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South African Miracle Herb
250g (8.82 oz) Dried Herb

Buchu, South Africa's "Miracle Herb" The leaves of the Buchu plant are a fantastic source of minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins. Today buchu is hugely popular for its healing properties and unique flavour. Before the dawn of modern medicine, Buchu was a trusted medicinal plant used by the San and Khoisan.


Indigenous to South Africa, Buchu is an evergreen, flowering shrub. It forms part of the Capes fynbos plant kingdom. The use of buchu was first documented by the Dutch colonists in Cape Town as far back as 1652, and prior to that, the indigenous Khoisan people used it for its medicinal and anti-ageing properties. Buchu was even used during the Crimean and First World Wars as an antiseptic to clean battlefield wounds. 

In the 1700s the Khoisan introduced Buchu to the European settlers, who in turn, introduced the plant to Europe in the late 1700s. The use of Buchu spread around the globe and evidence of its fame was found in the cargo manifest of the Titanic, which carried 8 bales of Buchu when the ship went down. 

Today Buchu is hugely popular for its healing properties and unique flavour.  The oil of Buchu is a strong diuretic and also has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antispasmodic properties, enabling it to act as a natural antibiotic. Buchu also acts as an anti-inflammatory (for gout, rheumatism and other symptoms of overindulgence), a stomach tonic and a cleansing herb. It can also be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal and urinary tract ailments. Buchu oil is a valuable source of vitamin A, B, C, E as well as numerous minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids.

Substantial research into the medicinal properties of Buchu has only been commissioned in the last 15-years. The research results conclusively support the anecdotal evidence and testimonials offered throughout the centuries.

Buchu’s Properties

  • Natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Antifungal.
  • Antihistamine.
  • Stomach settler.
  • Bladder Health.
  • Joint Health.
  • Skin problems.

Exclusive to South Africa the ‘miracle herb’ Buchu – a potent, natural anti-inflammatory known to assist in the management of a host of chronic, inflammatory ailments, without yielding any of the side effects often associated with chemical medications. 

Research on Buchu
Experts say the use of Buchu products should be encouraged for its tremendous health benefits. Professor Patrick Bouic, an independent researcher for Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals says Buchu is one of the country’s “best-kept secrets”. Buchu, a Fynbos species forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom. 

“The medicinal benefits of this plant are incredible. Research shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of Buchu outperform well-known molecules normally used to treat-inflammation. Buchu has an average 60% higher activity at an equivalent concentration of Quercetin which is well known for its anti-inflammatory activity”.
“This is a medicinal plant like no other. It’s incredibly valuable and more people should be encouraged to use it, both topically and orally,” Bouic says. 

Benefits of Buchu Tea
Buchu is rich in many elements, making this tea a nutritious beverage. It contains a high amount of volatile oils, flavonoids, mucilage, resins, tannins, antioxidants, minerals, such as calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, sodium and zinc. It also contains vitamins A, B, C and E. These elements combine to give you a number of benefits.

Urinary Tract / Bladder / Kidney / Prostrate
The most popular use for buchu tea is the treatment of mild urinary tract ailments. Its antiseptic property stimulates urine flow helping to flush out the cause of the infection and possibly reduce pain that you may be experiencing when urinating. You may need to urinate more frequently.
Buchu may prove helpful when you have a mild infection in the bladder, also known as cystitis, or in the urethra or kidneys. 

This tea may also help reduce prostate inflammation, bringing relief to incontinence brought on by the prostate disorder. It could also help deal with regular bed wetting and incontinence. This herbal tea nourishes and strengthens your urinary tract. Drinking this tea could also help break up and eliminate kidney or bladder stones.

Detox and Cleansing
Buchu tea is considered a powerful diuretic, helping to eliminate toxins from your body and reduce excess water. A good cup of this herbal tea is a great way to fight water retention, through increased urine flow and perspiration. 
This herbal tea is considered a nourishing and antiseptic tonic that cleanses the body of bacterial or fungal agents that may be at the root of some infections or inflammations. It functions also as a stimulant and general nourishing beverage.

It also promotes the proper functioning of your liver, a vital organ in your body that keeps it in balance, produces hormones. So drinking this herbal tea may also help you to better recover after a night of too much drinking and a morning with a bad hangover.

