have very sensitive skin. The Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick Ancient Purity supplies is easy to use as crystal deodorant (alum stone), while not having to worry about aluminum salts.  You simply get the bar wet and then rub it onto your skin. First rub the stick on your hands to avoid scratches. Next, you should rub your wet hands on your armpits’ more delicate skin. 

You are left with a protective salt layer on your skin that prevents the formation of odour-causing bacteria. When I first heard about using Himalaya Salt as Deodorant, I didn’t believe there was any chance this could be effective. Now I can say that it holds up to sweaty exercises in the gym and it lasts around-the-clock. For me, this natural deodorant works better than any other natural options I’ve tried.  Note that this isn’t an antiperspirant; you’ll still sweat, the Himalaya Salt Stone just eliminates the body odour. Whatever reason you choose for switching to Himalayan Salt Deodorant, you’re probably going to be pleasantly surprised. In the spirit of Saving Our Planet, why not give this all-natural alternative a try?

Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stone Stick - Information & Points of Interest

  • 100% Natural.
  • Attractive Natural Scent.
  • Naturally Absorbs Moisture.
  • Zero Waste Packaging.
  • Vegan & Eco.
  • Allows Pores to Breathe.
  • Neutralises Body Odour.
  • Natural Mineral Salt Deodorant Protection.
  • Unisex - Great for Women & Men.
  • No Exposure to Different Chemicals & Potential Toxins.
  • Total Peace of Mind.
  • Neutralising & Disinfecting Properties Block the Growth of Body Odour-Causing Bacteria on your Body.

Himalayan Salt Deodorant Gives

Frequent use of Himalayan natural salt skincare products can aid control numerous skin issues such as oily or dry skin, acne and eczema. It will cleanse and renew your skin and has superb exfoliating properties. It might also assist relieving bacterial, fungal and viral skin infections. Himalayan Salt is often used as a bath preparation. Mineral baths of all sorts have been favoured for centuries, as they can provide soothing relief for certain conditions. Pure Himalayan Salt Deodorant Sticks deeply cleanse the pores, nurtures your skin, and restore a healthy balance to unhealthy skin. They eliminate irritation and itching while moisturising skin. Even more, they aid decrease redness and inflammation caused by chronic skin issues. Those people with problematic and sensitive skin will definitely enjoy the many great benefits of these handy Natural Deodorant Sticks.

Antibacterial…The deodorant has anti-bacterial properties. The body odour is caused by the bacteria that live on your skin. To reduce your body odour, you best use antibacterial deodorants like Himalayan Salt deodorant.

Help Balance Natural Oils…Himalayan Salt Sticks must be formulated differently in order to not crumble due to the salt. This ensures that they’ve a higher super-fat content. Skin is not stripped, but gently exfoliated and nourished at the same time.

Detoxing…Himalayan Salt aids with drawing impurities from the skin. This makes it perfect for a beautifully detoxing skin routine, which does not require a salt bath to accomplish.

Can Reduce Acne…Some people have seen amazing results with their acne after switching to a natural Himalayan Salt Stick. The pink salt helps to gently exfoliate the skin, while detoxing and helping to balance the oils.

Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stone Stick Keeps Giving

Massage Stick…The Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick can be used as a massage tool as well. You pay for a deodorant but along with a deodorant you also happen to get a massage stick!

Two Temperatures…The natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick can have 2 temperatures. If you prefer it hot, you can make it hot and if you want it cold, you can make the natural deodorant cold. You can use the Himalayan Salt Stone Stick for hot therapy or cold therapy. Just pop it in the freezer or the oven and it is ready to be used.

Provides Pain Relief…When you undergo an intense workout session or you have been working too hard these days, it is natural to feel all sore once you come back home. Your muscles feel tight and all you want at that moment is a good massage to feel less sore. Instead of driving to the massage parlour, you can get a massage at home itself with Himalayan Salt Deodorant. The salt deodorant can help release the tension from your muscles and make you feel relaxed in a matter of a few hours. If there is some form of inflammation, the deodorant can help as well!

