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Healthy Fibre - Weight-loss Regularity Detox (Probiotic/Prebiotic) India Origin
350g (12.34 oz.) Ground Husk

Psyllium Husk a natural source of fibre known to help with bowel movements. As Psyllium Husks pass through our body they transform to gel, this then considerably expands, thus supporting the collection of waste products in the intestines and carrying them out. Fibre is a key part of our dietary intake to ensure we maintain a healthy bowel. Not eating enough fibre can lead to digestive problems such as constipation and other chronic digestive disorders. Psyllium Husk is known to maintain normal bowel transit and helps provide your recommended daily intake of fibre - something that many of us lack with the modern diet. Psyllium Husk helps relieve symptoms of constipation by softening stools and congestion of the bowels. Psyllium Husk is quickly becoming popular in Keto style diets. It is very difficult to get enough fibre in a diet when you eliminate the carbohydrates. Psyllium Husk offers the solution without the unwanted affects. 100g of Psyllium Husk provides 71g of soluble fibre a similar amount of oat bran contains only 5g of soluble fibre. The herb also provides a feeling of fullness that is helpful before meals. Psyllium Husk is safe for daily use.

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Ancient Purity presents the perfect Detox partner to Bentonite Clay. Psyllium is the husk of the seed of the Plantago and it contains a spongy fibre that reduces appetite, improves digestion and cleanses the system, making it an excellent choice for healthy dieting. It's a gentle, simple way to add valuable bulk to your diet. As Psyllium Husks pass through the body they turn into a gel which expands considerably supporting the collection of waste products through the intestines. Psyllium can provide the fibre that is missing on low carbohydrate diets. Each 100g of Psyllium Husk provides 71g of soluble fibre; a similar amount of oat bran contains only 5g of soluble fibre. The herb also provides a feeling of fullness that is helpful before meals. Psyllium Husk is one of the simplest, healthiest and most effective herbs for weight control.

Psyllium Husk is quickly becoming one of the top recommendations for people using low-carb style diets. It is very difficult to get enough fibre in a diet when you eliminate the carbohydrates in cereals, whole grains and fruits. Each serving is a rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre that meets your daily fibre needs. Psyllium seed husks are also known as ispaghula, isabgol, or psyllium, are portions of the seeds of the plant Plantagoovata, (genus Plantago), a native of India and Pakistan. They are hygroscopic, which allows them to expand and become mucilaginous. The U.S. (FDA) has established a tangible benefit Psyllium seed husk intake and a decreased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Psyllium's soluble fibre thus has the potential to decrease the risk of CHD. Studies reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown Psyllium Husk to be quite effective in lowering total as well as LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels.

Psyllium Husk Whole - Information & Points to Research

  • Clean, Safe, Effective... Plant-Based Solution
  • Naturally Promotes your Healthy Elimination & Regularity, Combating Constipation.
  • Supports your Normal Cholesterol Levels & Heart health.
  • Effective in the Keto Diets as a Fibre Source.
  • Provides Support for your Gastrointestinal & Immune System Health.
  • Helps Maintain & Support your Healthy Weight and Makes you Feel Full Longer.
  • Probiotic/Prebiotic Benefits.
  • Softens Stools & Congestion of the Bowels.
  • Blood Sugar Balance.
  • Use with Bentonite Clay for Optimal Results.
  • 100g of Psyllium Husk Provides 71g of Soluble Fibre.
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Natural, Safe Solutions

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The Benefits of Fibre.

Fibre has long been recognised for helping with digestive regularity and occasional constipation. However, the advantages of a fibre-rich diet go far beyond these basic benefits. In fact, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fibre per day from Psyllium seed husk may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of Organic Whole Husk Psyllium provides 4.3 grams of this soluble fibre. In addition, a diet rich in fibre:

  • Can contribute to a sense of fullness which may prevent over-eating and help you regulate your weight.
  • Promotes growth of healthy bacteria and the food they need to thrive, which may help enhance your immune system's ability to promote good immunity.
  • Can slow your absorption of sugars, which has the potential to promote healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Can add "bulk" to your stool as it supports regularity and elimination.

Natural and Settling

Digestion / Stomach / Gut Health

Psyllium soaks up a significant amount of water in the digestive tract, thereby making stool firmer and, under these circumstances, slower to pass. Psyllium also has the additional advantages over other sources of fibre of reducing flatulence and bloating. It may be recommended by a physician to help soften stool and reduce the pain associated with haemorrhoids. It has also been used for IBS (a stress-related disorder with alternating bouts of diarrhoea and constipation) because it will produce easy bowel movements with a loose stool.