A Tea for Digestion
A cup of buchu tea may also be helpful when you suffer from minor digestive problems. Be careful not to drink too much or it may worsen your condition. This herbal tea may improve your digestion by treating stomach pains and preventing indigestion and heartburn. It is a natural antispasmodic, which means that it may help to keep your stomach calm and relieve nausea. 
It may also work on the intestinal tract by reducing inflammation of the colon and preventing gas, bloating and flatulence. Reducing spasms may also be a way of easing cramps and bowel pains. Buchu tea may also be helpful when it comes to weight management. If your stomach functions properly and your intestines are healthy, your body is better able to absorb the nutrients it needs and quickly eliminate the substances that are toxic or lead to excessive weight gain.

Blood Regulator
Drinking buchu tea may aid in regulating a number of issues related with your circulatory system. It may help to regulate blood sugar levels keeping them in check from reaching dangerously high levels or rapid drops (hypoglycemia), which could cause you to faint.
This tea may also be a tool to help keep your cholesterol level under control and lower high blood pressure preventing the occurrence of hypertension that could lead to heart failure. Although more research is needed, the studies already done seem to be promising.

Reproductive Tonic 
Buchu tea may be considered a reproductive tonic for both men and women. By helping your liver to stay healthy, this tea may help keep your hormones in balance. Women may find this tea helpful both before and during menstruation. It has been found that buchu tea may be useful when you experience PMS bloating or cramping. As a uterine tonic, this tea may help regulate your period and reduce cramping during menstruation also. Men may find this tea helpful in the event of low sperm count or even periods of impotence. Buchu infusions may also be used to help treat sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea or other gynaecological infections. Make sure to speak to a doctor to be properly tested and monitored during the treatment of your illness.

Rheumatism / Arthritic Pain / Gout
The cleansing action of buchu tea may be important if you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis. Because this tea acts as a diuretic it helps to eliminate the toxins (uric acid) that are causing joints and tissues to get inflamed. This tea may bring relief and allow you to control the pain from arthritis and rheumatism. It may help bring down the swelling of joints and relieve muscular cramps. It relieves and strengthens muscles that could be damaged by strenuous exercise. If you are experiencing gout, then this herbal infusion may also be a form of alternative treatment for you.

Respiratory Health
This tea may also help out when you experience respiratory disorders, from simple coughs to pulmonary oedema. The way buchu tea boosts perspiration may be also helpful when you have a cold or the flu with fever, as it helps your body to sweat out the microbes and bacterial more quickly.

Cape Floral Kingdom

  • A World Heritage Site in the Western Cape.
  • Smallest of six Floral Kingdoms worldwide.
  • Largest in terms of botanical diversity.
  • Endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa.

The herbs name may appear as Buchu in English, Boegoe in Afrikaans, or iBuchu in Xhosa. Sometimes you may find it under different spellings such as Bookoo, Bucko, Bucco or under the name Diosma. The genus name Agathosma derives from the Greek and means "good fragrance". Buchu has found its way into the world of cosmetics and food flavourings due to the strong aroma that resides in these leaves. The scented leaves are used to mix perfumes and used in aromatherapy or potpourris. In the food industry, buchu is used for its minty black currant flavour. 


  • Buchu - 100% Natural.
  • Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals, non-irradiated and GMO-free. 


  • 1 teaspoon of Buchu in a cup (250ml) of boiled water.
  • Steep for 10 minutes before drinking.
  • 2 - 3 cups daily or as directed by your Herbalist or healthcare practitioner.
  • Can be enjoyed as an iced tea.

Warning: Buchu tea should not be drunk by pregnant women as it is said to stimulate the uterus, increasing menstrual flow, and could cause a miscarriage. Breastfeeding women should not drink this tea unless recommended by their doctor. 

This herbal tea may reduce your body's ability to coagulate blood. This could make bleeding disorders worse or make a cut or wound bleed much more than natural. To be safe, stop taking this tea 2 weeks before undergoing surgery.

If you are suffering from acute kidney infection or Liver disease, do not take this tea unless recommended by your doctor as it may cause swelling or irritation of the urinary tract. It could make your situation worse and become seriously dangerous.


  • Size: 250g.
  • Origin: South Africa.
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 years.


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