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Essential Oils as Perfume Replacements

30 November 2023
Perfume Replacements
Synthetic fragrances dominate the mainstream market with their overpowering scents but the trend of using essential oils as a perfume replacement has been gaining momentum. The ingredients in perfumes are painfully vast and normally consist of things such as benzyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, benzaldehyde, formaldehyde, methylene chloride – to name a few! Phthalates are potentially hazardous to humans and we are all happily putting these on our skin.

20 Natural Migraine Relievers

18 October 2023
Migraine Relievers
Migraine headaches, the unruly troublemakers of the neurological world, love nothing more than to wreak havoc on our brains with their twisted sense of humour. They have a knack for causing chaos by toying with our blood flow, nerve signaling, and even our muscle functions. Truly, they are the jesters of our nervous system. These migraines, playful as they may be, have a whole repertoire of triggers up their sleeves.

The Third Eye – A Mystical Concept

16 June 2023
The Third Eye
Yeah! Let’s talk about spirituality and Enlightenment. This article’s main topic is The Third Eye, which is a mystical concept that refers to an invisible eye located in the centre of your forehead, just above the eyebrows. It is often associated with spirituality, mysticism, and psychic abilities, and is believed to have the power to see beyond the physical world.