Psyllium Husk is used by patients with anal fissures (cracks in the skin near the anus) and haemorrhoids and is often recommended following anal or rectal surgery, during pregnancy and as a secondary treatment in certain types of diarrhoea. In a study of people with ulcerative colitis (a type of inflammatory bowel disorder), Psyllium seeds were shown to be highly effective in decreasing recurrences. In addition, a physician may recommend the use of Psyllium as a bulking agent for mild to moderate cases of diarrhoea from gut, stomach and digestive issues.

Sooth your Digestive System

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In addition Psyllium Husk's colon cleansing abilities or regularity support it is an effective weight-loss supplement. Psyllium Husk taken 30 minutes before meals will have time to expand in your stomach and give you a "full" feeling, meaning smaller meals and weight-loss. This is because when you mix it with water, it swells up to 10 times its original size. So eating it fills your stomach and reduces hunger. Psyllium Husk helps in cleansing colon... It is a good colon cleanser, which in turn, supports gastrointestinal health. This helps in building a strong immune system and effectively helps in losing weight.

Psyllium husk helps to fight against body bulge: When it cleanses colon, improves digestive system and strengthens immunity, it automatically builds a strong body system that helps in reducing body fat. Psyllium husk is enriched with both soluble as well as insoluble fibre. It aids smooth bowel movements, which is essential for losing weight. According to experts, 2 tablespoons of Psyllium Husk contain just 32 calories. With so many expensive and often lacking in results weight-loss supplements on the market, many cheap fibre supplements, often in the pill form meaning tiny dose. When people choose Psyllium Husks they find the results so much more effective.

Control your Weight Naturally

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We Need At Least 32 Grams of Fibre Daily

Psyllium Husk uses

We can not digested fibre so it passes through us without being absorbed. Sources of fibre include fruit, wholegrains, brown rice, pulses and nuts.

A natural dietary source of fibre, psyllium husks absorb water in the digestive system, increasing in volume as they make their way through the body.

This helps to relieve symptoms of constipation by softening stools and congestion of the bowels.

When it comes to fibre, 32 grams is your minimum magic number. That's the amount of recommended fibre you should consume daily. But, if you're like most, you're likely only getting 10-15 grams – and yes, I know, it's pretty shocking, isn't it?

Plus, if you're on a low carb diet or just don't consume many fruits, vegetables or grains then you're probably even further from your magic number.

According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, people on low carb diets typically get only 7 to 8 grams of fibre daily! For your optimal health and wellbeing, you can't go wrong with adding more fibre into your daily diet.

Ideally, your diet will have foods high in soluble and insoluble fibre, including: Dried beans, Peas, Flax seed, Green beans and Cauliflower.

Psyllium Husk... Comfort & Movement


Probiotic Benefit

There are trillions of microorganisms that live in your digestive system – some are good, but others do not provide any benefit. When it comes to your health and well-being, they play an incredibly important role and your fibre intake can make a big difference. "Beneficial flora" are microorganisms that assist with digestion and absorption of your food, help support your immune system, and contribute to your body's overall heath and function.

Since less desirable flora in the gut must compete with the helpful microbes already in residence, daily probiotic use can be an effective measure to help us keep the balance of intestinal flora tipped in favour of beneficial flora. Probiotics are foods and supplements that actually contain these living beneficial microbes. Probiotics can help support your body's natural and healthy flora and support a healthy balance. How does all this relate to fibre? Beneficial bacteria love to feed on fibre (such as that found in Organic Whole Husk Psyllium). Whereas, less desirable bacteria like to eat refined sugars and fats – which Organic Whole Husk Psyllium may help reduce within your digestive system.

Clean, Natural & Effective

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Eat for Fibre Needs or Add this Simple Natural Solution

Finally, you have a choice when it comes to supplementing your daily fibre needs. No longer do you have to settle for less-than-optimal health just because you don't have the time to create a high-fibre diet. Psyllium Husk has the soluble and insoluble fibre you want.

  • Promotes regularity and growth of your healthy gut bacteria.
  • Helps with occasional constipation.
  • Provides heart-healthy soluble fibre.
  • Soluble fibre that can propel food, sugars, cholesterol and fats cleanly through your digestive tract. Importantly, soluble fibre can contribute beneficially to your heart health.
  • Insoluble fibre may act as a bulking agent to support your digestive regularity and to move food quickly through your colon.

