Synergy Probiotics

7.5 billion Peak-Harvested 10 Strain Microorganisms per capsule
Weight90 (Capsules)

Ancient Purity Presents Synergy Probiotics. Clean, Effective, Safe for daily use. Synergy Probiotics significantly enhances your digestive health by utilising healthy, living, biocultured strains / probiotic microorganisms to ensure maximum implantation and function. One capsule contains 7.5 billion peak-harvested 10-strain microorganisms protecting your digestive tract even when under attack fighting infection and inferior health. This supplement was really designed to work. It replaces “bad” bugs with 10 beneficial bacteria. It thereby improves digestion and wards off dietary toxins, such as pesticide residues, hormones in foods, and toxic metals like lead or mercury. Now you can experience potent personalised antioxidant protection as well as the reduction of tissue damage due to the presence of fully buffered and reduced 100% L-ascorbate. Our digestive systems are the cornerstones between eating and having enough fuel for our bodies to thrive. A healthy digestive system supports better energy levels, healthier hair, clearer skin and stronger immunity towards sickness or infection. The active bacteria helps break down foods more effectively than any other digestive aid available! Harvested at their most dynamic, active growth stage and then rapidly freeze dried, which puts the bacteria into suspended animation. This makes Synergy Probiotics viable longer. Our complex process delivers a more potent product. Improves digestion and wards off dietary toxins. Synergy Probiotics are stored in a Miron Glass Jar for actualy enhancement and maximum freshness, refrigeration is not needed.

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  • Alive, energised probiotic organisms ... 7.5 billion.
  • B. bifidum ... 200 million.
  • B. breve ... 200 million.
  • B. longum ... 500 million.
  • L. acidophilus ... 2100 million.
  • L. casei ... 500 million.
  • L. paracasei ... 500 million.
  • L. plantarum ... 500 million.
  • L. rhamnosus ... 500 million.
  • Lc. lactis ... 2000 million.
  • S. thermophilus ... 500 million.

Other Ingredients: Vitamin C ... 2mg (100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, corn-free). Magnesium Aspartate ... 3 mg. Maltodextrin. Magnesium 10mg (as C16 and C18 alkyls from whole, untreated palm fruit and leaf). Vegetable capsule.

  • As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 6 capsules daily or take Ancient Purity Synergistic Probiotics as directed by your healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Capsule may be opened and added to fruit smoothies, vegetable juice, or vegetable broth; blended into yogurt or applesauce; or sprinkled on cereal.

    WARNING: Pregnant and nursing mothers need to check with their healthcare professional before taking supplements.

    NOTE: Take 30 minutes before a meal, preferably in the morning as a dietary supplement or take it as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Those with sensitivity concerns may prefer to take with a small meal. 

    SERVING SIZE: You'll notice that most even premium brands suggest taking 1 Capsule, this is out of caution for you regarding cost. However in truth some people will need to take 6 Capsules for a short or even extended cycle. This would be the theraputic amount. So it is not that you need more of Synergy Probiotics than others but we are suggesting using more to get recovery results if thats what you need or your healthcare practitioner has recommended. For individuals wanting to just experience good health it is suggested just 1 capsule daily.


  • Brand: Ancient Purity.
  • Form: Capsules.
  • Size: 90.
  • Container: Miron Glass Jar.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1 - 2 years.

Q: What makes Synergy Probitoics different to other Probiotic Supplemnts with similar make up?
A: The 10 strains of probiotics are harvested at their most dynamic, active growth stage and then rapidly freeze dried, which puts the bacteria into suspended animation. This makes Synergy Probiotics viable for long periods of time. In contrast, many other probiotic supplements wait for the highest density of bacteria, even though many starve to death in the production vat.

The Synergy Probiotics have unique post-production assays and clinical bioassays assure product integrity.

Synergy Probiotics provides 100% potency and activity for its entire shelf life unless left in heat which lowers viability a little, you can see the chart in our description. Every ingredient present in Synergy Probiotics is pharmaceutical-grade or better. The product is produced following or exceeding the FDA’s pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations.

It dissolves rapidly (usually within 20 minutes), eliminating digestive irritation often found with other brands.

They have full label disclosure is provided for all PERQUE products — no hidden ingredients. The supplement is activated with the same transporters that are used by nature and in food to ensure full bioavailability. The biologically preferred form of an ingredient is always used for enhanced activity.

Synergy Probiotics is free of citrus, MSG, wheat/gluten, corn/zein/starch, casein/whey/milk derivatives, yeast, soy, sulfate, phosphates (other than coenzymes), and preservatives. With no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Q: Do the Probiotics in your supplement compete with each other?
A: Think of it this way: part of the reason we take Probiotics is to fight off other bacteria - it is possible, in a multi-strain product, and particularly if you take two different Probiotic products at the same time, that they can outcompete each other.

Q: What are the signs that Synergy Probiotics are working? 
A: There are some common indicators that they may be working for you. Less stomach pain. For some people, certain probiotics can help with stomach pain and cramps. ... More frequent poops. ... Less bloating. ... Improved sleep. ... Better mood, memory, and mental clarity. ... Fewer vaginal infections.

Q: What is the best time to take Probiotics?
A: First thing in the morning. Research shows the best time to take a Probiotic is first thing in the morning before eating breakfast or before going to sleep at night. Probiotics are most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Our Probiotic Powder thats vegan is best taken at night, some people in need like to use both, Synergy in the morning and Vegabiotics at night.

Q: What about storing Synergy Probiotics, are they damaged by heat ?
A: The Synergy Probiotics remain highly active through its whole shelf life, even when stored at room temperature. If it gets hot it may reduce its potency but only a little. Refrigerating Synergy Probiotics will prolong shelf life. Again its not much, I personally do not refrigerate them as I like to keep it handy on the shelf. Remember this is stored in Miron Dark Violet Glass also, this is scientifically proven to enhance and maximise the freshness of the content, So the studies on the Probiotics efficacy mentioned above did not account for the Miron storage so we would say Miron protects them even more, it's not for show, Miron Glass is for actual function. 


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