Anyone can use the Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stick. The pink salt is made up of natural components, so it's is a hundred times safer than other artificial deodorants. Since this natural deodorant is not made up of chemicals, the stick has a nice smell that you can solely find in nature. If you don't like chemical smells you simply must try the Himalayan Salt Stone Deodorant Stick.

Get the Natural Scent & Protection

Himalayan Pink Salt - Explained

Local legend traces the discovery of the Himalayan salt deposits to the army of Alexander the Great. However, the first records of mining are from the Janjua clan in the 1200s. Hand-mined from the Himalayan Mountains, this salt was created when the primal sea, where scholars and scientists believe all life was originated, was dried up by the sun’s energy. It was compressed for millions of years by the pressure of the land masses that formed on top of it. It is pinkish because it contains iron oxide.

Himalayan Salt is classified as pure salt. It does not contain any chemicals or additives. It is 100% natural and contains more minerals than the commonly used salt. Actually, Himalayan Salt contains more than 80 minerals and elements, including potassium, iron and calcium. All of these minerals help our body’s natural detoxification process and support the removal of harmful bacteria. Studies and research show that it is one of the purest salts available. You can find it in several other forms, from exfoliating bath salts to cooking brines and salt lamps.

Ancient Purity in Action... Naturally

Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stone Stick…Closing Thoughts

Use an all-natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant Stone for a chemical-free alternative to commercial deodorants! Wet it and use it as a regular deodorant bar. Odour is caused by bacteria and Himalayan Salt kills bacteria. Therefore no bacteria, means no odour! Many people are still unaware of the hidden hazards in modern day deodorant’s active ingredients. They go on using these potentially dangerous chemicals on their armpits as a way of decreasing odour and perspiration. The principal component used in the majority of antiperspirants is aluminium. Aluminium is a metal, which is used in antiperspirants to aid block the sweat from coming out of the pores.

Parabens are a synthetic preservatives family which are usually present in deodorants as well. Phthalates are another class of chemicals that are often used in deodorants and antiperspirants that you may want to avoid. Triclosan is another common ingredient included in commercial deodorants. It is utilised as the odour killing part of antiperspirants for its antibacterial properties. Himalayan Salt is a pure, hand-mined salt that is derived from ancient sea salt deposits in the foothills of the Himalayas. Protected from pollution and impurities since their formation 200 million years ago, Pink Himalayan Salt is believed to be the purest form of salt on our planet. Now you can get rid of odour naturally!

''I just always feel that you need Degree deodorant when you have those moments whether they are embarrassing or whatever, but every day you should be protected. I wish that maybe I had a type of celebrity to look up to when I was young telling me what to use and stuff.'' - Ashley Tisdale 


Experience the Natural Protection of Himalayan Salt - Order Today

  • Himalayan Salt - 100% Natural.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free. 
  • Apply a little water to the Himalayan Salt Stick Deodorant Stone & gently glide over clean underarms and let it air dry.

Please note that excessive rubbing may cause irritation. You may encounter a burning sensation, please wash areas that irritate with water. The irritation will disappear after a few seconds. Dry the stick after use and store it in a dry place.

TIP: This stick can also be a great tool for a soothing massage, Warm in the oven for 15 minutes to around 75 to 90 degrees Celsius and use with massage oils for a soothing treatment. Please use a heat proof glove, when removing the salt stick out of the oven, place on wooden cutting board until the right temperature, use with care! The Salt Stick can also be used as Foot Deodorant.

NOTE: Excessive rubbing could cause irritation on skin. Please be gentle with your skin. Do not apply salt to open skin or wounds. If under medical supervision or pregnant, please consult with a physician before use.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: Made in Pakistan.
  • Size: 300g.
  • Dimensions: 3,5 x 12,5 (cm).
  • Storage: Keep in sealed. Store the stick in a cool dry place, out of sunlight.


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