Ancient Purity's super clean, natural, free from synthetic or semi-synthetic ingredients Psyllium Husk allows you to easily supplement your daily diet with 6g of dietary fibre in every serving, which is 22% of your daily recommended allowance. 

Psyllium Husk is a Natural Solution

Psyllium Husk… Closing Thoughts

Psyllium is a type of fibre that acts as a gentle, bulk forming laxative. Psyllium, similarly to other soluble fibres, passes through the small intestine without being completely broken down or absorbed. Instead, it absorbs water and becomes a viscous compound that benefits constipation, diarrhoea, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight-loss. Psyllium is a soluble fibre derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata, an herb grown mainly in India. People use Psyllium as a dietary supplement. It is available in the form of husk, granules, capsules, or powder. Manufacturers may also fortify breakfast cereals and baked goods with Psyllium. Psyllium Husk is the main active ingredient in Metamucil, a fibre supplement that reduces constipation. Because of its excellent water solubility, Psyllium can absorb water and become a thick, viscous compound that resists digestion in the small intestine. Its resistance to digestion allows it to help regulate high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels. It can also aid weight management and relieve mild diarrhoea as well as constipation. 

''Societies that eat unrefined foods produce large stools and build small hospitals; societies that eat fiber-depleted foods produce small stools and build large hospitals.'' - Denis Parsons Burkitt

''The phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber- all of the healthful components of plant foods- originate in plants, not animals. If they are present, it is because the animal ate plants. And why should we go through an animal to get the benefits of the plants themselves? To consume unnecessary, unseemly, and unhealthy substances, such as saturated fat, animal protein, lactose, and dietary cholesterol, is to negate the benefits of the fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are prevalent and inherent in plants.'' - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Lose weight, Detox and support Regularity - Order Today

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  • Organic whole husk Psyllium.
  • Take one tablespoon (5g) in water or juice 1 - 3 times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Take with 250ml of water with each dose and plenty of liquids during the course
  • Always take at least 30 minutes before a meal. 

Taking with Bentonite Clay: Can be taken with Bentonite Clay to help pull out toxins, particularly heavy metals. It acts like a sponge to bind and eliminate non-nutritive and harmful substances from the colon. It can absorb 180 times or more its own weight of these toxins. Bentonite is natural earthen clay that is highly absorbent. It is not assimilated by the body but acts to absorb and bind to toxins in the intestinal tract, and then pass on out with the faeces.  Bentonite clay is available in both dry and liquid form, and either form will work for colon cleansing.  

Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Bentonite Clay powder to the Glass and stir well, consume immediately and drink another glass of water next.  Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

WARNING: Do not take without water, always aim to consume a 250ml Psyllium Husk glass of liquid with every heaped teaspoon. Please consult your doctor before taking if you have recently had intestinal surgery or you have an intestinal obstruction. Psyllium should be taken with at least a full glass of liquid. Eating this product without enough liquid may cause choking. Do not take this product if you have difficulty swallowing.

  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Size: 350g (12.34 oz.).
  • Origin: India.
  • Container: Kraft paper pouch.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.

Q: Should I take this every day, or less often?
A: Take one serving up to 2 times per day. As always, it is important to listen to your body to assess how it is reacting to your frequency. You might want to start with one serving per day and then progress to two, if one doesn't seem to be doing the job for you.


Q - Can i take while on antibiotics?
A- Yes.

Q: What does Whole Husk Psyllium taste like?
A: Whole Husk Psyllium has a bland taste, so it will not overpower the taste of any other ingredients you decide to make a shake with. You can also drink it with water.

Q: Is it normal to be slightly clumpy?
A: Yes, since it is a fiber product, it will be slightly clumpy.

Q- Is it safe to use during pregnancy?
A - Yes.

Q: Can I mix this in other liquids besides water?
A: Yes, but the liquid should be water-based.we do not recommend high-sugar beverages or artificially sweetened beverages.

Q - Can my children use this product?
A - Yes.

Q: Can I take the powder straight or does it need to be mixed with water?
A: Always drink it with water, as that helps the fiber pass through your system. In fact, it is advisable to follow your glass of mixed fiber and water with another glass of pure water to ensure hydration.

Q: If I have problems swallowing, how can I be sure I don't choke on it?
A: Mix it with plenty of water (add more water if necessary), and swirl it between swallows to avoid it settling to the bottom and becoming challenging to drink at the end.


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