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Black Seed Oil for Grey Hair Cessation & Prevention

19 September 2023
Grey Hair Cessation
Black Seed Oil is a smooth, rich oil of youth and beauty, but here I will focus on what I know of its effects on hair, specifically colour. Black Seed Oil, extracted from the tiny but mighty Nigella Sativa Seeds, is a not so hidden gem. Beyond its renowned health benefits, there's a growing belief that Black Seed Oil possesses the remarkable ability to reverse and prevent grey hair.

Ancient Egyptian Secret Fat for Health: Black Seed Oil!

16 August 2023
Ancient Egyptian Secret
In the year 1923, a clever British archaeologist stumbled upon the magnificent burial site of the legendary Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun (aka the one and only King Tut). And oh boy, did he uncover some jaw-dropping treasures! Picture this: shimmering golden shrines, dazzling jewellery, majestic statues, fearsome weapons, and even fashionable ancient Egyptian attire. But amidst all these riches, there was one peculiar item that caught everyone's attention...