Pine Needles (Tea)

Shedding / Spikes (Pinus Sylvestris) Ancient Herbal Tea
50 - 150g ( 1.76-5.29 oz.) Herbs

Ancient Purity presents a gift from pristine, ancient woodlands, Pine Needles (Pinus Sylvestris) have a unique scent when burned as incense and traditionally enjoyed when inhaled. Taoist priests drank Pine Needle Tea. 100% Botanical ingredients, pure Pine Needles. Make your own Herbal concoctions, and incense. Breathe in the Pine Needles through an oil burner. Pine Needles are an abundant gift of nature, the practice of collecting Pine Needles is sustainable. Pine Needles have a great unique scent when burned as incense and are revered in aromatherapy. The Woods are alive in Pine Needles, they're a vision of the Great Out Doors an Element of the Forest. Supplied in Eco Kraft Bag, safe for daily consumption.

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Ancient Purity presents... Pine Needles (Pinus Sylvestris) for making your own Herbal concoctions, and incense. Breathe in the Pine Needles through an oil burner.

Pine Needles are an abundant gift of nature, the practice of collecting Pine Needles is sustainable. Pine Needles have a great unique scent when burned as incense and are revered in aromatherapy.

Pine Needles - Information & Points to Research

  • A Gift from the Woodlands.
  • Ancient Tea Consumed for Centuries.
  • Tasty Herbal Tea.
  • Might Support Healthy Weight.
  • Supplied in Eco Kraft Bag.
  • Burn for a Natural Forest Scent.
  • Natural Pine Aroma.
  • Sustainable.
  • The fallen Needles of Pine Tree.
  • A Vision of the Great Out Doors.
  • An Element of the Forest.
  • The Woods are Alive in Pine Needles.
  • May Be Antioxidants-Rich.
  • We can find Pine Needle Tea's mention in Memoirs, Encyclopedias & Folklore.

Pine Needles... Ancient Purity in Action

Pine Needles for making your own detoxifying and protective 100% Herbal Tea. Our Pine Needles were collected wild, clean and safe, nothing sprayed and naturally untouched. Breathe in the Pine Needles through an oil burner. Today, this abundant gift of nature, Pine Needles are more important than perhaps during any other time in history. Pine Needle Tea is now an essential for every health conscious home, drinking Pine Needle Tea gives a positive sense of wellbeing and it might be an effective tool against an imbalance.

Pine Needles... From Pristine Woodlands to your Favourite Mug

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The Tea of Nature - Enjoyed by Foragers

Pine Needles when made into a Tea actually have a pleasant taste and an earthly forest scent. At Ancient Purity we love to use Longan Fruit Honey and Lemon in the Tea and are also using the same Tea combo with the Pine Needle Essential Oil. This is so important because a lot of Herbal Teas are not enjoyable to drink, when one is truly enjoyable like Pine Needle Tea it makes it easy to consume. First of all, Pine Needle Tea (also called just pine tea or sometimes white pine tea) is delicious, like drinking a little bit of the scent of a pine forest or fresh Christmas tree. Second, Pine Needles have useful medicinal properties. Last, this delicious and healthy tea is free to any forager with access to a pine tree. Most people don’t realise the trees around us offer ample foraging opportunities. In the case of evergreens, like pine and spruce, the fact they can be foraged all year long, when nothing else is growing, makes them all the more valuable.

Pine Needles... An Abundant Natural Solution

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Pine Needles in Aromatherapy

Pine Needles produce an aromatic smoke giving a truly natural, woody, herby scent. The inhalation of Pine Needles is clearing and grounding to the atmosphere. We at Ancient Purity use Pine Needle Essential Oil and all agree that it has the distinctive Pine odour, yet with a slightly sweet, woody and spicy green touch. Try our high quality Pine Needles Essential Oil (See Related Products at the bottom of this page) For pure, clean-smelling air throughout your home, burn some Pine Needles for 15–30 minutes using an oil burner.

While writing this I feel the urge to go back to the main subject, the tea. I'm actually about to drink Pine Needle Tea, Ancient Purity’s Pristine Woodland collected Pine Needle Tea has a pleasant flavour and relaxing smell, I personally enjoy this over my usual breakfast tea. 

Sustainable & Abundant - Pine Needles

Pine needle tea shedding detox from vaccine

Pine Needles... Closing Thoughts

An Ancient Gift from the Woodlands, Ancient Purity made sure that the Pine Needles were collected from healthy trees growing far away from road sides where they may be subject to frequent traffic exhaust, road salts, weed sprays and maintenance chemicals. Tea made with our Pine Needles is as natural as it was centuries ago! Finally I would like to give you a tip.

Should our Essential Pine Needle Oil be too costly for you, take some Pine Needles and on your stove let them soak in boiling water. This will provide a crisp uplifting Pine fragrance throughout your entire house that is perfect for enjoying Christmas time even more. Ok I'm really sorry for writing that as it's August at the moment, but hopefully you'll be back here again at festive season, even better come to visit Ancient Purity, it looks amazing in the snow.

"Fill the path with fallen needles of the pine tree, So that no one knows If anyone lives there." - Ikkyu

Experience the Protective Power of Pine Needles - Order Today

The natural benefits of Pine Needle Tea or Pine Leaf Tea are attributed to its antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, energising, antiseptic, and aromatic properties. Pine Needle Tea has high Vitamin C levels promoting its immunity boosting abilities. Also it has a great unique scent when burned as incense and therefore it is used and revered in aromatherapy. The molecules found in Pine Needles have unique functions in relation to blood clots and protection. They contain Suramin which researchers have praised for its medicinal properties, as well as shikimic acid used in antivirals. Pine Needles are gaining interest because of their power against a unexpected modern enemy of health in 2021, we can't discuss that for obvious reasons but let us tell you as much as we can about this ancient gift from the trees.
  • Pine Needles (Pinus Sylvestris). 
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free.

Tea: Fill a pan with 3 cups of water and heat gently to a simmer. Next you should add a handful of Pine Needles to the water. For stronger tea, add more Pine Needles rather than increasing the heat. Let steep for about 20 minutes, strain the needles out or leave them in while you drink. If you plan on storing your tea for later, remove the needles to prevent over-steeping. Add honey and lemon for flavour.

Intake: Can be consumed daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. For pre protection we recommend drinking at least 30 minutes before, for detox consume as soon as possible after.

WARNING: Avoid you are pregnant.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 50/150g ( 1.76-5.29 oz.).
  • Container: Kraft Paper Pouch.
  • Storage: Store in a dry place.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 5+ years.

Q - I have heard about using Pine Needle Tea now as a solution to whats going on in the world and also staying protected from others.
A -
We can no longer comment or offer opinions and advice on this.

Q – What is Pine Needle Tea really good for?
A - We can no longer share this information.

Q – I want to lose weight. Will drinking Pine Needle Tea help?
A - We can no longer share any opinion.

Q – Aren’t Pine Needles toxic?
A – Yes some are, such as the needles from any Cypress or Yew tree which we obviously don’t use. Ancient Purity’s Pine Needles are from the Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) 

Q – How can Pine Needles Tea help with feeling feel spiritually drained?
A - We can no longer share this information.

Q – Can I cook with Pine Needles?
A – That’s a great question! Yes, you can cook with Pine Needles. They can brighten up a meat dish, impart a piny, citrusy flavour, and give off a woody earthy aroma. I’m sure you can find more on this subject by doing some online research.


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