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Good Luck Bracelets (Handmade in Bali) Choose From Five Colours
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Authentic Feng Shui Bracelets…these unique bracelets are made from wooden coins of fortune and vibrantly-coloured beads. In ancient times, many people did wear Chinese coins. They served as a powerful amulet to protect the user against negative energy, misery and illness. In the centre, these round coins have a square hole that symbolises heaven and earth. This makes these Feng Shui Bracelets an incredibly potent tool for attracting an abundance of prosperity, wealth and money into your life. The good luck bracelets come in 5 different colours.  They are the ideal gift for a friend or someone special; or a great item for giving yourself to maintain balance in life, good fortune and peace. Try it! Maybe after having worn the bracelet for one month, you’ll be wealthy in all the important areas of life. Choose Red, Purple, Black, turquoise, Green.

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The Chinese words "feng" & "shui" translate to “wind” and “water," respectively. Derived from an ancient poem, the philosophy of Feng Shui is about human life being connected and flowing with the surrounding environment. In many Asian cultures, this philosophy is known as the Tao, which translates to “the way." The way of nature is Taoism and all of Feng Shui’s basic principles reflect nature. We can define it as a Chinese geomantic practice in which a site or structure is chosen or configured so as to harmonise with the spiritual powers inhabiting it. 

Feng Shui Bracelets - Information & Points to Research

  • Beautifully Made with Coloured Beads & Good Luck Coins.
  • Based on the Ancient Chinese Feng Shui Philosophy. 
  • Made in Bali (Indonesia).
  • Achieve Harmony & Balance.
  • Get Rid of Negative Energy.
  • Chose out of Five Colours.
  • Lime Green
  • Purple.
  • Green.
  • Black.
  • Red.

A Feng Shui Bracelet can Work for You!

Feng Shui bracelets can be a fun and beautiful way to enhance your personal energy. They can support you while you manifest your dreams. They can help you set your intentions. But will a Feng Shui bracelet work for you? Do you perhaps need some extra aid setting and keeping your desired intentions? If you are having difficulties manifesting something you wish (like a better job, new house, money, a partner, etc) then a Feng Shui Bracelet might help! You can wear this bracelet as a way reinforcing your intentions. You can focus on the bracelet several times daily as a way to balance your positive energy and focus on the things you want. If you love beads, a Feng Shui Bracelet might truly help you align your vibration!

Well, they work by aligning your energetic field with your goals or what you’re trying to attract. Feng Shui bracelets work in the same way that crystals work.  They help you align the energy in your body with whatever it is you’re trying to attract. In fact, if you set a strong intention and then choose a Feng Shui bracelet to enhance that intention, it will work even better. Good Luck!

Apply an Ancient Tradition to your Home

Feng Shui

When you hear people talk feng shui and trying to ensure their house has the correct balance or chi, do you really understand what that means? Well, Feng Shui is an ancient science and art and which was developed in China more than over 3,000 years ago. We said it already. Feng Shui translates to wind and water. In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with a healthy life. Thus, Feng Shui became to mean good luck. A Feng Shui bracelet is an extension of that. Based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, Chi is the idea that the land is filled with energy and is alive.

Essentially Feng Shui is the interaction of people and their surrounding environment. It enables practitioners to influence these interacting energies to get specific life enhancements. This influence is possible by designing or by positioning your surroundings in harmony with the natural energy flow’s principles. Feng Shui shows how to balance any given space’s energies to assure good fortune and health for those inhabiting it. These systems of laws for spatial arrangement and orientation are taken into account when people are designing buildings, placing furniture and possessions and even bodies. It offers a unique way of looking at these elements and provides balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment.

Feng Shui Bracelet… Closing Thoughts

Each Feng Shui bracelet can carry the energy of your dreams and help you focus your intentions to reach your goals. Are you ready to give them a try with an open mind and the possibility that they will work for you? If so, a Feng Shui Bracelet can be a really fun way to help bring your dreams to life! The Feng Shui Bracelets supplied by Ancient Purity are made of specific beads and old coins that help you create luck, good fortune, and serendipity in your life.

The basis of Feng Shui is creating an environment that is supportive of your dreams and goals. These bracelets are extensions of that. It can help reinforce your dreams and align the energy of your personal aura to help you manifest it! If you are having a hard time holding the vibration of your dreams, Feng Shui bracelets can help you. Wearing a bracelet and then using it in your manifestation rituals can help you bring your dreams to life! 

Experience a Little Feng Shui Balance - Order Today

  • Wear anywhere and everywhere.
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  • Origin: Bali (Indonesia).


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