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Carefully Handmade Bombillas a Natural Straw for Hot Herbal Drinks (Argentina)
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We love this Bombilla it's so ancient and cool, handcrafted in Argentina the traditional way. Bombillas were used by Gauchos while travelling on the Pampas. Gauchos were the nomadic and colourful horsemen and cowhands of the Argentine and Uruguayan Pampas (grasslands), who flourished from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century and has remained a folk hero similar to cowboys in the USA.

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Ancient Purity use these attractive natural Straws for our Herbal Elixirs, they've been created using traditional techniques. The cane Bombillas have tiny holes drilled into the bottom of the straws so that they act a sieve for drinking herbal teas. So they are the perfect, simple way to drink and enjoy your herb teas. They're durable and hardy, easy to carry around, each Bombilla will vary slightly in shape and size.

Each Bombilla is uniquely made, never are two the same, they're made in Argentina the traditional way, it is their indigenous home. Bombillas last a lifetime if looked after, clean them carefully. The Bombillas are created from Cane - perennial grasses with flexible, woody stalks, 100% natural, fitting as they're used in the grasslands. For Smoothies and juices we recommend our Glass Vortex Straw (See Related Products).

Bombillas - Natural Straw's for the ultimate Loose Herbs / Tea Leaf Drinks

guachos Bombillas straw natural handmade

The History Starts

Some cultures, such as the Ch’unchu tribe or Kaingang people did drink their traditional mate (Traditional South American Tea) without a Bombilla Straw. The use of this handy tool is as ancient as the tea drink itself. The Guaraní people, as far as we know, called it Bombilla, but bamboo canes as well. Cane was the natural material they used to make Bombilla Straws.

To make a straw, they would, firstly, select a thin rode of around 5mm diameter. Secondly, they would cut it from under the knot of the cane to approximately 20 cm long. Next, the knot was perforated several times, allowing water to flow through the little device. Another method was cutting in between the knots, and then using a small, hollow fruit, that was perforated and adjusted to a cane. A third was to produce  a small net with vegetal fibres that was then put to the cane. 

Carried by Gauchos (Cowboys) across the Pampas (Grasslands) Argentina

Bombillas straw natural handmade in Argentina

Each Bombillas Straw is Unique and Handmade

Argentina made Bombillas straw natural handmade
Bombillas straw natural handmade  organic herbal tea straw

Through the Ages

The Spanish invaders understood the the tacuapí’s function as equivalent to a water pump and began naming the tool a bomba. However, because of its distinctive shape, the diminutive Bombilla, was used and popularised. In some regions of Paraguay and Brazil, bomba is still the used name, as well as mombillape and mombilla. In Spanish language, a bombilla straw is also referred to as cañita, which is the diminutive of caña. Cane is Caña in Spanish. Using cane Bombilla Straws was so widespread that in the 19th Century in Argentina, even the bombillas made out of metal were called cañitas.

About the cane Bombilla Straws, the shape is rather simple and resembles a straw’s end. Metal bombilla straws are another story. When drinking the hot mate, metal Bombilla Straws would cause burns, whereas cane Bombilla Straws would not.

They're still popular Today and used by the Gauchos

guachos Argentina Bombillas straw natural

Experience your Herbal Teas Naturally and Traditionally - Order Today

Bombillas straw natural handmade Argentina
  • Traditionally made from cane.
  • Use every day when having hot drinks.
  • Perfect for use with strong fluids like Fulvic Minerals.
  • If you have sensitive teeth use the Glass Vortex Straw to consume fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Origin: Argentina.
  • Size: Each Bombilla is unique.
  • Production: Handmade-traditional-workmanship.


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