Yerba Santa Wand

Incense (Holy Herb) Breathing Respiratory (Grown in California)
1 Stick (10cm)

Yerba Santa is Spanish for “Holy Herb”, so named by missionary priests who were amazed by its healing powers. This 100% natural smudge not only creates an uplifting scent but it is also ideal to protect and purify both yourself and your environment. It is traditionally used as a smudge or incense to neutralise harmful energy and support healing ceremonies. Yerba Santa is considered sacred by Native American and Spanish cultures.

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The high quality of Ancient Purity’s Yerba Santa Incense provides a completely natural and beneficial fragrance experience. Yerba Santa is a herb native to the Western United States. It was traditionally used by North American shamans for spiritual and medicinal healing purposes.  It is considered having health-improving properties with regards to respiratory conditions. The incense also functions as a soother of the ambience.  In Mexican and Native American healing traditions, herbal Yerba Santa Incense was burnt to chase away negative spirits which were believed to be the cause of sickness and misfortune. Also known as... Gum Bush, Mountain Balm, Sacred Herb and Sacred Weed.

Yerba santa has a lengthy history of being used medicinally and was initially used by Native Americans. Spanish settlers named the plant yerba santa due to its medicinal qualities. It is also an ingredient in certain over-the-counter natural products. However, its usefulness is not proven for any health issues. Therefore, yerba santa shouldn’t be used without supervision from your physician. Yerba santa can be used to lower temperature and to loosen phlegm. In its herb form, not incense, it can also be applied to your skin to treat bruises, sprains, rheumatic joint pain, wounds, and insect bites. It is an ideal incense / smudge stick to purify your home and clear your head.

Yerba Santa

  • A Breath of Health.
  • Grown in the USA.
  • Promotes Respiratory Health.
  • Traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection & purification.
  • Can be broken down and made into a poultice.
  • Ethically sourced supporting indigenous communities.
  • Provides connection to the Native American Traditions.
  • Uplifting scent... Burn it to nurture and protect that which is ancient, sacred and wild within you.
native american yerba santa

Ancient Incense

The Indians used Yerba Santa Incense to answer their prayers and to gain positive energy. The fragrance of Yerba Santa is similar to the smell of white sage, but the aroma is a lot sweeter. Yerba Santa is known for having an enjoyable spicy scent that helps dispelling gloomy feelings. In combination with decent ventilation of your house, Yerba Santa Incense is outstanding for creating clean air. This ‘holy herb’ is known for its uplifting scent that combines well with white sage or sweet grass.  Only natural ingredients have been used creating our Yerba Santa Incense. For example, several essential oils, spices and herbs, spices are used. In addition to this sacred incense smelling gorgeous, a number of herbal ingredients will be beneficial for your emotional wellbeing. 

The otherworldly scent helps you to fully unwind. I always use this herbal incense as a booster after a day of research and writing. The special herbal flavours help you to get rid of negative feelings. Yerba Santa Incense suits all types of occasions. The calming fragrance provided by the incense is also perfect to meditate, especially if you are worried and need some energy. Just light an incense stick, open one of your windows, and let Ancient Purity’s Holy Herb lend a hand getting rid of negativity. Yerba Santa Incense is also very suitable as a unique gift item.

The Holy & Sacred Herb

yerba santa smudge stick

Yerba Santa Gives

There isn’t enough info out there to ascertain how effective Yerba Santa can be for any medicinal use. you will find no published research assessing the effectiveness of yerba santa in adults, children, or even animals. Nevertheless, anecdotal information indicates that Yerba Santa might have favorable expectorant effects. It can be used to treat the irritation of the skin, and Yerba Santa is also being assessed for possible gains in managing dry mouth. It is also sometimes utilised as a substitute for tobacco. The scent of Yerba Santa Incense is uplifting creating a spiritual relaxing atmosphere. 

Acute Illnesses... At the beginning of any sort of a cold, particularly if you have a cough or bronchial irritation, this herb can relieve and potentially expel the symptoms.
Digestive Support... Salivation and digestion is helped by yerba santa. The excessive saliva production assists the digestive process and may relieve some digestive difficulties.
Fatigue... Since the herb acts as a stimulant it decreases fatigue and curbs the desire to eat.

Toni Corelli states in her book "Flowering Plants of Edgewood Natural Preserve" that not solely was Yerba Santa Incense used for respiratory difficulties, but also for urethral irritation and chronic gastritis. These findings are also well documented in Michael Moore's book "Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West". Toni continues writing about the incense’s use as a poultice being applied to wounds to reduce swelling, as a help in mending fractured bones as well as for relieving aches. Another reference reports the sticky leaves were used binding wounds before the time of sterile bandages. Traditionally used as an incense or smudge for protection and setting boundaries, the sacred Yerba Santa has also been used for beauty, love, growth, purification and empowerment, and for releasing emotional pain present in the heart chakra. 

Grown in California

California Yerba Santa

Revered across lands

The herb, also known as bear's weed, consumptive's weed, gum bush, and mountain balm, is still primarily used for respiratory congestion, either from acute asthma, colds, or coughs. When used externally for bruises, mosquito bites, or sprains, yerba santa can be applied as a poultice. The herb also used as a tonic to cleanse the blood, tone the nervous system, stimulate the mind, and control the appetite.

It is also believed to enhance the action of other herbs when used in combination. It has a sweet, slightly bitter taste. As practiced by generations of these native people, the pointed end of the smudge bundle, while held over a bowl of sand, is ignited. Blowing on the glowing surface will provide the fragrant smoke. Saying a prayer for someone special or in need, while gently wanding the bundle around the area, will enhance the enjoyment of this ancient sacred ritual. After smudging extinguish the lighted embers by rubbing in the bowl of sand. 

Experience a Healing Breath of Yerba Santa - Order Today

yerba santa wand smudge stick breathing
  • Pure Yerba Santa.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free.
  • Burn the incense in the room you will spend most of your time, or spread it around the house.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: California or Oregan (Depending on batch) (USA).
  • Names: Yerba Santa / Eriodictyon californicum.
  • Size: 10cm.
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.


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